Sunday, July 02, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (Part 9)

Following on from Part 8, I have been working on finishing up the one model that is magnetized. He is a Special Weapons Trooper that I have magnetized three special weapons arms so I can adjust his options as needed. You can see how I did the work of integrating these magnets into this model in Part 5.

I had to decide on the final position for the left arm, as it will be bracing and securing the weapons when attached. I settled on a 'firing' position.

Brace arm attached.
The next few pics shows how the weapons arms attach:
Grav gun.

Melta gun.

Melta gun, lower perspective.

Plasma gun.
Finally I added the head which I positioned to appear to be looking in the direction that the gun is aiming. I also attached the shoulder pads and if you compare the following pics to the ones above you can see how well that they cover the magnet joins and surgical scars left over from the conversion.

Grav gun finished.

Plasma gun finished.

Melta gun finished.

And with that, our Multi-Option Weapons Specialist is completed! The next, and ultimate post, will be about the Veteran Sergeant who I am very much looking forward to completing.

The assembled unit...but where is Sarge?!


Rory (Stepping Between Games) said...

They have to have someone to shout about purging the heritics!

neverness said...

Yes, always.

greggles said...

Unit is looking great! scheme really comes into play when they are all together!

Know the bases are already done, but if you wanted them to pop a bit more, try a darker grey color. [like ruined concrete] (to pop the golds).

Siph_Horridus said...

Neverness, check these out, any plans for your own?

Siph_Horridus said...

And check out As the OP of the Images on Reddit said he's getting them to do Lions Head decals.

neverness said...

Thanks. The bases are not totally done yet actually. I was going to add some grass tufts and maybe some random ork gear.

neverness said...

Oh cool. And yes the thought has crossed my mind that this should be an obvious chapter for Primaris reinforcements...still on the fence about that idea though, as I sort hate hand painting those damn icons. 😁

neverness said...

Nice site! Thanks for sharing that link.