Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Repairing the casualties

Casualties have occurred during my move. You might've seen the state of my Dakkajet at the end of the last post. That's one of the casualties.

The other major (that I am aware of) damaging event occurred when I dropped a block of battle foam and Skippy the Bloodthirster attempted to use his pewter wings to fly. The resulting impact saw him quickly disassemble all over the hard floor!

Silly Daemon, gravity is not your friend!

Luckily he separated at the joins and was rather easy to reassemble. And thankfully, his paint job wasn't damaged either.

"Thank you! Thank you! Yes, I'm happy to be here!"

"Now if I can just convince Neverness to use me in a game..."
 As you can see in the background, I fixed the Dakkajet as well...

However, after re-cutting the case I ran into a similar problem with those tail wings wanting to snap off, so I decided to just lower them, and I decided this configuration looked more sleek to me, which is what a rip-roaring fighta jet ought to look like, yes?

I am determined now to simply finish this model, so look for future updates on this.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Deconstructing the man-cave

I am in the middle of moving, so all hobby activities are at a stand still. More accurately, the hobbies have all been packed up and put away. The first stages of my move was cutting out the protective foam for my Orc & Goblin army's carry-case. Something I regret that I didn't do sooner. As organized as I like to think I am, this move has taught me that I need to be better at it.

The first thing I tackled was the main painting station (the 2nd painting station (which was always intended to be temporary) in the living room was disassembled while the Orcs & Gobos were put up.

The main painting station. 

To the left, a bin full of hobby supplies

The stool next to my comfy painting chair, with unbuilt Space Wolves under it.

The stack of models I acquired from my Brother
 In the man-cave is a closet that is stuff full of unassembled models. It really is a shrine to geekdom, and a museum of GW products. Some of these I broke down and condensed, and I will probably do it again after the move. All of those Star Wars and D&D boxes were emptied out and the minis dumped into a box, again, for space reasons.  
The plastic shelf in the closet

The wire shelves in the closet. 

The other wire shelf in the closest. The white boxes are blister packs
 As you can see I have a lot to move! 25 years of being in this hobby, and I rarely trade or sell off stuff, has caused me to acquire quite a bit. And yet I want more? What's in this stuff to make it so addictive?!

The books and boxed sets. 
 The bit bins above my painting station took some thinking. I have moved these things in my previous career, and if you don't secure them right, the drawers will open or stuff will fall out of the back of them. I went through these this past Friday night (stayed up until 3am) bagging all of the bits in snack bags. The next morning my dear friend Redbird came over and plastic wrapped up the bins for added security. That Redbird sure is swell!
Wrapped up and ready to move!
 After a day of solid packing, here is the paint station:
Yes, I forgot the surface was a marbled gray...

The bonus lesson here was allowing my Dad to pack my Orc Fighta Bomba into a Walmart gun case that I had on hand....

....the road to heck is paved with good intentions! LOL, it's all good though, as the model wasn't finished yet and I can easily reassemble it.

This move is well underway, eventually I will show you the next incarnation of the man-cave.

'Til eventually!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Maybe the Carnifex ate your baby?"

-Baby Land Raider that is!

OK, I can finally chronicle for you the first (and so far only) game I've been able to play against the new Tryanid codex. You know, the one that's supposed to be worthless due to all the nerfing, gutting and over-zealous power reduction? This was Warfrog's first run with it as well, and we were itching to see what they would do. Warfrog has been playing 'nids since the 2nd edition Codex, and so knows them inside and out, but he wasn't too keen on having to adhere so sternly to the synapse range again. Never-the-less, we threw together what we thought were good 1750 point lists and decided to see what would happen.

I have always wanted to play a classic and fluffy Ultramarines vs. Tyranids game, and the new Space Marine Codex felt like it would lend itself well to this, especially now that the ridiculous "win button" choices have been ether eliminated or had their power reduced in the new 'nids book. Or so the internet would have us non-bug players think.
All quite on the Western Flank, as a Tac Squad splits into two battle squads before deployment.

I must disclaim here that it has been close to a month (February 1st and the wee hours of the 2nd) since this game was played  and I have simply been too extremely busy to post this, so what will follow will really be an over-view explaining the pics more so than giving a detailed play-by-play that I typically give, but still, I think this will be a better "battle-report" than that lame excuse that was in Warhammer Visions a few weeks ago... (and yes, that rant is forthcoming!)

As fate would have it, we rolled 'Purge the Alien' for the mission, and let's face it, is there a better mission to flex the proverbial muscles of a new codex against? Well I set-up first, and I will state now, I will pull no punches against myself here, that this was my biggest tactical blunder of this game. I deployed by stretching my army rather thinly against the length of my deployment zone, and since we were playing long-edge vs. long-edge, this would greatly limit by ability to focus fire on specific units. I guess where I am very used to playing objective games that I have come to instinctively set up like I need to go somewhere.

Sternguard deploy in the "woods". 
 Due to the terrain being unpainted, as well as the bugs, the majority of these pics will be in blank and white. Personally I think these models look great in black and white, and look a lot less like toys and tad bit more "real" if you know what I mean.

The center field, another tac squad has been split into two battle squads. 

I did take the occassional color pic so you can pick certain details. In this next set-up shot you'll notice some green patches which we use as area terrain for "woods". Warfrog and I discussed the pros and cons of this during the game, particularly in regards to true-line-of-sight, as having a physical woods there would greatly inhibit target selection. Regardless, this worked for us, it worked as we know that shooting through it would provide a 5+ cover and that moving through it would require a best-out-of 2d6 roll (except that most of his army ignores this restriction).

Both armies deploy

The bugs battle line
The first round had night-fighting in effect and with two Venomthropes also present ment that the nids had some serious cover saves. I think I might've  killed a few Termigants, but the Tervigon quickly replenished them.

On the Tyranid turn one however, we got to see how the Biovore, along with the barrage rules, work in the new rules. The next pic shows what's left of a 5 man combat squad after feeling the love from that attack. We were both impressed with this, and it's been a long time since either of us have seen these kind of results from the Biovore (probably not since early 3rd ed?). The new spore mines are a bit of a pain to have to deal with as well.

"Hey kids, do you like balloons?"
Most of my army stayed still, to maximize fire power. However, my thin deployment strategy was hampering my army's ability to concentrate fire, and those Venomthropes were making my efforts to clear out the little bugs very difficult. I did manage to take a wound off of the Hive Tyrant though, and put a few on the Carnifex brood.
Rolling up, albeit reluctantly...
On Turn 2 the Legion of the Damned arrived, however they scattered very far away from their target. I was still within range of the Venonthrope I wanted dead, and with their Ignores Cover bolters they eliminated him quite spectacularly giving me the First Blood Secondary Objective. The Hivemind wasn't pleased with this new nuisance.

"You're Legion of the Damned like candles watch them burn
Burning in the light you'll burn again tonight"
So far I was pleased with the new rules for the LotD.

Now, I was really putting some precious Faberge Eggs into my proverbial Easter Basket, and I really wanted to get them into combat. So, I jumped the Combat Squad with Chaplin Cassius out of the Land Raider and put them into the ruins. The only reason to do that was to slow down the inevitable Tyranid assault, as all the stormshields in this unit made the cover irrelevant. So they jumped out and missed almost every shot that they fired. And, despite those cute combat doctrine tokens I made awhile back, I still manged to forget to reroll my misses with this unit!
"Hi there,"
The Hive Tyrant moved up, it looked like we were going to have an epic showdown, until the Carnifex Brood walked up with their pair of twin-linked devourers...

Blasting the whole unit away and in conjunction with the Hive Tyrant's Psychic Scream leaving only the Chaplin left with a single wound!

Of course the Hive Tyrant charged Chaplin Cassius, and I got to discover just how badly nerfed the Crozius Arcanum has become since the last time I ever used one. Needless to say, it was a rather disappointing showing for this guy's first game, but sometimes the dice gods say "NO" and choose instead to feed a Hive Tryant. The Warlord Secondary Objective goes to the Nids. Oh, and the Hive Tyrant regenerated the one wound I have given around this time too.

On the next turn, I backed up the Land Raider as I was too close to make use of my full fire power. I believe however that all I accomplished was giving a Carnifex another wound, but not enough to eliminate one from the game.
"We shall know no fear, we shall know no fear, weshallknownofear, WESHALLKNOWNOFEAR!!!" 
The Hive Mind chose to pig-pile the LotD with about 30 Termigants, with the Tervigon producing another squad to back it up in case the LotD managed to prevail. They did win the combat, but being within synapse range prevented the 'gaunts from doing anything put piling in deeper. (Suddenly, I missed the 5th ed "fearless saves" rule! LOL).
The squad of 10 was slowly being whittled down.
The Carnifex Brood caught the Land Raider, and blew it up. Amazingly, the resulting explosion killed the wounded one.
Imagine lots of smoke, fire and Land Raider bits in that crater.
The hive tyrant paid a visit to the far left combat squads, both of which had been horrible reduced by biovore attacks.
A heroic showdown, 
My Sternguard had spent the whole game so far in the cover of a woods with the Librarian, mostly tearing up a squad of Hiveguard, but when things finely got within range of his psychic powers, I rolled a double-6, and immediately wounded the Librarian! I assumed he was thoroughly pissed off for loosing his Warlord status, as when I activated him, he didn't want to cooperate! LOL!

"Screw you, I'm not playing!"

Meanwhile, the melee continues in a whirlwind of bug parts and black armor.
In a suicidal effort I had a combat squad dash out from cover and wipe out a Termigant brood.
And I even remembered my Combat Doctrine this time!
And suddenly, the defense collapses, and the Legion of the Damned's invulnerable 3+ armor save fails, bringing an end to their incursion. On the other side of the table, the Sternguard also collapsed to the swarm, as well as the Librarian, who managed to live long enough to fight two Close Combat rounds before dying. In his last melee, he decided to actually halfheartedly fight and kill a gaunt, but jeez, what a waste of points he was in this game!
"Now he's standing on his last step, he thought oblivion well it beckons us all"
Well, the Librarian fell, and the Hive Tyrant took the Whirlwind as a consolation prize, which he spent the last round dismantling it.
"My rape-wig doesn't look right on this tank..."
So I was completely tabled by the close of Turn 6. Warfrog of course, still thinks his new Codex is weak, to which I half-jokingly replied that it was because it took him 6 rounds to table me vs. the traditional 3 rounds. BTW, I think the last time I was tabled was also by Warfrog and with a totally different army  Regardless of the tabling we tallied up the VPs just to see how much I gave him: Nids 13, Ultras 3.

So, what did I learn from this game?

  • Tighten up my deployment, regardless of mission, while playing against the bugz. Otherwise their strength in numbers will reduce my ability to remove units. 
  • I need to play with Chaplin Cassius and his Combat Squad a bit more to really figure out what I am doing with him. Maybe leave him in the Land Raider until I want to assault? 
  • Perhaps double up on my whirlwinds or take a Devastator Squad. 
  • Not sure what I would do different with the Librarian, as it made sense to stick him where I did, it's just that the powers I pulled had such short range that his effectiveness was pretty much null. Maybe put him into the Combat squad as well? 
  • The Venomthropes, when used like this, are amazing. They need to be a high target priority and early in the game too. 
  • Carnifexes rock again, especially kitted up with two sets of twin-linked devourers.
  • Psychic Scream and it's soul-sucking power can be brutal if the dice are in the 'nids favor. 
  • My dice sometimes really hate me. (In fact I switched sets after the first round, and only got slightly better results). 

Fun game, and I was more impressed with the new Tryanid Codex than I thought I would be, at least this particular army build anyway. I'm sure we'll play again with other builds soon.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Feeling Khorney part 2

As promised last time in part one, I have started working on an Aspiring Champion and a Banner for my unit of Khorne Berserker World Eater marines. The Aspiring Champion is a metal mini straight from the pack with little modification with exception that he has a plasma pistol from the 2nd edition Space Marine weapons sprue that I have fit to a plastic arm which will have to be pinned for a more secure bound to the metal model.

There are probably a gazillion online tutorials on how to pin a model like this, but in these waning days of GW metal models (and I should also, joyfully declare, Finecast) I don't know how many of these kind of tips are out there anymore, and since I don't think I've ever truly done one, I figured I would make this post about getting a metal/plastic hybrid miniature up to at least base-coated standard (my way). 

The first thing I do when I get a model like this it to seek out the obvious flash, remove it and file it back. This is my least favorite part of the entire hobby to be honest with you, especially as I seem to pour a lot of time and effort into it only to take a pic of the model when it's finished to see a mold-line running across a surface that I somehow missed. It's frustrating but it is a necessary evil. 

When it comes to assembly I quickly recognize which areas will require pinning. Normally in the case of an arm like this, it's two flat surfaces that will be bound together, which is great because superglue loves flat surfaces! Next, pick out the spot you want to put the hole, grab your pin-vice and start screwing away! (No giggles from the peanut gallery please, this next bit is serious...) When working with some metal models I would caution you to be mindful of the shavings as they could be, or contain, lead! Next, add a dot of superglue to the hole once you're satisfied with the depth, and insert whatever you're using as a wire or rod, and clip it down to size ...but not too short. 

Rod has been trimmed!
On the next piece drill a corresponding hole. I will test the depth periodically as I go. 

Both pieces are ready.
 Now that I have it so that both pieces will touch each other and with a rod between them, we're ready for the superglue.
Armed and dangerous! 
 Now, I probably covered this before on this blog to some extent, especially on my terminator-basing-part 1 article, but again, I like to work on the base at this stage to avoid getting brown or whatever color paint on the finished model. Typically with GW models, the slot on the slotta base, which is a uniform size, is usually bigger than the slot/tab on the model. This can leave some seriously annoying holes on either side of the feet that will need to be somehow filled or covered. My solution is fairly straightforward: after I superglue the model to the base I simply place clear tape on the bottom of it, so that the holes now become reservoirs for the PVA glue (I use Elmers, my favorite flavor since Kindergarten!). I fill these holes with as much of the white goop as possible, you can never have too much! (...stop giggling! Jeez...)

Taped and full of glue!
The glue will shrink when dried, and sometimes you might want to add more glue on top of what you've already put in to avoid 'dips' in the final product. It is quite alright to get extra glue on top of the base, as you'll find that this will help disguise the slot of the slottabase even more so.

Also a cheep way to make ice I guess...
I then use the techniques that I discussed in the Terminating Basing posts (Part 2 featuring Sven Axegrinder), which to sum up is to coat the whole surface of the base with slightly watered-down PVA glue, dip in sand or grit, let it try then prime the model. This way I am painting the entire model as I proceed, as opposed to doing the base after the fact.

Based coated and ready for more!
I hope you enjoyed that, it felt like one of those old Blue Peter segments where someone who never cooks is showing you how to make a cake, but has a mixed-up mess he tosses into an oven only to reveal an immaculate "one we did earlier" example of the finished product (here's an example I recall from my youth)...only that I don't have one that I did earlier, except that one guy I showed in the last post! LOL

Now, hopefully by the next post I will get a bit more painting done, but my other, income-related, pursuits have been sucking up my hobby time.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Feeling Khorney part 1

As the "punny" title implies, I have been feeling the calling of Khorne, the Blood God, as of late. I guess it started sometime after playing Murl in a Chaos vs. Chaos match-up along with my satisfaction with the new Blood for the Blood God paint. So since then I have slowly been dabbling and tinkering with Chaos, and for reasons I can't narrow-down, Khorne in particular. In the aforementioned game, I didn't even use Khorne, in fact both Murl and I were totally impressed with the Great Unclean One and the Noise Marines in that game. But regardless, I'm answering to the Blood God's calling.

I discovered in the collection of models that I acquired from my brother about a year or so ago, a small force of World Eaters that he was starting to put together in the later days of 2nd Edition. In particular a dozen of the original plastic Khorne Berserkers. I actually prefer these over the skating/dancing Berserkers that came out in 3rd edition (got a box of them as well) despite their fairly static pose.

The paint scheme will be slightly varied from model to model, to sort of show the hodgepodge nature of what's left of the World Eaters in their post-Kharn paradigm. But for the most part, I will base them off of the one model from this unit that I finished about 10 years ago. Yes, it is a very 2nd edition flavor with the bright red and green contrasting straps, but I have always been satisfied with this scheme ever since I first saw it in an issue of White Dwarf (circa '92. It had the Blood Slaughter of Khrone in it. Who remembers that thing?).

I have them all base-coated in Scab Red, and a quarter of them have been brought up to the next level with ruby red, which you can see in the first two pics. The next coat is going to be Blood Red which is only slightly more intense than the Ruby Red, only that it has a bit more of a warmer tone to it to give it a slight of an orange-ish vibe. Not that this will help anyone trying to copy this scheme, as those colors have long since been discontinued...

Base coated on the left, finished on the right. 
 Also, just to add a bit more diversity, some of them have grenades added to their belts, and at least two have skulls on chains that I took from the dancing berserker set. Two guys have new right arms added with plasma guns. I figured that should kick ass a bit in the game, or they'll immolate themselves in plasma as only a spirited berserker should!

Part of the berserker assembly line.
Also under construction is a banner holder for this unit as well as an Aspiring Champion, but I'll show you that in the next post on this subject.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Challenge made, challenge accepted!

Challenge made, challenge accepted! Da Masta Cheef and Amy accepted a challenge by my Orks for a rare Friday night 40K brawl.

The Orks aim their Space Hulk at the peaceful Maiden World of Velveeta VII and plunge straight for the heart of the derelict imperial outpost to rip it from the protective embrace of the Eldar Exodites. However the Eldar, with the assistance of their Tau allies, weren't about to let Orks take their sacred ground without a fight, which of course, is music to the ears of the Orks. 

We rolled for the corner deployment zones and the scenario was Big Guns Never Tire. Four Objectives were placed, with one in each Deployment zone and the other two in 'no man's land'.

The battlefield. 

Ork deployment

The Gobsmasha contains Mad Dok Grotsnik and his Burna Boyz. 

Eldar/Tau (Taudar as the 'net says we should call this union) Deployment. 

Two Broadsides overlook the battlefield and the Eldar Exodites. 
 Turn one
(Orks steal the initiative. Yes it is sort of ironic)

The Orks advance. 
 The first round of Ork shooting was largely unimpressive. The warbikes killed a ranger, the shokk attack gun killed a few models, as did the loota boyz, but nothing terribly significant happened. It was Night Fight for the first turn which proved to be highly beneficial to the Eldar.
A ranger dies from Warbike fire!
Taudar Turn 1

The Eldar wipe out the warbikes and the Tau Broadsides get a perfect shot on the Big Mek with the Shokk Attack gun, eliminating him from the game before he can cause any major havoc and giving the Eldar the First Blood Secondary Objective! Drats!

Orks Turn 2

Ouch! Reeling from the loss of my Bigmek, whom, upon reflection, I should've joined to the lootas, I proceeded to try to reverse this loss. Mad Dok Grotsnik leapt from the battlewagon with the burnas and completely annihilated a guardian squad.

There was a squad there...

The shoota boys tear up another guardian squad with shooting and force them to route.
It was a more satisfying round for the Orks, but by no means a game-changer.

Taudar Turn 2

The Shoota boyz are mostly shot to pieces by the Guardian, Harlequins, Tau, etc, that threw everything they had them, even a few insults and expletive phrases the likes of which could make a whole maiden world blush -but they aren't out of the fight yet!

Forces redeploy to deal with the Grotsnik/Burna threat. After weathering a great deal of shooting, thanks to the Cybork bodies and Feel No Pain, they would really be tested by their (and my!) first exposure to D-Sythes! Holy crap are these things NASTY!

Setting up for the kill...
The Wraithguard (appearing as Exodite Knights on Dragons) declared a charge but they lost a guy due to Overwatch, and then botched the charge roll! This left the Harlequin Solitare to charge by himself, which left him in a challenge with Mad Dok Grotsnik. Grotsnik survived the figth, but the Harlequin did not, but in his dying gasp he exploded almost taking taking Grotsnik with him! Thus the Secondary Objective Slay the Warlord was earned by the Orks!

"But before I die...." -BOOM!
Orks Turn 3

Rallied by that victory, Grotsnik and the Burnas chose to finish off the Dire Avengers, while the Deff Dread was working it's way up (it killed a Dire Avenger with a Scorcha). Having given up the other side of the field, I pulled what remained of the Shootas back to my area to try to bolster my force. My Killcannon scattered horribly and missed the broadsides, however the Lootas killed the one with the Railgun, forcing it's companion to flee off of the board! Perhaps the tide was turning?

This side is feeling a bit secure!
Eldar Turn 3
The eldar hold on to their second objective, while the rangers advance through the ruins, closer to the lootas that they hope to kill...

The Eldar advance through the ruins
The Shoota boyz lose even more of their number to the Harlequin and guardians, and Grotsnik and the burnas are finally destroyed by another round of the D-Sythes, making me realize that I should've targeted them rather than the Dire Avengers, but really, at that point it was really a matter of choosing my poison!

Orks Turn 4

The lootas, gobsmasha, and the big shootas from the choppa unit all contribute to the destruction of the Harlequin troupe. Desperate to rid myself of those annoying wraithdragon things, the deff dread declared a charge, only to be utter destroyed by the D3 hits that those 3 template weapons threw down! Seriously, those things are better on Overwatch than they are normally! I shiny crater is all that remained of the Deff Dread!
Eldar Turn 4.

The Eldar would practically shrug off this loss however (although Cheef was bummed by it!) And press on. Now the Lootas were starting to take some hits, and the Shootas were whittled down to just two models. The Gobbsmasha was stunned by the D-Sythes, and the Lootas would be pinned by a plasma missile!

Ork Turn 5. 

My shooting seemed useless as most of the Eldar made cover saves, or what losses they had were negligible. I ran the last two Shoota over to the objective that the Deff Dread was covering. With the gobbsmasha stunned and the Lootas only able to snapfire, my turn was over in a flash. It was looking quite grim...

Eldar Turn 5 

The Gobsmasha was stunned again, and was more or less useless. The lootas take more punishment, but are not pinned again, although their unit would have to be reformed.  One of the two fleeing shootas would be picked off, forcing the sole-survivor to flee for his life!

We rolled, the game ended!

Tallying the scores, the Orks had Warlord (1vp), a Heavy Support kill (1vp) and an objective (3vp) for a total of 5 victory points!

The Eldar/Tau had First Blood (1vp), Warlord (1vp), Line Breaker (1vp) and 2 objectives (6vps) for a whopping total of 9 vps!

Declaring the Eldar the official winner, and feeling that the last turn was bit anti-climatic, we decided to press on...

Unofficial Ork Turn 6

The lone shoota boy, somehow was bolstered by something and rolled a double one -Insane Courage!- thus rallying and getting back into the game, he moved over and took an unclaimed objective!

Insane Courage! Hey, it happens! (he's the red speck by the ruins at the top)
The orks tried to stop the approaching guardians but with the Lootas still pinned, and the Slugga Boyz reluctant to leave the objective, guardians armor was able to absorb any wounding firepower.

End of Ork turn 6.
Unofficial Eldar Turn 6

The Eldar chew into the Slugga Boyz, but only kill off a few of them

Thank Gork for cover saves.
The Wraith Guard Dragons easily get around the stunned Gobbsmasha to deliver the death blow to the ork tank, resulting in an awesome explosion. Due to our mission (Big Guns Never Tire) this would give the Taudar and additional VP, putting out totals up to 8vps Orks and 10vps for the Eldar and Tau.

The Gobbsmasha is smashed!
Unofficial Turn 7

The orc firepower doesn't amount to much, and the slugga boyz and guardians fail to get a charge against each other, so they remain holding onto the objective.

The dragons hunt down and destroy the last Shoota Boy.
The objective is lost as the Wraith Dragons destroy the last Shoota Boy!

But at least the gun platform died!

The dragons were getting fire support from another guardian squad that was holding an objective, but check out this cheesy configuration:

The lost art of Snaking.
Good to see the Exodites utilizing such long-forgotten tactics. (we all had a good chuckle over this).

So the game was stopped here.

The final tally ends up being Orks 5vp and Taudar 10vp.

Looking at it, it was just not possible for the Orcs to win a 'to the death" challenge at this point, but the score was acceptable (as opposed to 0 or 1), and I helped the Eldar out with their whole 'dying race' tagline. As far as tactics go (that I can't exclusively blame on dice) I should've held the Deff Dread back, however I know that if I had managed to connect to the dragons on a charge, it would've been over for them, but those D-Sythes are a game-changer for the unit, and I will have to watch out for them in future match-ups! And failing to have Mad Dok & the Burnas focus exclusively on the Wraithguard/dragons was a horrible mistake!

As I play with and learn more about this 6th edition Eldar Codex, I feel more and more that the Eldar deserve a new banner, one that hasn't been so proudly hailed since 2nd edition:

A maiden on her world. 
It would at least make a pleasant image to behold for my desperate troops as they rush headlong to their deaths!