Sunday, January 08, 2017

Clowning Around (part 4)

After taking a small break from doing much with the hobby, mostly because of the holidays, I decided to pick things back up a bit by painting some more Harlequins.This time I decided to do more Troupers so I can have a minimum squad size of painted models. Perhaps with maybe getting them into a Kill Team mission?

As I stated way back in Clowning Around part one, my Troupe is based on the Reaper's Mirth from the Harlequin Codex. In part 2 I broke down how I painted these models but I decided, for my own reference anyway, that I needed a slightly more in-depth guide. So 'ere we go:

I started out with a black base coat. The white areas I used a very dark grey. The red areas I used Scab Red. I used an old rust color from the old Citadel Range called Tin Bitz on the areas that I will build up to gold.

Base Coats
The mid coats followed, I used a dark blue on the areas that will be black to make for a "leather" sort of look. I painted a lighter grey on the areas that I am building up to white.

Mid Coats.
The leather areas were next highlighted with a light grey. I used that same light grey on their mohawks, painting both sides in this fashion. Evil Suns Scarlet was built up over the Scab Red.

Light Grey on their pants and hair.
This is where I decided to deviate from the steps I showed in Part Two. Instead of washing the black areas with Black Ink, I chose to wash them in Drachenhof Nightshade Wash. I liked how this turned out a lot better, I will still add black ink some places but the areas that are building up to the final highlight will be left like this. Also, I used  Carroburg Crimson on the read side of the mohawk, and Nuln Oil on the other.

Inks applied.
Next I dry brushed White Scar over the white side of the mohawk to bring it out to white. I also used White Scar to complete the White areas of their uniforms as well.

Scar White for the white bitz!

And this is where I am at with them so far. In the next part I will be touching them up and applying details. See you then!


Siph_Horridus said...

Nice classic Harlies, looking sweet so far

neverness said...

Thanks! I look forward to getting more of them finished.