Friday, August 29, 2014

Brass Scorpion part 2 (TSG Post)

Continuing on from the previous post on this matter, the good Doctor TSG has made progress on his Brass Scorpion. Which he has no intention of making into an oversized Blood Cannon of Khorne, I just got two conversations crossed (actually, he was talking about turning Logan's wolf sled into a Blood Cannon, and somehow I got the conversations crossed. Oops!).

Anyway, here's TSG:


I finished the construction phase of the Brass Scorpion!

 Next up, the painting! With the Brass Scorpion in hand and ready for a pre-primer washing, it is time to start work on my new Spartan!

Two of these bad boyz hold 50 Space Marines!



I look forward to seeing what he does with that Spartan kit. The Spartan was the scratch-built kit featured in the first White Dwarf that I ever bought (119) and I have always hoped to see a product produced for it.


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