Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chaos vs. Chaos

She-Who-Milks, and Giggles the Rotter wait for the moment of deployment
Tonight I played my first game since my birthday bash in the beginning of September. I decided to play something totally different. All summer long I have been yearning to try out Codex: Daemons, and sort of on the fly I decided to throw together a list to see what I could muster. Turns out my old list even with a few additional models still wasn't enough to get up to 1,500 points  and I didn't have the time or desire to throw together the rest of the unassembled army. So I took some marine options from the other codex I've been neglecting since it came out: Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

My assembled force.
 The assembled force is:
Primary Detachment: Daemons of  Chaos.
  • She-Who-Milks (Keeper of Secrets)
  • Giggles the Rotter (Great Unclean One)
  • 10 Daemontes
  • 2 Bases of nurglings
  • 11 Plaguebearers
  • 5 Fiends of Slaanesh
Secondary Detachement: Chaos Space Marines
  • Gnarlstick the Sorcerer
  • 5 Chaos Space Marines with Mark of Nurgle
  • 5 Chaos Space Marines with Mark of Slaanesh
  • 5 Chaos Bikers (one with flamer another with Meltagun).
This tallied up after wargear and upgrade options to being exactly 1,500 points. I kept the list strictly Nurgle & Slannesh for fluff purposes. Although the temptation to take some Tzeentch options was tough to resist.

So down at the local Hobbytown USA I met the gang for the weekly Saturday Evening game night and paired off against Rob. He was also running chaos, but with Space Marines as his Primary detachment. As this was my 1st outing with chaos in 6th edition Warhammer 40,000,  it was cool of him to show me the ropes of these "new" books. Particularly all the pre-game rolling I found myself doing at the start of the game as it was good to get his input on things. 

My Keeper of Secrets did well on her rolls but it was the Great Unclean One that really racked up on the tasty treats. The gift bestowed upon Giggles was Unbreakable Hide (3+ armor save which I forgot about as the game went on) and Corpulescence (+1 Wound and It will not Die! Sick combo on a GUO!). For Psychics I went all Biomancy and pulled Endurance, Iron Arm and Enfeeble). My Space Marine Sorcerer pulled Endurance as his one power.

What follows will be just the briefest of highlights as I was really having to much fun to make one of my more in-depth battle reports, as well as the fact that both our armies are unpainted, but I took a few snap-shots anyway because we were simply having a memorable game.

Attack of the nurglings!
 After proving how bad-ass Noise Marines are, I had to tie them up for a round by letting them tangle with the nurglings. Ultimately this would give Rob the First Blood VP as he punted the little snotballs all over the field.

Moving in the for kill
 First time I have ever used bikes in a unit this big. And we forgot all about Hammer of Wrath (face palm!). Our champions would be locked in a challenge for almost half the game I think. Eventually my champion won and received a fairly lame reward for his efforts. Rob's warlord would come join the fray and assist the surviving daemonettes out with slaughtering my bikes. His warlord (proxied by a dreadnought) is actually a bad-ass riding a steed of slaanesh and with two lightening claws. This dude was a total butcher.

"...and for my reward,"
 As he finished flaying away on my biker champion, he was rewarded with the gift of spawndom and proceeded to tear into my daemonettes who were holding the objectives in the trees. It took my last Fiend of Slaanesh (my fiends by-the-way took out two units on their own prior to this) joining in and three or four rounds of furious fighting to kill the blasted spawn!

 My Great Unclean One arrived tooled up to the max. Rob's Keeper of Secrets (Skim-milk the skinny), fresh from chewing on some Chaos Space Marines, charged my Great Unclean One. I was able to slap it with 2 Enfeebles while powered up Iron Arm and Endurance to get some vicious instant death hits on it. Harsh! In the pic above he just consolidated and was eyeing Rob's possessed who had just kicked the crap out of She-Who-Milks.

>BUUUURP!< "Cor, what's dat o'va dare?" GUO too far way to contest the objective.
 By the end of Turn 7, the noise marines were sitting on an objective...

"It is ours!"
 My last two daemonettes where sitting on an objective as well while playing fetch with their Friend of Slaanesh....

All in all it was hell of a fun game. And it ended in a tie!
I got Line Breaker (1 pt), Slay the Warlord (1vp) and an objective (2vp) = 5vps
Rob got First Blood (1vp), Slay the Warlord (1vp) and an objective (2vp) = 5vps

Rob left the game with dreams of acquiring Great Unclean Ones dancing in his head...

On the other table, it was all out war! A 4-army battle was being waged.


Kushial said...

Power armor pulled out a 12vp to 10vp win over the dastardly combo of Orcs and Guard. They had 6 of our squads down to just 1 or 2 models but didn't get them finished off.

neverness said...

It looked like a fun game over there... big body counts all around!