TSG's Corner

Dr TSG, my best friend since '88 and the guy who is solely responsible for getting me into the Warhammer 40.000 hobby, doesn't have a blog of his own. His schedule is just too tight for such a thing. However he does have enough fleeting moments in which he can squeeze in time for his own hobby projects which he does share with me and lately I have started to share those on this site. This new page is here to compile these projects.

The Dr's workshop
The Brass Scorpian
Part One Part two

Knight Titans 
Cerastus part 1 
Cerastus part 2
Cerastus part 3

Tabletop Terrain

The Dr's painted minis 

Imperial Assassin. Painted in 1989. 
The Deadly Assassins-part-1.

(More coming soon...ish...)

The Dr's minis as painted by Neverness. 
Dark Angels
dark-angels-part 1

Imperial Guard
Eldar Firedragons
(no pics yet)


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