Monday, May 04, 2015

KHARN!!! (Feeling Khorney Part 5)

Hello again!
Since the last time I was feeling Khorney I have made quite a bit of progress on my Chaos Space Marines. In particular, I finished painting Kharn the Betrayer!

"Now I am whole!!!"
Note that I used a very simple technique on his protruding arm-vein: all I did was thin down a blue color with water and lightly applied it so that it worked in a transparent fashion over the flesh tone. I am pleased with how it turned out.
From the rear.
From the side
From the other side.
 The last thing I will do is flock his base which I will do along with the rest of the Berskers.

Progress on his friend, the standard bearer was sort of happening as well, but not too much...

Blood Red added. I was distracted by this project:

That's the parts to a WH40K 2nd ed Juggernaught. After the game with Bryan's daemonkin I was really eager to get my own Warlord on Juggernaught built and battle-ready.

Note that I am trying out a different red color for the Jugger so that the rider will contrast a bit with it.  This next pic was taken as I was experimenting with a few new washes to see what I liked best.

And of course, here is my progress on the rider, who is painted in the same colors as the rest of my Khorne loonies.

Red for the red god

That's if for now, until next time!


Greg Hess said...

Loving all the khorne stuff lately! BLood for the blood god!

Kardos Darkforge said...

awesome. we need to get another game in sometime

neverness said...

Absolutely! The blood must flow!!!

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