Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Finally, I'm creating a blog. This blog will serve as record for friends, acquaintances, and really anybody interested in following my hobby exploits. Primarily, for the current foreseeable future, this will mainly serve as a record of my model/miniature painting for Warhammer gaming. Currently my focus is WH40K but I occasionally dabble in Warhammer Fantasy (I have had blogs at Warhammer-Empire posted under 'neverness' as well. The primary inspiration for doing this blog is that I really enjoyed doing these at warhammer-empire and regret that I was unable to complete the blog I had started there. Mostly due to a re-focus on 40k for my part (and the ex takiing her far superior digital camera with her when she split, but that's toeing the TMI line.) which really doesn't have a big audience on that site.

Ok, a bit of background on me: I was properly introduced to Warhammer 40,000 while I was in 9th grade and living in the U.K. There my friend Trevor and his circle of friends had just got the 'Rogue Trader' hardcover and a box set or two of the original Space Marine boxed set. This was x-mas '88. By the end of that school year I had started my first ork army, which grew that summer as I saved up to buy some lead blisters (that's right, they used to sell figure made (mostly) of LEAD to kids! LOL) and not long afterward the first Space Ork plastics were released along with the amazing Ork books of the time. My brother, who is approx. 7 years younger than me, also got into these games, and he started an Ultra Marines army while I started a Space Wolves army, In fact, the Space Wolves were the first minis I ever attempted to paint. And all I had was the Space Marine starter set that only had 9 paint-pots in it! I still have (and sometimes use) these original models, and it's fun to see how my painting style evolved since '89. I'll post some pics soon! So, I'm still playing Space Wolves, Orks, and have collected many other armies that I intend to use this blog to inspire me to paint more.

'Old wolf' one of many painted to this...'standard'...back in '89-'90.

And the 'not so old wolf' painted around...'99?

BTW, another inspiration behind this blog, to force myself to get a GOOD camera! LOL
Hope you enjoyed, 'til next time,

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