Saturday, February 01, 2014

Feeling Khorney part 1

As the "punny" title implies, I have been feeling the calling of Khorne, the Blood God, as of late. I guess it started sometime after playing Murl in a Chaos vs. Chaos match-up along with my satisfaction with the new Blood for the Blood God paint. So since then I have slowly been dabbling and tinkering with Chaos, and for reasons I can't narrow-down, Khorne in particular. In the aforementioned game, I didn't even use Khorne, in fact both Murl and I were totally impressed with the Great Unclean One and the Noise Marines in that game. But regardless, I'm answering to the Blood God's calling.

I discovered in the collection of models that I acquired from my brother about a year or so ago, a small force of World Eaters that he was starting to put together in the later days of 2nd Edition. In particular a dozen of the original plastic Khorne Berserkers. I actually prefer these over the skating/dancing Berserkers that came out in 3rd edition (got a box of them as well) despite their fairly static pose.

The paint scheme will be slightly varied from model to model, to sort of show the hodgepodge nature of what's left of the World Eaters in their post-Kharn paradigm. But for the most part, I will base them off of the one model from this unit that I finished about 10 years ago. Yes, it is a very 2nd edition flavor with the bright red and green contrasting straps, but I have always been satisfied with this scheme ever since I first saw it in an issue of White Dwarf (circa '92. It had the Blood Slaughter of Khrone in it. Who remembers that thing?).

I have them all base-coated in Scab Red, and a quarter of them have been brought up to the next level with ruby red, which you can see in the first two pics. The next coat is going to be Blood Red which is only slightly more intense than the Ruby Red, only that it has a bit more of a warmer tone to it to give it a slight of an orange-ish vibe. Not that this will help anyone trying to copy this scheme, as those colors have long since been discontinued...

Base coated on the left, finished on the right. 
 Also, just to add a bit more diversity, some of them have grenades added to their belts, and at least two have skulls on chains that I took from the dancing berserker set. Two guys have new right arms added with plasma guns. I figured that should kick ass a bit in the game, or they'll immolate themselves in plasma as only a spirited berserker should!

Part of the berserker assembly line.
Also under construction is a banner holder for this unit as well as an Aspiring Champion, but I'll show you that in the next post on this subject.


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Waiting for someone to tell me next that I've colored them wrong, they should be white, yellow, and Orange!