Thursday, November 02, 2017

Feeling Khorney (Part 8)

Smile for Khorne.

Since this whole Khorne/Chaos kick of mine started way back in the early part of 2014, I have been toying off and on with this miniature.

You can see the state he was in at the end of the Feeling khorney-part-5. That's pretty much the state he's been in until I recently started to daub a bit more paint onto him. The pic below shows where I applied the 1st layer of flesh coat (Dwarf Flesh, to be specific) and added another layer of lighter brown to the base.

Before I got much further, I felt it only made sense to put on the a Secret-Weapon 32mm Conversion Ring to extend and expand out his base at this step rather than put it off until later.

Secret Weapon base extender added.

 I then completed the basing on the extensions to make it meld with the existing base texture.

I added a few more rocks also. Afterwards I applied a coat of Applebarrel Territorial Beige. This not only acts as a basecoat but also helps the basing material bond better to the base.

Moving on and now the miniature is all but done. There was bit of time jump there, sure, but the steps I took to get him there have been detailed in the other parts of this thread. At this stage all I need to do is get a shoulder pad to add to his right arm and glue on his back pack and he will be done.

Almost done...
 The method described above for extending the base was used to finally finished off the 14 man Berserker unit that started this whole thread. I talked about them more in Part-7. The only thing left to do on them is to apply decals.

Also mostly done.

Also joining my Khorne family are these two very old (1992)* Worldeater models. I am going to use these guys as Aspiring Champions. I recently based them up and added the grit using the exact same methods described for the icon bearer above.

Never too old to spill blood.

* Very old...ugh, that's the year I graduated High School!  


Da Masta Cheef said...

The extended base ought to assist in helping balance that very off-balanced model.

neverness said...

Actually, you are correct. It tipped over constantly prior to the addition of the extenders. Not a problem any more.

Rory Priest said...

Great stuff. I love to see some of the older models get a new lease of life.