Sunday, February 12, 2012

"So Ronery, and sadry a rone"

It's been awhile since I had anything newly finished to post, but I finally got the Lone Wolf that I started to build back in...well, that last time I had a game with Warfrog actually. So if you recall the New Years Resolution I made to try to get as many of the single minis on my painting table painted this year, you might spot this Space Wolf model standing next to a gunner with a red shoulder pad. That fellow is this Lone Wolf. Here he is below prior to being assembled and just few coats of paint away from being done.

Seguewaying slightly before I talk more about the Lone Wolf, the gunner was originally the gunner to my Leman Russ Exterminator, who found himself unemployed when his vehicle got dropped from the latest Space Wolf Codex. He had been reassigned to my Land Raider Crusader that I've been slowly working on in the 'Pods to Drop Lands to Raid' series.

Here is the gunner again mostly done and with those Old School Decals added. I applied decals to 3 shoulder pads today, one on the gunner obviously, one for the Lone Wolf, and one for a Death Watch Marine that I have yet to show you all. The hatches you see to the right are intended to the Land Raider's multi-melta...

...which in this pic is about 75% done. It is currently about 85% done. I was torn with adding another gunner to it, but in the end I think a Land Raider might look a bit silly with too many marines poking out of the hatches. So the hatches will remain shut and I will have to add handles to this gun.

OK, back to the Lone Wolf...

It wasn't until I was painting it that I realized that the "chain" of the chain sword is exposed on this models, so I went in past it and tried to create a shimmering 'icy' look to it. I let you lot tell me I pulled off the illusion. Also, I decided to make his pack markings 'wolf guard' just in case I wanted to used the model as a Wolf Guard leader for a squad instead of a Lone Wolf, 'cause why not?

Used a simple dry brush technique for the wolf tail. I'm pleased with the plate on the backpack.

I really am pleased with how the bone bits came out on this model. However looking at these pics on the computer at a size vastly larger than the model does help me scrutinize it with a more critical eye. I see that the black line on the knee join, which look passable on the actual model looks crooked as hell on the blown image.

So is Mr. Lone Wolf done? 99% yes. A few more minor touch ups, static grass on the base, and a light blast of sealer and he will be!

I'll be back on the road and once again taking the Portable Neverness kit with me (I flew on my last excursion and couldn't take anything with me) as well as the drop pod and other assorted items to work on. My dear friend Mrs. Bink has started her only Blog  redbirdmuse after much pressure from me to do so. She's been hand crafting her own colorful journals for awhile now and they look very cool. One of her characters in my Dark Heresy campaign is a Sister of Battle and we have been talking about doing a journal for this character in the style that she uses for her journals. I will be taking my sketch pad with me on the road and I hope to come back with some images she can use.  'Til next time,