Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Blood Axe Boys (Part 4)

 It's been too long since I last paid attention to these guys, and even longer since I started them! With the release of the 2021 Ork Codex I have been itching to get back to my Orks, and these guys in particular.  I absolutely love the original Orks. Yeah, they are smaller and more crude, but the character and detail have yet to be matched. Being how immersed I've been with the other projects I have going on, I decided to paint these guys just a few at a time. To kick it off I decided to focus on just the one miniature we call Da Mad Thunka (or Bolta 5, #07051039 according to the 1991 Citadel Catalog).

I followed the exact steps that I used on the Blood Axe Mekaniak I painted back in March 2021. The weird grot face belt buckle thing...I was stumped with that. So I just painted using Gretchin Green Foundation Paint with Death Guard highlight.

...weird grot face belt buckle thing.

I love the details on these old Ork miniatures, they look like scavenging militants, with each model appearing unique. Check out the kit on this chap:

Rear view.

These guys are primarily wearing olive drab and I think it works great.

Front view.

 That's one done, nine to go with this squad. I will keep poking at these guys sporadically as I feel each one deserves a good amount of attention to pull off properly. 

Da whole mob.

I have decided to call these guys Squad Drab due to their overbearing preference for Olive Drab uniforms and equipment. Other units might be dubbed Squad Khaki, Squad Camo, etc. 

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