Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ultramarine Flashback army fights on


1500 points of old school marines!
War returns to Johnson City! And it returns at the shinny new location set up by Hobbytown specifically for gaming! Hats off to Bob and Mary for making this happen and supporting local public play.

I showed up not thinking I would play, but Murl convinced me, so I dashed home and grabbed the ultramarine-flashback army that I have spent this month so far sharing my 1st and 2nd edition flashbacks about on this blog. This would be their 2nd 6th edition game, and my 2nd go around with Codex: Space Marines. Did I learn anything from my defeat at the hands of Screech's Thousand Sons (of bitches)?

This time I remembered all of the models, and opted out the Devastators and put the Venerable ('cause I can't argue that he's anything but) Dreadnought back in. I almost ditched the scouts at last minute as I thought they were pointless in the last game, but decided I would try a different strategy and have them infiltrate further into the field as opposed to coming in from reserve to just be shot to death. Also, and this is a big deal, I broke up the 2 tac squads into 4 combat squads.

A lot of guard!

I really can not recall exactly what this is comprised of (and if you send me a list Murl, I'll past it in here), just a lot of lasguns, a squad of Orgyns, lots of heavy weapons (mortars, and lascannons), a psyker and a beefy command section.

Objective game, there are 4 objectives. My scouts start off taking one (bloody boobytrap). Note that the cottage on the pyramid was Hiveangel's idea, his ode to Rohan.

Bottom of Turn one
Little movement on the Imperial Guard side with exception to his Ogryns who meandered forward. Meanwhile orbital bombardments and mortars rained down on the the boys in blue. The squad that started out on an objective (the woody terrain to the right of the landraider) was blasted off of it and almost routed off of the table. They rallied at the top of my turn moved to the right of the terrain, while the other combat squad moved in to retake the objective. My scouts were shot up bad, reduced down to 3 models, but they held their ground and returned fire into the unit that tore into them, getting fire support from the combat squad that positioned themselves behind the wall. The Venerable Dreadnought and the combat squad near 'Rohan' moved forward toward the woods in the middle of the table, on the other side of it is an objective counter.

Turn 2.
Murl's lone sentinel pops up and shoots the Venerable Dreadnought in the back! However this fails to achieve anything more than getting the Dreadnought's attention...on my turn the ancient warrior turns around and obliterated the walker with a plasma cannon shot.

Turn 2 end of Ultramarine turn

After with wither hails of las blasts, bombardments and mortar shells, the squad that had made for the middle objective was shot up bad, routed, rallied and was positioned by just behind the trees. The unit of guard that had shot them up had moved up, and were advancing closer. Meanwhile the scouts were blasted off of their objective by the guard. Honestly, at this point,  I was so out-gunned I didn't think these combat squads could hold up. I'm used to playing Space Wolves and I just don't often have units this small hold up to this amount of firepower.

Turn 3 end of Ultramine turn

Murl's third turn was vicious, and he turned his mortars onto the unit of marines at the wall, who lost 2 more brethren. The marines holding the objective in my deployment zone lost more guys to the orbital bombardment, and two survivors that were just to the right of it were slain as well. The Ogryn were charging forward, trying to catch the combat squad in the middle of the table but they botched their charge distance.

Neverness' third turn was the game changer. The landraider (which had been whittling wounds off of the ogryn unit for the whole game so far) deployed a unit of stormguard who unleashed a blaze of hellfire rounds into the ogryns. Leaving just the primaris psyker that had been shepherding them all forward. The combat squad in the middle hit him with bolter rounds and a flamer ended his reign of witchery!

Speaking of witchery, take a look at the far back field and you'll spot some terminators...

"We're coming for YOU!"

 ...these guys in fact! The Librarian teleported down with a Terminator squad, and in a bold yet reckless attempt at a decapitation strike, they blasted into the command section, killing over half of the General's retinue (including that pesky Master of Ordnance!) and caused most of Murl's army to recoil and react to this new threat!

Turn 4, and Murl pumping some serious firepower into the Terminator squad. 44 lasgun shots, and a single Terminator fell. Two more fell to concentrated lascannon fire. Then he charged the three remaining guys with a command section and his general. I declared a challenge with the Librarian, who bested his foe (an astropath I think?) while my terminators wiped out the command section. On the following assault phase the fight continued and this is how it was locked, with the librarian taking a wound from someone and locked with a guardsman (Sgt.?) with a powerglove. I can't recall when I lost the remaining terminators. Still, the VP for the Warlord kill was nice, and mine was still half alive...

Turn 4
With Murl's army focused on my terminators, the Stern guard mounted back up into the Land Raider and it moved forward. My three marines behind the wall moved forward and reclaimed the objective, while offering a prayer to their dead scouts whose remains where scattered on the bastion's base. My combat squad by the wood shot and flamed the imperial guard unit that had claimed the objective, while the dreadnought moved in...

Turn 5
Murl's 5th turn was mostly ineffective. On my turn, the combat squad, who was charged on Murl's turn, finished off the IG unit that was attempting to take the objective.

The unpainted guy is a commisar. (Yes, the others are painted, just with a primer...)

My Sternguard again dismounted and blasted an entire rank off of the front of the Imperial Guard Platoon that was shielding the lascannon heavy weapon team. I think they killed 10 or 11 guys with that round of shooting. It was significant enough to force a rout test, but the guard held their ground, something was preventing their resolve from cracking... Ah, it was a commissar that now found himself in the front, his "ablative armor" of fodder removed, and now he was taking the final hits and making his saves! Staring boldly and coldly into the uncaring eye lenses of the sternguard while screaming litanies from his Uplifting Primer!!!

The Uplifting Primer. You just aren't a guard player without one!

And this was how the game ended, oh, and my Librarian was locked in combat with this guy, who was trying to bash through his armor with a powerglove, who in turn was dodging the sweeping arc of the force axe!

"I don't care if your paint job is older than half the kids in the room, you're going down!!!"

 At the bottom of Turn 5 the game ended. I had accumulated 3 objectives, Line breaker and Warlord VPs, while Murl claimed and single objective and First Blood (those poor scouts; all they wanted was some shmores!).

Ultramarines: 11
Imperial Guard: 4

It was an awesome game, and until the Librarian and Terminators arrived on turn 3, I thought I was screwed! I was impressed with the Codex Space Marines 2nd outing, not just because I won, but the way the combat squad allowed for more tactical flexibility and when the dice are not screwing me, survivability! Not sure how this tactic would work against "all-comers" though, or all scenarios, but it seemed work well for this objcctive scenario. One of the things about facing the guard is the psychology of trying to overcome the fact that you are outgunned about four to one. You get over it though when you realise, they miss half the time, wound less than that, and you're making a lot of saves (assuming that is, you can make those saves! I recall an early battle report with Da Masta Cheef where I lost a Wolfguard squad to a single volley of shooting by his traitor guard. I can't seem to find it to give you a link, but we both reference it so much I might have to find that and repost it).

Speaking of the Cheef, while Murl and I were having our rather tame fight, it was battle-royal extreme on the next table between Da Masta Cheef's Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun and Kushial's Lions of Harlech space marine chapter. Read about that here.

See what an army of mostly grots can do to a Space Marine army!
I have no pics of the game between RTvoril and Hiveangel, but you can read the amusing battle-report here.

Screech's last stand!

And finally, I watched the final round of Screech teaching two new players how to, well, kick his ass, which was good to see actually as Thousand Sons (of bitches) deserve to die, and it's good to have new players not squashed in their 1st public game. Well done Screech, who, if I didn't know better, I would think he was trying to become a GW Outrider with the way he organizes and supports the local gaming community around Hobbytown. We pick and poke fun at you a lot dude, but damn, you deserve applause for what you do, and I thank you for it!  This public applause, of course, doesn't mean that I don't plan to slaughter you when we game this Wednesday...;)


  1. It looked like you two were having quite the game over there. I would wonder over to watch sometimes, because your game was more fun to watch than mine.

    Quick Eldar vs. Blood Angels recap: Eldar walked into the wrong part of town, and paid dearly for not retreating fast enough.

    I'll second that praise to Screech for his support of the community. He really does go the extra distance... Even if he does play Thousand Sons.... of Bitches. :)

  2. Excellent battle report sir!

    It really was a fun night all around (aside from poor RTVoril), and a much better venue for playing!

    Also yes, despite the constant ribbing we give him, MUCH praise is deserved for Screech & his efforts!