Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Kill Team Genestealers (Part 4)

And finally I have painted the Genestealer Patriarch, and with that feat I have concluded the plans for building this Kill Team that I declared so long ago. As is customary for me at this point, here is a stage-by-stage of how I went about painting him:

I decided to keep the white primer. No reasons for this other than "because". The areas to end up as purple started off with a basecoat of Apple Barrel Color Indian Red.

Purple area basecoat.
Then I used a Dark Blue for the remaining area.

Dark Blue basecoat.
Worm Purple was then painted over the Indian Red.
Worm Purple. 
Shadow Grey was dry brushed over the Dark Blue.

Shadow Grey
Space Wolf Grey was highlighted over the Shadow Grey. Purple ink was thinned and washed over the Worm Purple and the Genestealer Purple was conservatively added on top of that.
Space Wolf Grey.
White Scar was mixed into a bit of Genestealer Purple for the final highlights on the purple areas. Then the claws and other details were knocked out.

Mostly done.
Whike painting the claws I realized that the model's right arm had some annoying, though subtle, mould lines on the claws. Instead of spending a lot of time scrapping and filing and then repainting them, I opted to just paint them with Blood for the Blood God instead. The result looks like he has chunks of guy stuck on his claws in addition to a bit of blood. Gore is fun.

Blood for the...oh.
 And with that, the Patriarch nick-named 'Papa Claws' is finished and ready to hit a game table.

Papa Claws.


Siph_Horridus said...

Great to see Angry Grape-man painted up! It’s a very characterful sculpt, you’ve done a great job.

Mordian7th said...

Beautifully done, man! Always love seeing old-school models hit the table again!

neverness said...

Thanks guys. I like seeing old models hit the table too, especially after owning this one for 20+ years!