Friday, October 20, 2017

Original Ork Dreadnought (Part 4)

"Oy, 'hoo ya call'n yeller?!"

The current stage of this model.
Since the Part 3 I have made significant progress on this project. The Grot pilot is now finished. Adter inking him, he was given a highlight of Apple Barrel Kiwi follow by an extreme highlight of Sunburst Yellow.

Finished ork skin.
Then I finished the details like his eyes and wires.

Eyes and wires.
With the grot pilot done, focus returned back to the main model. Bad Moon Yellow, an awesome old Citadel paint from the '90s, was lined around the edges as a highlight.

The original Bad Moon Yellow.

Additional low lights of Firey Orange was reapplied to the grooves that were accidentally painted over. Some of the metallic areas were painted as well. I reached a point where I felt it was time to reattach it's arm, and ta-da, it was whole again. All in all, it's getting there and I am pleased with the progress and the relative speed at which I have painted this.


But I don't want this thing to look like it just got painted before the battle started (we aren't played 2nd edition anymore, right?) so I want it to appear worn and chipped. I found inspiration just outside the window. Across the street from the shotgun shack we live in, is a failed development. On it there is a piece industrial machinery that has not moved in years, and it just so happens to be in a workzone yellow color. The aging on it is worth studying as is the wear on the paint and on the hydraulic cables. We shall see where this inspiration takes my Dreadnought next...

Abandoned construction equipment near my home.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ror Ruk the Ravager: Rogues Gallery Spotlight

Hello again, and happy Orktober. "Wait Neverness,  don't you mean Dreadtober?" Yes, it is that also, which is why my Dreadtober project is an Original Ork Dreadnought. Figured I could kill two razorwings with one stone with that choice, right? It also has given me an excuse to fill out some of the incomplete listings on the Neverness Rogues Gallery page, in particular the Ork entries.

Rok Ruk! 

First up is Ror Ruk the Ravager, also known as Ror Ruk the Reaver, has been my Ork Warlord as far back as 1989. His original model was the Chaos Ork Renegade miniature which at the time was the tallest ork mini on the market. With the change in ork sizes brought on by 40k's 3rd edition, I updated the miniature to this model. I am still quite proud of it.

Right away people tend to comment on his Attack Squig, whose part is played by a Dark Eldar slave from the old Asdrubal Vect model. I confess that I was inspired by Peter Jackson's King Kong movie at the time I assembled this model. I tried to make it come across as if perhaps the big lug is looming over her protectively while she puts on the charms to her would be rescuer. You know, a "save me -if you can" vibe. At one point I flirted with the notion to go with a Stockholm Syndrome theme and have it so she painted her skin green, but I was afraid she would just turn out looking like an Orion Slave Girl from Star Trek.

The dread klaw.

The klaw is from the 3rd edition-era Ork Dreadnought, which I ordered back when GW's Bitz Program was still a thing. It's really very big but not so big as to look stupid. In the next pic you can see an old communicator on the klaw's base. It is from the RTB01 Space Marine kit, and it is there to cover up a hole left over from joining the pieces up. I think it turned out quite well for such an unsophisticated fix. The arm that it's attached to originally had an Attack Squig on it, but I was careful enough with cutting it off that I was able to make it into it's own model.

Mystery guns.

Am I the only one who has ever wondered about those two guns holstered on the back of all the Ork Warlords? Exactly what are they, and why have they always been ignored by GW as far as WYSIWYG rules are concerned.

It's been a few years now and I think he turned out great and has held up well. He hasn't been on the tabletop in while but that is more to blame due to that horrible 7th ed Codex than anything else. Hopefully Ror Ruk will see the tabletop again soon, where he will bash more 'eads and ravage more cities.

Or die trying.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Original Ork Dread (Part 3)

More progress has been made on this grot driven Ork Dreadnought.

It's current state.
The pilot was given a coat of Goblin Green over the Caliban Green basecoat.

Goblin Green on a Grot.
Next, I painted the whole dread in Sunburst Yellow.
Sunburst yellow.
I then mixed Yellow Ink with Green Ink until it was approximately the color of anti-freeze. I thinned that with a dot or two of water and proceeded to wash the grot with it.

Yellow/green ink mix.
I then picked out some areas with Abaddon Black. These will likely end up a metallic color. I also painted up the base a bit more too.

Black base coats.
I next painted the weapons and the inside area where the grot sits using Tin Bitz. I also used a dark blue to pick out the windows as well. (Do they have grot glass blowers?)

Tin bitz on select metal bitz.
And that is all for now!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Original Ork Dread (Part 2)

When we left off in part 1 of this Dreadtober project, I had just completed the modeling of the base. This is it's current state:

Base coated.
After priming the model using only the finest of primers (Chaos Black in a spray can) I proceeded to basecoat the grot "pilot" using Caliban Green.

Pilot base coated.
I then worked on the base by getting the dirt and rocks mostly finished.

Bases painted
Then I moved on to basecoating the whole model using Fiery Orange. I applied the first coat (in the pic below) a bit too thin so I added about 2 more layers on top of this. There was far too much black showing thru for my liking.

Fiery Orange layer.
And that is where it's at. I know, it's not dramatic progress,  but hobby time has been limited. So I will use the remainder of this space to get a bit notalgic. I wanted to see painted examples of this model simply because it is so old and weird that I was (and am) unsure what's what on it. Luck would have it that GW showcased this in an early '90's 'eavy Metal article that showcased Dreadnoughts. And, bonus points, it's in Badmoon colors!

Badmoon dread (and more) by the 'eavy Metal team.
Note that this example has longer and taller legs than the one I am painting. And a back banner. I have decided not to fool with a banner -at least for now! The early Ork Dreads were often modeled with the hatch on the driver's heads, as if to imply that they were peaking out. This carried over to the 2nd Edition Ork Dreadnought also, and I just never really liked it. Althougb I find this image inspiring, this era of Ork paint schemes never truly grabbed me because I found them to be too clean, a bit 'clownish', and not gritty enough for how I envisaged the Space Ork Raiders. The model I am painting should come out quite a bit more battle-scarred then this example. Hopefully. It definitely won't have red claws!

Also, no way could I move on without mentioning that Blood Angel Dreadnought; I have always kind of adored this version with the stubby legs. And missile launcher was also my favorite gun option for it too.

Options, lots of options.

This is a catalogue entry displaying the various components. All the Ork Heavy Weapons of the era could work with it's weapon mounts. The miniatures I got however both had the same options in their respective blister packs (lascannon and Heavy Flamer), and they have performed decently for me over the decades so I haven't seen a justification for switching them out.

Seriously, what's with the red claws?

As you can see in this image, and the one below, the model was sold as both the two armed version (killer kan?) and as a four armed expansion pack. By the time I got them I was living back here in the States,  and GW US was selling them in a combined pack.

A snip from the original White Dwarf ad.
I still really like that red scheme! It was a pre-clan-era scheme, and it's a shame it didn't stick around. It contrasts well with the green skin of the orks.

I hope you enjoyed the flash back, hopefully soon I will have more progress on the model to show you. Till then, WAAAAARGH!

Friday, October 06, 2017

Original Ork Dread (Part 1)

Happy Dreadtober! I have decided to tackle this old -very old- and truly venerable, Ork Dreadnought model. I have two of these actually, obtained from a '90s blister blowout deal that GW US used to offer (those were the days!). It's definitely way over due for some paint.

A veteran of many wars.

This particular model has gotten slightly banged up. As you can see one of it's arms is detached. I recall glueing this thing together fairly fast as I needed it for a game almost as soon as I got it, so there were some mold lines/flash that I had to scrape off. And way back then GW did not make round bases bigger than 25mm, so when 3rd edition came around I had to use an Epic Titan base. They were too thin to utilize the foot peg, so I just glued the square base to the round base with plans to green stuff away the joins.

Base construction (front).

Which is what I did here. I also glued on some rocks and dead Eldar parts (the best kind!) in order to make it appear that this machine is stomping through a debris strewn battlefield.

Base construction (back).

And finally I added the grit.

Grit added to the base.

Then I took it outside and primed it. And that is where we leave this thing for now. Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Death Castle (Part 8)

The Death Castle saga continues...


Progress is slowly being made. My attempt to find the fortress door sprues ended in futility so I’ve taken the Mordheim doorframes and glued slats of balsa wood to the backside to create a door effect. I’ve not figured out how to make door handles yet but I have some ideas I want to try out. There will be three of these for the tower. One at the base, one for the wall level, and one for the balcony.

Tower is capped.

The balcony itself was fairly easy to construct. I’m currently working out how to mount it into the wall, but I’m pretty sure I have an idea that will work. The hand rail for it will take some time to build but it should look nice in the end.

The woody bits.

I’ve capped the tower roof with a sheet of molded plastic card with rock embossing. I cut out a square in the center that will represent the hatch opening. This is done, although not shown, in the picture. Currently I’m at the point where I will work next on the tower battlements and crenulations.  

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Death by Flashbang

Straight to Hell. 
Hello, and welcome to another Kill Team battle report. This one is very much different from the other Kill Team reports as it involves 5 players controlling 4 different factions. This would be my first multiplayer Kill Team game, and my second fielding the Celestial Lions. The Bob chose to use his Death Watch, Screech would field his Imperial Guard Vets, and Jim & Chyanne would each play a small Blood Angels Death Company squad.

With 4 preset boards to chose from we decided to once again give the fractured ground with the molten lava fissures another go. Oddly enough it was still set-up from the last game, (supply-drop) that The Bob and I played together, and we decided to leave it just like that. Since we are only playing on just a 4'X4' section of the board, it was decided that Screech's Imperial Guard models should be placed in one of the "off board" fire pits as casualties accrue mostly so that we could all keep up with who he had in reserve and who was dead. We were all carrying on and having a lot of fun, and since Screech's IG are notorious bastards, someone stated that when they die "They skip St. Peter and go straight to Hell!". We were all in agreement with this notion.

Alone in the Dark was the mission we selected, but with the 4-way rules in effect. Three objectives were placed in a line in the center of the table to hopefully encourage more cross-fighting between the four factions. (Yeah, we'll see how well that idea will worked out.) Anyway, this mission has the Nightfighting rule in effect for the whole game. In addition to that we had to roll off to see who in our respective Kill Teams would end up in Reserves.

Celestial Lions Deployment. 
Only six of my Lions would start on the table. I divided them into 2 groups, hoping for solid strike at my foes and still be able to make a mad dash at the objectives.

BA Death Co. Deployment. 

The entire Death Watch deployment. 

The field of battle, everyone deployed. 
This game had a lot of chaotic, hilarious, and crazy events taking place. Therefore the following will mostly be highlights with a few comments. The turn order was Imperial Guard, Celestial Lions, Blood Angel Death Company and Death Watch.

Turn 1, not a lot happened really, mostly missed opportunities, missed shots and movement strategies. Accept for Bob's Death Watch who picked off one of my Lions (the gravgun guy) and earned a Secondary VP for First Blood.

 Turn 2, Screech brought in the majority of his reserves and placed them in a line in my zone and behind my KT Leader and another marine. My guys lived through the flashlight hits however.
Flashlight ambush! 
He also took shots at the ravening Death Co. marines storming down the trenchline at him.

"They are coming right at us, and they look pissed!!!"

Celestial Lions Turn 2, again a folly of dice rolling ment either they didn't hit or brought clips full of dud bullets. It made sense to charge the nearest Guardsmen only to botch that as well, and the Sgt found himself locked in combat with the steadfast and determined trooper.

It was a better plan in his head.
The Celestial Lions reserves came in on the Death Watch side, attempting an ambush, and that plan flopped also. I think at that point I switched out dice. I was very frustrated with my dice at that point.

"I thought you said these guys were undefended?!"

The Death Company performed more maneuvers, seemly obsessed with getting closer to the Imperial Guard. The Death Watch retaliated against the Celestial Lions, sending two of them after my leader. It seemed as if my deployment zone was becoming a battle royal pit. They killed a lot of Guardsmen, which actually pleased me.

"Oh, this looks fun!"

The Deathwatch, being Inquisition agents afterall, purged my two Celestial Lions in his zone.
The Lions have been eliminated.
Turn 3, and IG kill a few Death Company marines despite their Feel No Pain attempts.

The shooting gallery.

Some of these following turns get a bit fuzzy, so I will go into Highlight Mode (TM):

For example, someone killed the DW shotgun guy (I think I shot him in the back but I don't recall if I killed him? Or if that was the guy Screech Flashbanged?)

(Not sure what happened in this pic)

The Celestial Lions Missile Launcher with Sharpshooter arrived,  and with an amzing snapshot killed one of the Death Watch guys, and it was apparently their KT Leader! This earned the Lions the first Kill The Leader Secondary Objective of the game.

Snapshot of doom. 
Eventually the Celestial Lions Leader killed his Guardsmen foe.

"These grunts are tough!"
The Blood Angel Death Company tangled more with the guard. More of the Death Watch Reserves arrived, killing a guardsmen in their zone.

"Get off my bunker!" *WHOOSH!*
On Turn 4 the Death Watch returned the favor and snuffed out my KT Leader.

"Eye for and eye!"

The Death Company continued their assault on the bastion controlled by the Death Company. They used their jump packs to assault the troops on the roof. Tbey killed one of the guardsmen up there but one guy refused to be killed and hold out for a few Close Combat phases.

Attacking the roof.
The Celestial Lions continued the assault on the IG held trenchline. One of the Lions was overhelmed by them and eliminated. The heavy flamer guy at the end of the trenchline was proving to be very resilient, and survived a lot of bolter rounds that were sprayed his way. Same goes for the three marines in the pic below who were also dodging las blasts. I wanted to kill the Sgt that was in this trenchline as I really wanted my revenge against his from the last time I encountered him. He, and his small cluster of men, are holding and objective in the trenchline and I was focused on getting it. The Celestial Lion on the crater is holding an objective also.

Trench warfare.
Meanwhile the Death Company continued their assault on the rooftop guardsman, only to continue to be held back by the bayonet weilding fiend.

"How is he surviving this?!"
Also out of no where, a Death Company marine in the control of Chyanne, charged the Celestial Lion holding the objective and a fierce hand melee would begin with neither warrior defeating his foe.

"The objective is mine!" "No, mine!"

Typical of the treachery that Screech is renowned for, and not having any of his troops in the fight, his Guardsman weilding the Heavy Flamer immolated the Death Company and Lion marine who were locked in combat with each other. But they cared not, and continued to clash amongst the flames!

A literal fire fight.

It was looking like it would be the last round of the game so I decided to have the Missile Launcher Marine make a dash for the objective on that side of the table. He reached it and held it while dodging bullets from the Death Watch and Death Company marines.

Taking the objective! 
In the trenchline I was happy to kill that Sgt only to discover that he was not the IG KT Leader afterall. That guy was snuffed by the Death Watch in a previous round and somehow I had not realized it! Still killing traiter guard is always fun no matter their individual relevance. Sadly one of my Celestial Lions would fall. Bring my Kill Team to it's break point and earning the IG a Secondary Objective. But at least I now had a marine on all three objectives!

Trench warfare continues.

Ultimately the guardsmen on the bastion top would be overwhelmed and slaughtered by the blood lusting Khorne worshippers in denial.  One of Chyanne's Death Company would start an assault on one of the guardman at the bastion's base that had been attacking her for most of the game. I do not recall the outcome of this clash however...
Seizing the bastion.
That was the last in-game pic I took. I am sure there was stuff I missed (or got wrong) but without a pic it's difficult to recall exactly what those events were. With a cast of the die, the game was ended at that point. The Celestial Lions held one Objective and contested the other two.

Victory Points tallied out as follows:
Blood Angel Death Company =0.
Celestial Lions- 1 Objective, Slay the Leader (DW), Break The Enemy (IG).
Death Watch- First Blood, Slay the Leader (CL), Breaking IG = 3 VPs.
Imperial Guard- Break The Enemy (DW & CL) = 2 VPs.

One of the highlights, at least for Screech, was that he got to kill a marine with a defensive grenade!

Screech: "I mean, that guy is the real MVP for the IG.  "What's worse for a Death Watch Marine than being killed by a Guardsman?  Being killed by a Guardsman with a Flashbang."

The highlight for Jim and Chyanne was the slaughtering of Screech's Imperial Guard, which they had declared early on was the only objective they cared about (it's a vendetta thing).

Jim: "Such a small and weak heretic (that looked like a guardsman) should have his name immortalized as a deceptively fearsome opponent -before ripping his head off and diembowling him!" (In regards to the guardsman that locked two Death Company marines in close combat for a few turns).

As you can see, having Screech place his dead directly in Hell was rewarding for all of us:

So many souls to stoke the fires of Hell.