Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Snowy Ruins (Part 2)

It warmed up enough outside for me to get this thing primed. After that, I base-coated the ground with Folk Art Patina. At this stage it kind of gives the model a weird look as it was based with aquarium rocks or something...

Patina base coat. 
Here is another pic, a bit closer with the lighting dimmed so you can get a better sense of the Patina's intensity.

I then began the application of Apple Barrel Cloudless (I love the implied positivity of that name). It's a lighter blue but is still intense enough to not dull the Patina too harshly.

Cloudless on the corner.

Cloudless all around.
With that done I started on the White. The camera has a way of white-washing the color out. To better demonstate the contrast this next pic shows a section half painted with a White top coat.

Right side has the White coat.
And the base is now done. Next I started on the ruin proper by painting the doors and other ornamental fixtures with Copper. And with that I called it a night.

Base done and copper bitz painted.

In between my starting this post and finishing it, I managed to get the whole project done. (A rare feat for me.) I will reveal the final piece in the next part, but for now here is a preview:

Saints fighting over a sword. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Snowy Ruins.(Part 1)

Terrain projects have always been an aspect of this hobby that has thrilled me. But in my current living situation I can not really work on them nor do I have the space to store them. Let alone do I have a game table set up at home. Luckily my local game store, Hobbytown USA of Johnson City, has many gaming tables with some great terrain. You can see these tables in most of my Battle Reports. One of my favorite tables is the Snow Table upon which my Chaos forces recently battled the Lions of Harlech.

Ruined building painted by Patrick.

The table, like most of HT tables, was built, painted and modeled by HT's Patrick. He has done brilliant work on these tables and they are a joy to play on. The Snow Table is lacking in terrain however. I have always felt a tad guilty about not having contributed to these tables like others have, which is why I painted the street lights for one of the other tables recently.

Close up details.
But I felt like I could do more.

At the end of the last game session I had there, I took home one of the uncompleted pieces that had been donnated by one of the players. I intend to paint it for the snow table but I need to match it as close as I can to Patrick's models. I asked him what paints he used but his answer ("a lot of different blues!") wasn't particularly helpful, so these pics I took will hopefully guide me.

I took pics of the table itself as well as some of the other features, so that I could try to match the ruin's base as close as possible.

Here the model I brought home. It clearly could use some attention, yes?

The humble dusty model.

The first thing I wanted to do was apply grit to the base. In the end, most of it will be painted to appear like snow.

The grittier the better.
There were a few parts I added to it. Obviously that unpainted part on the very top, and a small buttress on the side.

The backside.
I wanted to spray primer on the base but it not only is far too cold outside to do it, but it is also snowy out there. Fun coincidence, huh?

And it's 10°F as well.

Also, at this time I have a line of miniatures waiting to be primed outside: 20 plastic Daemonettes, Concord c3-strike-troopers, and few other odd-ball minis and models. They'll just have to wait for now. 😀

Friday, January 12, 2018

Feeling Khorney (Part 10)

The decal project on the 1st squad has been completed, with only one model not getting any decals. That model being the very first model of the group that I painted and that I still feel is the example that I hold all my Khorne paint-jobs up against. You can see an example of that in Feeling Khorney Part-1.

The berserkers are pretty-much done!
In these pics, their bases have been flocked and all that is left to do is touch up a few bases that had some ink splashes on their rims and spray a fixative on them. But otherwise, they are now, finally, done.

A mob of pure crazy.

I wanted to take a moment to show the Icon Bearer for this unit. He is totally kit-bashed, with his body being from the marine sprue from the 3rd edition starter set, a fantasy Khorne head, and an old metal arm bit that I think was from the late '90s Chaos Marauder. Anyway, I love how he has turned out. Here he is from four different angles:

Look'n at you!

The big banner.

Marauder arm.

Backside and view of decal.

He is a unique figure in my World Eaters force and I am glad he is now fully assembled.

And as promised in Part 9 here are the dancers & prancers with their Blood Red mid-coats.

I still need to build up their bases before doing anything else with them, like sticking arms and heads on them. I should have them done in approximately 3 years....

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Feeling Khorney (Part 9)

I have been putting off the decal stage of this project for far too long. My initial excuse, as I briefly ranted about in my 2014 year-end review, was that I had lost the World Eaters decal sheet. It eventually did turn up, but I also had recieved some kind donations from a few local players (Mike, Scott and Skylar -thanks again) who were generous enough to help out.

Decals for the Blood God!!!

I fricking hate decals.

They are such a pain in the ass, are a lot of focused and intense work, and often times the results are sort of...lacking.

So I procrastinated, and worked on other things. But, while looking back through my extensive catalog of unfinished projects, this one stood out as one I had neglected for far long. So, to start this new year I am determined to get these guys done.

I put the first one on, and it came out great. Only to discover that teeth were transparent and that I would have to paint them in with White paint.

First Icon applied.

Needless to say that was a disaster (no, not sharing those images!). But it did present a solution: Paint the colors first, then apply the decal.

And this was a total success (comparatively).

I used the same technique on the chaos icon with a transparent skull as well, and it also worked out great.
Both sides complete.

I have managed to get a few more done before time was up, but I am pleased with how they are turning out. Notice the small chaos symbol on the skull hanging from the chain on the far left mini.

More finished guys. 

This is what the colors look like prior to applying the decal by-the-way:

More guys ready for the Icon.

The unit's Aspiring Champion, who was the subject of Part-2's drill and pin feature , is now finished. Considering how much time I have put into this model, I suspect he'll 'spawn-out' in his first post-painted game.

The Aspiring Champion. 
And here is the metal Icon Bearer, featured mostly in Part-8, also now done and complete.
He is actually going to be the Icon Bearer for a the other Berserker unit, the chaps I call the dancers and prancers...

Finished Icon Bearer.

The dancing berserkers, yes, it's been ages since I worked on them, but their time has arrived! When I first got some of the secret-weapon-conversion-rings I tried them out on two of the guys from this unit before sanity prevailed; these minis simply didn't justify them. They just were not in a state that didn't warrant giving them 32mm bases.

The two guys with extended bases. 

And I decided to rip the others from their 25mm round bases instead.

Bases detached. They make good wounded guys huh?
I then reattached them to proper 32mm bases.

New bases.
Afterward, I was compelled to give the whole squad a coat of Blood Red, No pics of that yet, but the project continues on for both Berserker units, and you'll see more of these guys soon!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Review

A lot like 2016 was, 2017 was another productive year for miniature painting here at the Hobby Chronicle. Even though job changes kept me from home quite a bit, I managed to find a few times to get some mini painting done. Also I had an unplanned two week vacation towards the end of March that allowed me to get a lot of stuff done. So let's see what I did finish in 2017:

Celestial Lions
A 10-man Kill Team with an extra special weapon trooper as an alternate. It took me a while to get them all done but I was very happy with the results. See Celestial Lions Kill Team Part-10 for the final steps in that project.

The Kill Team assembles.

Celestial Lions (San Vet. Sgt). 

She Who Milks
The nemesis from ancient times and the bane of forest prancers finally got a paint job too. It was inspired by the Hero Base with the tank turret as I was wondering what model to put on it. I quickly realized that it would be a perfect pedestal for She Who Milks. It has resulted in a bit of a Slaanesh Daemon craze for me. You'll see more of what I mean by that in the New Year (I hope).

She Who Milks on the tank that was. 

Fem Fa'Tau
I wanted to do something special and cool for Da Masta Cheef's wife Wolfy and her Fem Fa'Tau force for their anniversary. I found this cool cheese cake model that thought would be fun to paint. And it was. It was my first time ever painting a Tau model or Tau flesh and it enjoyed figuring it all out.
This was done before he decided to revamp their paint scheme...

Too hot for armor.

Anniversary Give-away marine (Iron Warrior)
Speaking of anniversaries, I decided for the first time ever to acknowledge my blog's birthday with a give way. The lucky winner chose Iron Warriors as his paint scheme and a Plasma Gun with a red coil for the finished look It was a lot of and I was happy with the way it turned out. And, from our correspondence, so was the winner!

Iron Warrior on patrol. 

Vindicare Assassin
As part of my Deadly Assassins series, I was able to paint up another Assassin. This time it was a Vindicare Assassin that I managed to complete. At this rate I should get the whole Execution Force done by 2019...
Vindicare Assassin. 

Ultra Marines (Reavers)
I dig the Primaris marines. They are simply cool. So I decided that I just had to paint up a few. I chose to make them go with my Ultramarines force, but it had been so long since I messed with them that I had to reteach myself the steps for painting them. So I painted up a single Ultramarine. Pleased with that I proceeded to finish up this three-man squad. I look forward to doing more with the Primaris marines at some point.


Ork Dreadnought (Dreadtober)
October was celebrated across the net as Dreadtober and I was compelled to take part in it. So I spent most of the whole month posting about my progress painting an original Ork Dreadnought. It was a lot of fun, and it's got me wanting to pick up another ork project in the New Year.

Ork Dreadnought, piloted by a grot. 

Dark Eldar Beastmaster and Ambull
Wanting to add a bit of flavor to my Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors Kill Team, I put together a kit-bashed Beastmaster.


And her beast, an ancient model from the earliest days of Rogue Trader, The Ambull. Both of these models were finished up fairly quick and I was able to get in a game with them where they were able to cause some mayhem and havoc.
The Ambull. 

This team was the first team I thought about trying out with Kill Team. I had some very old models that I had painted in the early '90s that I wanted to use for my Kill Team but I needed a few more painted models to round out the unit. But more importantly I needed miniatures I could use to differentiate as Specialists during play. That whole project was derailed however due to a missing miniature....

"We need your capris!"

Genestealer Patriarch (Papa Claws)
This model was missing for almost a year but I found him in October, lurking with some Bad Moon Orks. The stage-by-stage of his paint job  was contained in one post as I had so much fun painting him that he was completed fairly quickly.

Who's your papa?

Slaughter Priest
This guy started off as a whimsical and random minor conversion project that I thought I would get done quickly. And the painting did start off kind of quick but other things (mostly Dreadtober) delayed me getting back to him. But I managed to get him finished in this final month of the year.

Preaching to slaughter.

I painted four of my original Rogue Trader era Daemonettes back when I was working on She Who Milks, as a sort of test of that paint scheme. I decided to add-on to that unit and started painting more of these old Daemonettes in late September but I didn't get a chance to finish until the xmas break.

There were a few other units or models that I worked on throughout the year that I just didn't get finished. Here are a few that come to mind:

 Harlequins were what I started the year with but I never was able to finish anything else for their army.

I assembled a Kill Team of  Space Wolf-Scouts to play with Shadow War: Armageddon (that came and went, huh?) but I am torn on how I should paint them.

My World Eaters are mostly done, but what I need to do for them (decals) just requires a lot more focus and attention than I have been able to find time to get give them.

Coming next year:

Lots of Daemons and some Space Wolves. And hey, if rumors are true they might even become the same army! 😁

Coming soon. Maybe. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Daemonettes (Part 2)

Hold on, this is gonna be a big 'un:

Epic even.

I enjoyed the heck out of painting a few Slaanesh Daemons back in the Spring and I've been eager to do so again. In particular I am referring to Daemonettes Part 1 and She Who Milks. Both painting projects went surprisingly fast and I had hoped that I could pull that off again. This project will complete this unit of ten models. Since I have already gone into detail in Part 1 and on the She-Who-Milks thread, I shall not repeat myself here, however what follows is what I can best describe as a slideshow of those steps.


Warpfiend Basecoat.

Druchii Violet wash.

Daemonette Flesh.
This next pic was a stage comparison showing where these models were currently at vs. How they would appear when done.

Stage comparison.(the flanking models are done.)

Warpfiend Flesh.

Slaanesh Gray and Slaanesh Grey/White Scar highlight.

Bone color on the skulls.

Next, the golden armor and trinkets where painted in Brazen Gold, then inked with Chestnut Wash before being layered again in Shinning Gold.

Gold areas after the Chestnut Ink wash. 
Lots of details added.
"I shall call you Mini-Moo."
 The leader of this daemonic pack is the old epic Keeper of Secrets. Conveniently sized to also go alongside the old Daemonettes. I originally thought I could use her as a Herald, but another model has been selected for that honor (oooh, foreshadowing!).

Grabbing air.

I have nick-named this one 'Henti Fist', for reasons that ought to be apparent...

Tentacle arm.

These two are the same mini, just different colored armor. They have Fiends of Slaanesh heads and swords. Which had given me some neat color scheme ideas regarding my Fiends unit.

Fiend heads.
 And here they all are, finished and flocked and gathered in their daemonic brilliance.
All together.

And with that, all of my old Rogue Trader era Daemonettes are now painted. But my flirtation with Slaanesh is far from over. Oh no, this going to blossom into a full-on affair in the New Year.