Sunday, March 28, 2021

Eeew, Grotti (Part 2)



It's close to 5 years now since I last put any consideration towards this miniature. While reviewing my painting queue backlog at the New Year I found him lurking under some backpack sprues for my Deathwatch Marines. I have more nurglings that I want to paint in the near future and I wanted to play around with some different color schemes, so finding him was a nice surprise. 

In the first post on this little fellow (Eeew, Grotti) I wrote about how I was indecisive regarding how I wanted to color him. Sadly the rules for this fellow were quickly left behind with the change from 7th Edition Warhammer 40,000 to the 8tb, and I doubt he'll be back in 9th. His disappearance from the rules meant the necessity for completion was all but eliminated. But now he has a use as a test-bed for some color experiments. 

And the color experiment that I have in mind is based on the tutorial (How To Paint Death Guard: Nurlgings) that Warhammer TV posted using Contrast Paints. It seemed simple enough, and I have been curious to see what I could pull off using Contrast Medium and this is the perfect excuse to try it out. 

Pallid Flesh undercoat.

The first step is to paint Pallid Flesh over the entire model. Which is a weird way to start out but watch where this goes from here...

Next I followed the instructions from that video bu adding some Volupuis Pink Contrast paint to some Contrast Medium. Once that dried I added some more Volupuis Pink with a bit less Contrast Medium to the recesses. I was quite pleased with the results thus far! 

Contrast Medium/Volupuis Pink layer.

Continuing on with steps layer out in the video, I next applied some "very cheeky highlights" to the raised areas of the fleshy bits. This was done using Pallid Wyche Flesh. Again, I am loving how this is turning out, and even more so considering the speed in which it was accomplished in. 

Pallid Wyche Flesh highlight.

It was time for the final touches. The tongue was painted using the same technique I used for the guts on the recent Death Guard Experiments (Screamer Pink, Druchii Violet and Pink Horror). The horns I decided to keep simple and low-key. I did this by mixing 75% Drakenhof Nightshade and 25% Coelia Greenshade. Finally I dotted the eyes with Folkart Lemmonade.

Final touches.

Finally I finished off the base's rim and added a  grass tuft or two...and presto, done! Although I am considering adding some gloss varnish to the grossier bits...

The scenic Grotti.

Despite the perception one may get from the staging pics, it really went pretty quick. Which makes me considerably happy when I realize just how may nurglings I will be painting in the future (hint: it'll be a lot).

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