Friday, October 20, 2017

Original Ork Dreadnought (Part 4)

"Oy, 'hoo ya call'n yeller?!"

The current stage of this model.
Since the Part 3 I have made significant progress on this project. The Grot pilot is now finished. Adter inking him, he was given a highlight of Apple Barrel Kiwi follow by an extreme highlight of Sunburst Yellow.

Finished ork skin.
Then I finished the details like his eyes and wires.

Eyes and wires.
With the grot pilot done, focus returned back to the main model. Bad Moon Yellow, an awesome old Citadel paint from the '90s, was lined around the edges as a highlight.

The original Bad Moon Yellow.

Additional low lights of Firey Orange was reapplied to the grooves that were accidentally painted over. Some of the metallic areas were painted as well. I reached a point where I felt it was time to reattach it's arm, and ta-da, it was whole again. All in all, it's getting there and I am pleased with the progress and the relative speed at which I have painted this.


But I don't want this thing to look like it just got painted before the battle started (we aren't played 2nd edition anymore, right?) so I want it to appear worn and chipped. I found inspiration just outside the window. Across the street from the shotgun shack we live in, is a failed development. On it there is a piece industrial machinery that has not moved in years, and it just so happens to be in a workzone yellow color. The aging on it is worth studying as is the wear on the paint and on the hydraulic cables. We shall see where this inspiration takes my Dreadnought next...

Abandoned construction equipment near my home.


Da Masta Cheef said...

The amount of construction equipment I see just abandoned never ceases to amaze me. Hell even if on recycled for scrap its gotta be worth close to a grand at the least!

neverness said...

I know right? It baffles me. These things can not be cheap, yet you see this stuff decaying in a lot or clearing for years.

Siph_Horridus said...

Yeah it’s wicked!

Suber said...

I do love that yellow, seriously. Looking forward to seeing it weathered and all finished!