Thursday, May 26, 2011

Space Wolves Gallery (part 3)

Who are you call'n VENERABLE?!!!

This bad-ass old School mini has been appearing in my army lists pretty much since the day I sealed him! He's old, but definitely has a lot of character. I got a pair of these over a decade ago (ebay I think?). I can not recall what color this one was, I just remember it was in a bowl of paint stripper within the hour! (The other one is Ultramarines blue, and I have left it untouched and gave it to my brother for his Ultramarines army). All of the Space Wolf Icons are hand painted, and the runes were done with a micron. I painted this up around 2000-2001.

I get a real kick out of the 'Taz' look these older Dreadnought had. I know there is a, mostly-dead, guy stuffed into it, and I have often wondered just how much of the guy is in there...any way, he's on the proper sized base, however, as time rolls on I'm less impressed with it. Rubble made from a chopped up sprue looks OK I guess, and the tube cut from a thick drinking straw does too I guess, but it's bit distracting. However this is the thin base from the Epic range, and the newer thick bases are a lot more appealing.

Those of you familiar with this classic model, will realize that the twin linked lascannons are not the ones that it came with. The guns provided for this model sucked (except for the missile launcher, it was cool). If you read my previous post (Space Wolves Gallery part 2) you'll know that I had an old Predator Tank that I opted not to use the lascannons, glued them together to look similar to the original Land Raider's twin-linked lascannons, and stuck 'em on 'Venny'. (note that I had painted 'Rex' on the model, but everyone else always calls him Venny... usually right before their Tyranid MC rips his Dreadnought CC off and beat him over the head with it, but I digress...), Back in 3rd Edition, the Spotlight was an extremely valuable vehicle upgrade, and it made sense to have it on a thing that was totting a twin-linked las cannon (I sometimes count it as a twin-linked Autocannon, I mean, who can tell right?). There was an awkward smooth spot on the top of the top cannon to allow for the swivelling effect of the sponsons on the original Predator kit. The spot light fit in that spot perfectly, and just ups the coolness of this model in my opinion.

Ok, how's this for old:

The kids are all going OMGWTF? when they see this little bastard hit the table. Especially when it starts throwing flamer templates about. This is the original RT era Space Marine Land Speeder. It even as the original hex flying stand! I have recently affixed that hex base to current scaled flying stand for both balance and game purposes, but I have yet to model it up. I painted this up right around the time I painted up Venny. (2001?). The 2nd edition version was bigger and had less of a suicidal-fast-moving-chairlift-with-guns -look about it -It had big metal plate in the front!

The banner is the from the '89 Space Marine Paint Set booklet. It's OK, the other side is smaller and has a black trim. I'm thrilled about that, but I've moved on enough to not let it bother to the point of wanting to redo it. Maybe when I do up the base I might redo it...

I miss the beaky marines, and want to see more of them! I think I make a crewman for Land Raider Crusader be a beaky.Note the old school Space Wolf Chapter markings on their shoulder pads. When I was scrutinizing this model recently, I remarked on how well those look on these guys. I'm seriously considering using them on my ground troops. Yes, I do have the newer 'blackmane' style icon on the sides of this model, and on other models, but I think it might mix well. Note the minimal usage of the pack markings on both the Landspeeder and the Dreadnought above. Where it appears here, I have placed a yellow runic number decal over it.

Hope you enjoyed this!



  1. Very cool to see these old models. Thanks for posting them.

  2. No, Sven is my Wolf Lord. He'll get his day in the sun soon enough. He's still cleaning the shame from his armor after that last fight with your Nurglite Guard... :)

  3. Gawd I hate Venny, his arms are made of paper mache and his body is solid titanium. Seems easys to render useless and dead hard to kill. nom nom nom....

  4. True! I can't wait to see what he'll do to an Imperial Guard, Tau or Ork backline when I deploy him via drop pod. It might make for a fun match to build up two more regular dreads, and have all three drop pod into someones's back line. Sure the dreads might get wiped out, but the distraction alone could be a sound tactic. MCs are what I fear when using dreads, but YOU know that, right? :)

  5. Eh, they're Space Wolves, so they're pretty much all named Sven. (oh and the smell of shame, it'll go away, no matter how much cleaning is applies).

    Many blessings of Nurgle upon you!

  6. Ah, the puppetmaster behind the Aurora Chapter is revealed....'ey?