Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ultramarines Captain

Here is an "old hammer" model for you: the 1991 Ultramarines Captain.

Captain of the Ultramarines 3rd Co.
I started on this miniature a few years ago (no, not 1991, but sometime this century) but for some (now forgotten) reason, I had abandoned it. I rediscovered him last summer when I was doing my Ultramarine color scheme test and I decided to put him into the paint queue.

Queued up.

And he sat in that paint queue for another half of a year.

Over halfway painted.

In order to proceed it only made sense to extend the base. I once again relied upon secret weapon conversion rings to achieve this.

Base extended.
Since I extended the base I painted up the cape and worked on some of the other details. I played around with changing the Ultramarine icon on the left shoulder pad to red (it's the 3rd Co color) but decided to change it back to white due to the way the red clashed with the other colors.

Cape painted up to white highlight.
I painted the cape up to the White Scar highlight, thinning it up to a solid, for a bit more blending and contrast.

Tau skulls added. 

As an afterthought I added a pair of Tau skulls to the base. My Ultramarines seem to enjoy Tau hunting when they get the chance so it seemed only proper to have them as our dead xenos of choice.

Rear view, pre-cape.
I was originally thinking about doing some crazy line work on the back of the cape, but chose instead to just put a small chapter icon in corners. It's subtle effect, and it didn't required too much patience or skill to accomplish.

Completed with cape.
I hand drew those icons, as well as the one on the  white knee pad, using a red micron pen.

Rear view with cape.
Here is an almost birdseye view so that you can see the power sword better.

Top view.

The first image in this post shows the model completed with grass tufts. I am pleased with the results, and look forward to one day having him ordering around those large Primaris brutes while waiving his lil sword around. It'll be fun.


Ziek said...

It is a great paint job. I do like the icons on the cape. I still have nightmares from using 60 Secret Weapon conversion rings.

neverness said...

Thanks. Always a thrill to get praise from a fellow Rush fan. 60 Secret Weapon Conversion Rings is quite a lot! Actually, I do bave that many as well I just haven't used them all yet...

Suber said...

I've always loved that particular mini and I for sure love the work you've done on it. Great one!

neverness said...

Thank you. And yes, it was always a brilliant mini. It was really the first true Ultramarines model. Like the other Captain minis in the series that it was released with (Space Wolf, and Dark Angel) it set the theme for the full range that would follow it.

LegioCustodes said...

Beautiful work mate! I have always loved that model!

neverness said...

Thanks Legio, I have always liked it also, I am glad it turned out the way I visualized it would. If you Google search this model you'll find some very garish interpretations applied to this miniature. I think I managed to avoid that!