Friday, September 08, 2017

Slaughterpriest (Part 1)

Slaughterpriest needs skulls! 

While working on another project (you'll see soon) I somehow found myself distracted by the notion to model up this Slaughterpriest miniature. This is the model that came free with White Dwarf when it went back to a monthly schedule last year.

"Free" with White Dwarf.  
Assembling him was a fairly easy, but that chain arm is a bit of a trial. Of course, it will probably be a cold day in hell before I ever play Age of Sigmar so he had to be adapted to 40k. He will be a Khorne themed Chaos Cultist Champion. So I hacked off that gnarly blade he had and swapped it with an Autopistol. He looks like he's flexing with it, which amuses me for some reason. And that autopistol looks proportionally correct on a model for the first time ever. Also, he is REALLY tall! I was told the Khorne dudes for AoS were stupid big, and this guy is no exception. They actually are taller than the new Primaris Marines!
"Cadia died so I could be this big, what happened to you?"
I stuck some grenades on him as well.

Grenades ...and skulls!

The skulls on his base are from the new Skulls Basing kit (which I highly recommend! I can't wait to stick some Tau and Kroot skulls onto my Ultramarines bases!) and I felt they added a cool amount of Grimdark to the model. I used a 32mm base instead of the 40mm base he came with as I thought that I didn't really need that bigger base. Also, he is a cultist leader, not an Aspiring Champion or some other major character so I didn't feel that he deserved the extra prominence on the table.

Ready to be primed.

Since this was modeled today -completely off schedule- I have no idea when I will paint him. But I look foward to it regardless.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah I'm really want to get that skulls set as well, and for the same reason ironically.

Zzzzzz said...

More skulls. More Corn.

neverness said...

I think you might be right...