Sunday, May 01, 2016

Secret Weapon Conversion Rings

With GWs discrete decision to shift their Space Marine miniatures over to 32mm bases (i.e. they aren't officially required), I was skeptical at first but now it's been over a year since this change I have found that I really do think the Space Marines look better on them. But I wasn't about to re-base all of my guys. I just wasn't passionate about that idea at all. At some point someone suggested I look into Secret Weapon Miniature's 32mm Conversion Rings. I checked it out and the concept intrigued me.

Recently I caved in and bought 3 sets, which is enough to convert 30 guys.

I am impressed! The quality is pretty high with minimal flash and clean-up. Although some pieces will require that I drill the holes a bit deeper for a more secure connection, this ought to be minor thing.

Assemby was slightly tricky and I found that starting with one side and then the other worked best for me. The pic above shows my method for preventing the model from being superglued to my table top.

I can foresee that some models will need some filler to eleminate join gaps but this shouldn't be a huge problem for me.

Getting the basing materials to match shouldn't be too challenging and as you can see I didn't have a problem with these guys, granted they are unfinished. These are the classic Assassin minis from the mid-'90s that I dug up last year around the time of the  Assassinorum: Strike Force game release and started to work on them at that time. However, like the marines, they are being shown on bigger bases and they do look better on them so I waited. Now with that wait over they re-enter the painting queue with their bigger base enhancement complete.

So, back to the conversion rings: they rock! Especially if you have completed bases already that you do not want to rip off of your minis. But, do get the basing redone right away otherwise people will think that your models look like Heroclicks!


greggles said...

Thanks for the review! I can see where these would work better for some basing techniques then others!

neverness said...

Gregg is back! Yay! And yes, they work well especially as an alternative to removing your bases.

Siph_Horridus said...

I use Tabletop Adapters after seeing their quick starter. Great quality and plastic so really cheap. Only problem being the fact that I have over 100 marines to do!

Tutorial and link here: