Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Inquisitional Conclave 2023 (Kick Off)

 Is it that time of year already? Dang! 

A  Blanche work for your inspiration. 

Well this is the fourth annual Inquisitional Conclave.  The rules are simple: 

The rules (more like guidelines really); all you have to do is obtain for yourself an Inquisitor miniature or any Imperial Agent model and throughout August, paint it up and send me your a pic of the finished miniature and or a link to where you might be sharing this online (a blog, Instagram, whatever). Also, please leave a comment below announcing your commitment to this challenge (this is not required, but it does provide motivation to the rest of us). 

Inquisitor Draco, my 2021 Conclave Inquisitor. 

You're not just limited to an Inquisitor specifically, you can paint members of their retinue to accompany the one you might have painted for a previous Conclave or any Imperial Agents your Inquisitor may requisition. A good gauge of this to check out the Imperial Agents index cards, but you're not limited to those. Heck, the more Blanchitsu you getz the better! 

And Inquisitor and retinue from 2020 by Da Masta Cheef. 

You can message me directly at neverness92@gmail.com, and send to me either pics or a link to your own blog (Instagram, whatever social media platform you prefer). Of course, I'll post my own updates here as well. We will kick this off on August 1st, with the Conclave itself (the post where all the final finished pics are showcased) to happen on the weekend of September; I will know more as we get there. That should be plenty of time for most of us -I hope!

Now I got to figure out what I want to paint... 

And figure out who gets a Mohawk this year. 


Zzzzzz said...

None of your Inquisitorial types this year. This year I'm going for a Chaos Coven. Or maybe two.

neverness said...

Well, I guess it's Ordo Hereticus on the menu this year...

Da Masta Cheef said...

I'll be working on the Voidsmen-at-arms for the Enclave this year. Time permitting, I may also finish up Judge Fredd's PDF enforcers Squad.

Dai said...

I always enjoy seeing posts for this yearly challenge. Would love to join in as I have just the fig I want to use, but I'm not sure I'll have time at all this month. :/

Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!

DAM said...

Ahhh! I spaced on the Conclave for 2023...I'll be burned as a heretic! Ugh...Ok...still two weeks...maybe my tiny titans need to be put aside...great work to those who didn't forget this year! Congrats on the progress!!!