Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bolt Action: British Infantry squad 2 (Part One)

Work has slowly progressed on the rest of my Bolt Action models, with focus really being on the 4 unpainted models that I had to assemble quickly for the 1st Game with Bob a while back. These unpainted guys appear in the battle report and they were part of the division that survived that game.


Basecoat of English Uniform.

Anyway, I am not feeling terribly keen on rewriting out the step-by-step on how I paint these guys but if you do want to know the steps I use please follow this link to part four of the last series of BA troop posts.

However I will make an exception to that last statement. In the first issue of the new monthly White Dwarf  (the one that came with the free miniature. And yes I will post my thoughts on this new incarnation of WD in a separate post soon), there is a really good tutorial on painting flesh using their current colors. It was definitely different from how I had been painting Caucasian fleshtones over the years. The model is left with the appearance of having a redder skin tone as if he has been in the sun for many days. Also, it seems that the examples of painted soldiers throughout Warlord's products appear to have reddish hue to them also and I wanted to try painting a few models with that look.

I picked up some of these paints on my last trip to the local game store and tried the technique straight out of that WD.

Bugman's glow added as a basecoat for their skin.

Cadian fleshtone added as a mid-coat. 

Adding on a wash of Reikland Fleshtone.

Highlight of Kislev Flesh 

..and with the addition of Kislev Flesh, I have completed this experiment. Before I bought the Kislev Flesh I had been tempted to try it with the old Bronzed Flesh, but I really want to stick with the paint guide just to see how well it turned out. In the end, I think it works very well!

These models are now, more-or-less, caught up to the rest of their division, and I will be working on the them as one group here on out.

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