Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Lord Inquisitor Kyra Draxus (Part 3)

I am calling this one done. I probably could poke and peck at it a bit more but I'm satisfied with it enough to stop it here. 

In the last post I had yet to paint the armor. I used Kabalite Green on it. And I decided I was happy with just that color. 

The dragon familiar was painted almost totally  in Contrast Paints but I felt it needed a better highlight so I used a few standard paints on it to get it where I liked it. 

I was very happy with how the bones turned out. Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint has revolutionized how I paint bones going forward. I can use Ushabti Bone and Wraithbone to highlight over it and get a great result. 

And that's basically it. The only part of this I am less than happy about is her face, I think I needed to have thinned the painted I used to highlight it better, but I have decided to live with this for now. 

And that's my 2022 Inquisitor, I already have next year's model earmarked. With luck, we'll see you back here at that time! And hopefully we can get Lord Inquisitor Kyra Draxus into a game before then as well so she can truly earn her place in the Neverness Rogue Gallery.

As stated in the last update for the 2022 Inquisitional Conclave, if you can have your projects done and to me (neverness92@gmail.com) by September 3rd you'll get your miniatures into this year's Conclave (which will be either on the 4th, 5th or 6th of September depending on what's happening in my real life).


Marc van Holst said...

I love your Kyra, looks great!! Unfortunately, real life got the better of me the past couple of days. I was hoping I would get a night to finish my Inquisitor off, but last night was a bust for me due to illness. I'll start earlier next year.

neverness said...

Thanks! Hopefully you can participate next year. I hope to do more than just an Inquisitor next year as I have gotten retinue envy from Da Cheef and Zzzzzz...