Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Brass Scorpion and Bloodcannon part 1 (TSG Post)

Greetings. If the title wasn't a give-away, the following post in a guest blog-post by my best friend of 26 or so years, the man I have been calling "the Doctor" on here but we shall hence forth go with calling him TSG, as it lacks the pompousness of "The Doctor", and doesn't insinuate any unintentional Dr. Who affiliations. He doesn't have a blog of his own yet, nor does he even have a google account (he replaced his nipples with Apple logos back when the iMac was launched). So, since I have shown off on this blog some of the models that have I painted for him over the years, I decided to put a tab on here for his projects. He likes to share, via text message or email, work in progress shots of his projects, and darn it, it's a real shame to not share these with the rest of you. So here we go, guest blog-post #1. Which is really just a compiled series of text messages organized and edited for your viewing.

EDIT: And, with any experiment, there is risk of failure. Apparently I was confused by the first line of the text, and well, no, he's not turning a Brass Scorpion into a Bloodcannon. Oops.


Making progress on the Brass Scorpion. I am going to use the model for the Bloodcannon.

I had to cut a foam armature to hold up the body while I custom pinned each leg on.

Then, using my Paxxon drill, I was able to easily double-pin each leg joint--greatly adding to the stability.

The join between the body and tail was horrible.

I needed to be able to unarticulate this joint for storage in a KR Multicase, so I built up the region with greenestuff, double-pinned the joint, but left one side unglued, then hid the join in new greenstuff cables.

This morning I woke up and decided to take 30 minutes to work on pinning the front shield arms in place. Here are the results:

I won't glue them in right, pending getting the rest of the front gun bits on to ensure the shields do not obstruct the gun.

It is important to remember how big the brass scorpion is:

Here it is next to my half-finished knight titan. You have to admit, this thing is going to look phenomenal...

I expect to have rough assembly done by the end of next week.



Da Masta Cheef said...

I think you ought to just stick with 'The Doctor'. Especially as most of us bloggers (even those who have blogger accounts AND Macs) really are pompous and vain, lol.

I mean, isn't that why we blog?


neverness said...

Possibly, but if we explained the acronym you'd probably change that stand oh, and big blunder on my part, this isn't a bloodcannon at all, my text messages were mixed up. So, expect this title to change... :/

Da Masta Cheef said...


That Stupid Guy?
That Sorry Gimp?
Typically Smelly Gamer?
Terrible Slow-playing Gamer?

neverness said...

LOL, none of the above. Seriously, who would call themselves that?!

neverness said...

BTW, I was impressed to see this post shoot up to be the most heavily trafficed post in the history of this blog until I looked into the Audience tab of Blogger to find that 1500+ hits originated from the Ukraine. Not sure what that was about, unless the separatists are building a real brass scorpion and need these pics for reference...:/

War Frog said...

They need all the Blood Cannons they can get over there right now

BadTucker said...

Hi, where did you get the base for the scorpion ?

neverness said... Tell Jeff Wilhelm I said Hi! Biggest oval base he has:

200x155mm base. -TSG