Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Deadly Assassins (Part 3)

Choosing a new spot for sniping.
It's been about a year since I turned my attention onto my Imperial Assassins, And I decided to do so again this time on mister firepower himself the Vindicare Assassin!

Sniping Dreadnoughts.

This is the first Vindicare Temple Imperial Assassin produced by GW. He is 20-21 years old now. This model has a strange pose but it does have a virtue of being able to see and identify each wargear item. The alternate sculpt that came out a few years later is actually in a shooting pose but has one leg propped up on a skull which looks silly in hindsight.

I base coated the whole model black and using the paint guide for White Dwarf Weekly #25 (the Execution Force issue) proceeded to follow the suggested steps.

A layer of Dark Reaper. 
This was my first time using Dark Reaper as a tone on black and I thought it worked out great as it has a subtle "electric" vibe that plays with your eyes. This was highlighted with Fenrisian Grey and that is where the WD Paint Splatter article stopped but I thought the colors popped a bit too much so I toned it back a bit with Nuln Oil. That result pleases me quite a bit and I think I will use this scheme again on the rest of my Assassins.

A layer of Fenrisian Grey then a wash if Nuln Oil.
Next was the face mask and Eye Lenses. These steps again followed the WD steps. The Lenses were based using Mephiston Red, a wash of Nuln Oil, a layer of Evil Sun on the lower parts, a very thin layer of orange on the lower area of the Lenses and then topped off with a dot of White Scar in the top corners. It was a lot of steps for such a small part of the model but I liked the results. The Mask itself was easy in comparison: a medium Grey, a mid-coat of Ulthuan Grey and layer of White Scar.

The completed Face Mask steps.
Next came the straps. This model has more straps than a S&M freakshow. But I liked the palette that the WD team chose to use as it contrasts nicely with the black areas without blending in or clashing. These were painted in Khorne Red (I used Scab Red which seemed like the perfect analog), washed in Nuln Oil and thinly high lighted with Pink Horror.

The guns were painted using Caliban Green for a basecoat layered with Kabalite Green. I decided I liked this over the WD example as this was darker and less distracting.

With a few other details finished this guy was done. Added some grass tufts to the base and the model was truly done.

And done!
On the backside of the model you can see a cable the runs up to his mask. I painted this using Averland Sunset and hand painted the black stripes over it in even bars.

The backside.
And that is a wrap! I look forward to seeing him on a tabletop again striking fear into my opponents with his nasty shots. it too late to add Dreadnought bits?


Siph_Horridus said...

Looks great, love the base too, I prefer this sculpt to the newest one, I have three new Assassins, but for the Vindicare I'll be using this sculpt - no hiding behind scenery for mine either!

Mordian7th said...

Lovely work, man! Really dig how that turned out.

neverness said...

Thank you both! Yes, I dig it too. And like Siph said, no sculking about this guy, he is out and ready to kill! I had a lot fun painting this model and I am half tempted to finish the Culuxis and Calidus Assassins for a complete (painted) Execution Force.