Monday, July 15, 2019

Space Wolf Primaris Reivers (Part 2)

This trio is finally done! (I know you can only see two in the top pic, but trust me here...) Moving on from Part-1 was a slow undertaking. I dabbled on them a bit while painting the Stormhawk Interceptor but it wasn't until I finished with that model that I really gave these guys the proper attention.

The Space Wolf Grey stage. 
In April I replaced my old cutting mat with a new one by The Army Painter. The pics Ibhave been taking have been more interesting however it's not a self healing mat and it's already taking damage from the brutality that I inflict on surfaces while I build models. I will likely have to replace it soon.

Also in May our dog died. I bought a miniature of a wolf that I am going to paint as a homage to her, and this pic shows what the mini looks like next to one of these guys. (More on this in a future a post).

"You're about to piss, aren't you?"
Deciding on how to paint this guy's hair was an interesting challenge. I painted in FoltArt English Mustard before giving it a Brown Ink wash.

English Mustard hair.
After that I dry brushed on Mournfang Brow, highlighted with Averland Sunrise and glazed with Agrax Earthshade.

Hair by Chapter Serfs.
 I used Averland Sunrise for the banding on the wire that's on the back of his left arm.

Decals fun time. So using the technique I talked about in Stormhawk Interceptor Part 7 however that technique was done on flat surfaces for the most part. Marine pauldrons on the other hand...*sigh* ...these things are just a pain in the ass. I had to combine that technique with my previous method using Microset. After a few complications I got the decals finished.

A few touch-ups and some grass clumps, and these guys were indeed finished.

And, despite the cloudiness, it wasn't raining for a change, so out we went for some location shots.

Scout'n about.

Against the psychic attack fungi of Unicoius Prime.

What's next for these guys? I am tempted to expand them up to a 5 man team just so I can use them in 40k games, but for now they will likely see action in games of Kill Team if at all. If that happens I will do a Part 3. But this particular trio is now finished.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Venom #2 (Part 1)

Hello, and welcome to the start of my 2nd Venom project. I thoroughly enjoyed working on my 1st Venom last year and have every intention of building my second one whenever my attention returned back to the Dark Eldar. So probably not until like this Fall at the earliest? Well, that changed when Da Masta Cheef (he who trolls me), gifted me with this wonderful venom. For reasons that baffle me, he decided to part with it, and instead of selling it or repurposing it, he gave it to me after we had our recent Ork vs. Ork game.


Knowing how speedy and random I can be about finishing a model construction / painting project he likely assumes that it will be well into the 2020's before I finish it. And that might likely be true if not for the fact that I keep fiddling with it!


So some back story on this thing is necessary (I hope I don't screw this up, but I am sure Cheef will embellish in the comments if need be). He had intended this to used with his Eldar Corsairs but since their list was only given half-ass support from Forgeworld when 8th edition arrived he got rid of most of them. Regardless of all of that, the point is that this is not a standard or conventional Venom, but rather one that had been repurposed.

Instead of the typical Dark Eldar weapon options we find instead that there are two Shuriken Catapults on the bottom of the hull. I am trying to figure out if these should stay or go...hmmm...

Also the pilot is not the murder elf one would expect to find piloting a Venom but a well dressed fellow in a brown outfit with red hair (Screech?). The gunner was also going to another Guardian converted over to fit the Corsair role, but this chap was never assembled. He sits crooked for some reason (again, Screech?).

Is this where he gave up?

Now, I have no intention of keeping this model looking like this, and I have no doubt Cheef wouldn't expect me too considering that he never finished it either. I am going to paint it to match my paint scheme. However I intend to make a slight exception: I am going to leave the pilot alone! Call it a tribute to the Cheef and the origin of this piece, but that guy is done and I just don't want to alter him. Even though he sits crooked. Also if that is supposed to be Screech** I like the idea of him press-ganged into service for the Drukhari. (Cue sinister laugh).

A comparison of canopies.

Back when I was working on the 1st Venom,  I was Indecisive on which canopy to use so I painted them both. Now I have a purpose for the other one, and it will be used to enclose in this pilot. Below you can see the test fit and also get a possible sense on how this might look when I am done with it. Which hopefully won't be in 2020!

I think I might leave the display blue also...

See you back for part 2!

*Yes, I know, a photography student loses it's soul each time a photo is composed with a corner in it...*sigh*

**the Cheefs old ward and now Imperial Guard conscript

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Wolf Priest Jorvik Blacktooth (Part 1)

Wolf Priest Jorvik Blacktooth has existed in my lore for a long time now, usually appearing as a correspondent. And those letters are usually in response to some treachery performed by Da Masta Cheef (a very treacherous fellow indeed). But he has yet to appear on the tabletop or even have a model to represent him. Well, we now have a solution for that!

Current WIP level.

This is the rather rare limited edition Wolf Priest model released in 2002. I believe he was a Games Day promo model. He was only released in metal. It took me ages to find this miniature at a sane price, and two years ago I did. But I have only recently got around to painting him.

Here he is primed black with a base coat on his base.

And here he is with most of his base coats:

Mostly base coated. 

And here he is, in his base coated state, leading his Space Wolves to victory! Well, at this stage he is directing more than leading, but a leader never-the-less!

"Don't blame me, it's 8th edition!"

And here he is once again, truly leading now by making the decisive shot of the game that killed the enemy Farseer/Courier. Not too shabby for a first game, and being only base coated!

"This is how we Kill xenos boys..."

 Obviously with a show like that he need more paint, so to the front of the queue he went!
Brown base coats and a bit of blue.

I kind of went back and forth in these early stages of trying to decide how to paint his various wolf skulls. At one point I was just going to make them a metallic gold, but with so much stuff on this guy already picked out to be that color, I decided some contrast was necessary.

Brown base coats applied! 

So I followed the examples I have seen of this model online and went with making the winged skulls a bone color.

"I've gotta bone ta pick with youse." 

And this is as far as I have gotten on this guy so far. He is a far trickier miniature to paint than one would think, as I keep realizing more details as I progress. But so far I am pleased.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Kill the Courier


Wolf Priest Jorvik Blacktooth
Wolf Lord Sven Axegrinder
Campaign Update from Segmentum Warzones
Segmentum Obscurus
Tri-Cinci Sub, Hobbytown Secundus
Knowledge causes confusion.

We must retrieve the artifact, the water bowl of Freki,the foul xenos scum stole it five years ago and have escaped our vengeance since that time. They must be brought to heel and the artifact must be retrieved at all cost. Lord Grimnar has added the following message to assure the importance of this mission:  
"Extreme prejudice is sanctioned and encouraged. 

Finally, the Space Wolves get a (sorta) rematch against these foul xenos! Da Masta Cheef and I arranged this game shortly after the last one when I reminded him of the time his Eldar soundly defeated my Space Wolves back in 5th edition. Since that time he has sold off a lot his Eldar, both the Exodites and Corsairs, leaving only a scattering of each. I agreed to let him use some of mine to fill in the gaps. I lent him Fire Dragons, Swooping Hawks and Dark Reapers.

This game was one of many firsts! Most importantly it was the first time using Da Cheef's new awesome convertible gaming table (a.k.a. The Jasper). It was my first time using Space Wolves in 8th ed, and my first time using a few units with them. Such as the Intercessors, Stormhawk, and a Wolf Priest (it's true, in the decades I have played this game, I have never used a generic Wolf Priest). It was Cheef's first time using many of the Eldar units in this game as well.

Once again we used the Open War cards, pulling the  'long way' deployment and Kill the Courier as a mission. Note that I pulled out form the deck any of the missions that didn't have some sort of specific objective to fight over. The Twist card that we pulled (Double or Nothing) resulted in us not having any twists.

Open War!
After choosing our zones, we set up our forces on The Jasper. Clearly the Xenos scum, having traded the sacred Space Wolf artifact, the Water Bowl of Freki, many times over, were about to pass on the artifact to another group. Now the Space Wolves have cornered a band of Corsairs who have been joined by a detachment of Craftworld Eldar, no doubt sending the artifact to it's final intended, and debauch, destination. The Eldar Courier was identified as the Farseer. The Eldar have selected my Rune Priest as the Courier for the Space Wolves. What twisted vision did that Farseer see to select the Rune Priest as his target is not known at this time, only that the xenos sought his demise.

Eldar set-up. 
Our set ups were fairly straight forward,  with the scenery some what sparse there was still plenty of defensive positions to take advantage of.

Space Wolf Set-Up. 

The Eldar advance. They fired a lot shots at the Space Wolves, but only one of the Sons of Russ was eliminated.

The Eldar are coming!
Space Wolves Turn One, and they did not take the loss of Brother Banebreath too well! The counter attack was intense, with the Eldar taking considerable losses, but it was the Stormhawk Interceptor that truly brought the thunder. I knew this thing has potential for fire power but damn! We were not expecting it to be this impressive! It destroyed a unit of Corsairs and a Dire Avenger unit! Cheef was livid at this thing and was determined to bring it down.

The wall of bullets is spat out by the Stormhawk.


The Eldar counter attacked, killing a few Space Wolves with shooting. The Autarch on Jetbike (it only looks like a griffin) charged into the Stormhawk. he didn't knock it out of the sky like he intended too but he did get it down to 6 wounds remaining.


Space Wolves Turn Two

Smoking but still aggressive, the Stromhawk turned it's attention towards the Vyper. After the 1st round, we expected this to be an ugly event, but no, the Vyper not only absorbed everything the Stormhawk threw at it, but managed to survive with 2 Wounds remaining!

The Vyper's escape!
In my 2nd Turn Movement phase my Drop Pod appeared, and out sprang my 2nd Grey Hunters squad who killed off the Dark Reapers.
Drop Pod assault!
The Intercessors charged into a Guardian unit while the Wolf Priest and the remaining Grey Hunters charges the Autarch.


The Autarach was unharmed due to his invulnerable saves and would fly off in his his next Movement phase.

TURN 3, and the Autarch charged the Interceptor again, which by this point had been reduced down to 4 Wounds. The Autarch finished it off, and Interceptor bits rained down onto the field.

The last of the Corsairs killed off the entire 2nd Squad of Grey Hunters with shooting. Clearly they were getting too close to the Courier!

The Autrach in his glory. 
The Intercessors gunned down the Autarch on Jet Bike/Griffen, ending his reign of air supremacy.


Meanwhile the 2nd Autarch and a Squad of Dire Avengers was hunting down my Rune Priest, who, along with the Long Fangs, had just all but finished off a FIre Dragon squad (the Exarch still lived!). After failing to Wound him they charged him.

"We have you know Mon'Keigh!"
The Swooping  Hawks charged the Primaris Marines that had just finished off the Guardian, tying them up in melee.

Space Wolves Turn 4,

With the swirling Melee nearby, the two survivors of the 1st Grey Hunter Squad spotted the Farseer, and the Meltagunner took off all but one wound from the Farseer; leaving the Space Wolves only one wound away from victory! Naturally they charged the Farseer who managed to make all of his saves, yet failed to kill his attackers!
The Farseer (Courier) is wounded!
TURN 4, and we are running out of models! The Vindicator had been hunted down by the Vyper and the Fire Dragon Exarch they were  picking wounds off of it, and somehow it survived an assault with Melta Bombs, but it was down to only 2 Wounds!

Space Wolves Turn 4, and the Vindicator pretty much point-blank annihilated the Fire Dragon Exarch, thankfull that templates are no longer a thing! It then Turned it's attention to the Vyper, finishing it off with it's storm bolter.

The Vindicator, sticking it out to vanquish it's oppressors. 
Turn 5

The Farseer used Smite to kill off his Attackers! He then advanced himself to position of cover.

"I Smite thee!"
The Runepriest liked that idea and Smited the Autarch attacking him, kill him out right while the Dire Avengers continued to press the assault.

"I Smite thee!"
The Long Fangs, now out of targets, moved down to assist the Runepriest, who now only had one opponent.

We;re here to help boss!
Having bested the last of the Swooping Hawks in the Eldar Fight Phase, the Wolf Priest and surviving Primaris Marines found the hidden Farseer crouching in the ruins. With a blast from his Plasma Pistol, the Farseer's days as a Courier were no more, and the Water Bowl of Freki was retrieved!.

That was a fast summary, and I know I left out a lot of details, but it was getting late and my memory is somewhat fractured and dependent upon these pics. But what a fight! In case it's not obvious, there was only one survivor in the Eldar army, and she was a Dire Avenger desperately trying to take out the Rune Priest, who was now down to just 3 Wounds himself. I like to think that the Runepriest and the Long Fangs took her as a prisoner. Likewise, Cheef likes to think that the Wolf Priest slagged the Water Bowl of Freki with that plasma blast...

It was a good, intense game! My MVP was easily the Stormhawk Interceptor due to it's first round introduction where it blew away two units! This thing has the potential to dish our a lot of death if the dice are hot! A definite honor mention for Wolf Priest Jorvik Blacktooth for staying alive, inspiring his troops (those re-rolls to hit are just divine!) and for the winning shot of the game. He definitely earns his pace in the hall of heroes!

Cheef's MVP was that Vyper, simply for the incredible amount of firepower it absorbed during the game!  it stood up the Stormhawk, survived and went on to pester my forces until it was eventually dealt with. It was very tough to kill! His Autarch on Jetbike (Griffin) was probably the 2nd place contender.

And that's a wrap, the Water Bowl of Freki has been recovered, and the Space Wolves have a prisoner! Will the Eldar attempt a rescue?

Saturday, June 29, 2019

I Bring You Fire (Part 1)

I bring you FIRE!...The sticky kind.

As stated in I've Come For-Reaping Part 1, the next of my Aspect Warrior groups to receive my attention are my Fire Dragons. If you didn't read that post I will sum up for you what's going on and why my Craftworld Eldar (Aeldari) are getting so much attention: in short Da Masta Cheef and I decided to have another grudge match battle featuring his Eldar and my Space Wolves. But he doesn't have as many Eldar as he used too, so I am helping out by filling in the gaps from my collection. Should be fun. But I want to get these models at least semi-painted before then.

Today's focus are the Fire Dragons.

Feeling primal.

I only recently bought these Fire Dragons, used, from eBay. Accept for the Exarch. I have owned him for about 20 years and he sat in that blister pack until I started this project. I have always loved these sculpts and greatly lamented the late '90s redesign. But for whatever reason I just never had a set of my own. I have painted these models before; I painted a squad of ten models for Dr. TSG  back in the '90s. I painted them close too, or inspired by, an example from the 2nd Edition era Eldar Codex. There is not-so-good pic below of this scheme but I think you'll get the gist.

Example for 2nd Ed Codex: Eldar.
I looked at other examples, even going to far back as White Dwarf #127 to look at the original paint schemes, but I wasn't satisfied with those (Magenta armor...really?). I think I will attempt to, once again, use the 2nd edition scheme. But, instead of yellow helmets, do them with the Ynnari colored helmets like I did on the Reapers. Oh, and there are suggestions for back banners again!

Color scheme examples from WD #127.

In the latest batch of eBay winnings was a single model that was already painted. I intend to just paint over this as it seems to be a thin coat. I will likely do this model last. But I did go ahead and glue grit to his base as well as the others.

Yellow and purple, a scheme for villainy. 
The helmets are base coated in Khorne Red like the Dark Reapers were. For the primary base color I am using an Orange from the old Epic Battle paint set from the '90s called Fire Orange. Those sets couldn't be bothered to actually put labels on the paints so you had to learn what was what from the box. It's a bit darker than Fiery Orange which came out a few years later. Painting Fire Orange straight onto the white really kicks up the intensity of the colors!

Fire Orange and Khorne Red base coats.
Next I painted on Chaos black in a few strategic spots, but this was more to get them on to the table. Note in the pic below the lighting has altered how the orange looks in the photo, in reality it looks more like the one above.

Abaddon Black actually. 

These are FAR from done, but unlike the Dark Reapers I won't be able to just zip through these, so definitely expect a part 2 or 3 for these guys.