Monday, April 05, 2021

Chaos Bikers (Part 7)


Something revolting in development.

When I set out to build and paint this unit the original concept was to have all of the standard bikes be Black Legion colored with the Champion singled out as representing whatever Mark Of Chaos I was bestowing upon the unit. With the changes of game editions since I last worked on these guys (or played them) the need to show the chaos marks in this manner has become somewhat redundant. Hell, Death Guard don't even have Chaos Bikers as an option any longer! But, that hasn't stopped me from realizing my vision. While going through my paint queue this guy leapt out at me. With my recent Death Guard Experiments I knew I just had to finish this guy. 

Drilling and pinning. Some hobby skills never die...

You might have noticed his crazy Plaguebearer head. I found it in a bitz box while looking for other bits to stick on this guy and I was immediately inspired to make this mutation become a thing. I had to create the ball joint for the neck out of greenstuff in order to get this head to look right. 

So much for following helmet laws...

I stuck a nurgling rider on the back of the bike which I think came out very characterful. I really like how his foot is propped up perfectly on the backrest of the rider's seat. 

A rotten rider.

Next I added another nurgling at his side. This little chum (hehe, "chum"!) is joyfully pulling out the rider's guts in typical backseat driver fashion. 

"Hang on to my guts little dude!"

As you might guess, this was a fun thing to model up. As you can see the nurgling is totally attached to the driver, happily holding on by the guy's guts. 

Hanging on tightly! 

After priming it, it was time to figure out how to paint this thing. Last time I showed you Grotti and the way I colored him which was totally done with this model in mind. 

Basecoats mostly done.

The basecoats you see here are as follows.:

The fleshy seat and face stretched over his right shoulder pad were coated using Gulliman Flesh Contrast Paint. I like how the seat came out so much that I am likely to just leave it as is. 

The rider's head was done using Plaguebearer Flesh Contrast Paint. 

All the brown metal areas were basecoated using Rhinox Hide. 

The rider and bike's armor was based using Rakarth Flesh. The rider and bike are going to look a lot like The fourth Death Guard Experiment, hopefully. 

I got to be fast and sloppy at this stage, but going forward I will need to slow down a bit and focus on the details.

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