Thursday, March 21, 2019

Stormsire's Cursebreakers (Part 2)

I finished Stormsire!

 Behold: Stormsire! 

I followed Duncan's tutorial fairly close, even going so far as to go down to the hobby shops and purchase some more (select) Citadel paints that I did not have. However there was a blue color that I missed and instead of putting off the completion of the model,  I chose to seek out an analog to it. My old, and rarely used, Lightning Blue seemed to do the trick rather well. It's a bit brighter than how the model in the tutorial turned out, but I like it!

Lightning Blue highlight.
The other deviation was not to paint the flame blue, but instead I painted it a vibrant green. And yes, I stole the idea from someone else after a Google search, but it looked too awesome to just not go with it.

The green flame.
And with that done, all I had left to do was mount him to his base, do a few more touch-ups, and he was finished!

Rear view the finished model.

Although I focused on Stormsire, his two companions are not too far behind him and are basecoated.

Basecoats on his pals.
Alright, here are some glamor shots:

Note that the tutorial on Warhammer TV doesn't show, suggest or even mention the holy water vial on his belt or the broken vials on his base. I painted mine using a blue and the Fang.

And that's it for Stormsire himself, on to the last two members if this team.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Krom (the Older) (Part 4)

Krom (the Older) is now done!

Toasting you a Happy Saint Patty's Day, Hero of Erie Prime. 

Before I was finished though, I had some details to tidy up. The first being the axe blade which is supposed to resemble ice. (I refuse to accept that it IS ice simply because...well, that's just stupid). Celestra Grey is the basecoat used for this.

Celestra Grey basecoat on the axe blade.
Next a glaze of Guilliman Blue...

Guilliman Blue Glaze.

...topped off with a dry brushing of White Scar.

White Scar highlight.
 Next came his company badge. There isn't a decal (as far as I know) of his Great Company's icon, so I took the Champions if Fenris decal and angled it so the snout was pointing up, colored the moon/circle with Averland Sunset, topped it off with a subtle glaze of Lamenters Yellow before refining the edges with The Fang.  I think it came out alright considering I pretty much just winged it...
The decal applied...

Great Company badge done. 

And after a few more details such as the gems, claws and spikes, he was done. So now it's time for his glamor shots. Enjoy!

"Show us that cape!"

"Yeah, whirl it around, give us that fierce eye!"

"Oooh yeah, brandish that sexy weapon!"

At the time of this writing, it is the morning of St. Patrick's Day, and it's also bright and sunny out, so I thought it would be fun to take him out for some natural lighting shots in the mossy areas of my backyard.

The shadows are deep this morning.

Claiming this world free of xenos filth! 

And that concludes this project, now back to the Intercessors...

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Stormsire's Cursebreakers (Part 1)

Recently I posted a (sorta) review on Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault. Since then I have been mustering stuff to play and run this game. And taking a break from painting Shadow Grey marines, I decided to try to tackle my first warband, Stormsire's Cursebreakers, from the Nightvault starter set. They seem easy enough. And after a viewing of Warhammer TV's tutorial, I was ready to get started. Following Duncan's lead I went ahead and started with Stormsire himself. Unlike the example in the video turtorial I did not fully assemble this model so that I could get to the details better.

Stormsire gets a Retributor Gold basecoat.
The bases were basecoated in Graphite but unlike the typical gray scheme I use, I think I am going to attempt something different that conforms more to the board art in the Nightvault game.

Basecoat with Craft Smart Graphite.

Apple Barrel Pewter Grey layer.
The Graphite and Pewter Grey stages are fairly standard step for me when I paint grey stones, but I deviated here by applying a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade. It's a blue shade, and being a 'cool color' it will alter the tone. I really liked the results, and the effects definitely give me a sense of cold stones.
Drakenhof Nightshade wash.
I next applied a slight layer of Pewter Grey with a highlight of Celestra Grey.

Pewter Grey layer with Celestra Grey highlight. 

I am quite pleased with how these bases have turned out. There are some leaves sculpted onto the base, which sort of baffled me as I thought
Nightvault was supposed to take place underground in the Glass City or whatever. But hey, leaves have a habit of getting blown damn near everywhere, so maybe that's the reasoning here. After looking online and through the October 2018 White Dwarf I confirmed that I was indeed looking at leaves but the examples were painted green. I decided to go with fallen leaves, and an autumnal look.

Autumn leaves.

I used Wild Rider Red as the base for the leaves and used Fiery Orange. Averland Sinset in various layers for the leaves and some of the leaves got a subtle was of either Waywatcher Green or Agrax Earthshade. The leaves looked varied and staggered and a bit more realistic as a result.

So that finished the bases. And since I spent all this time detailing the bases, I will post the progress on the actual warband in the next part.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Stormhawk Interceptor (Part 2)

I said at the end of Stormhawk Interceptor part-1 that it would be awhile before I would be able to give you an update on this one. Well, the stars aligned just right to allow me to make some progress on this thing.  It all started with a rare find. I was visiting a local gaming store (Dewaynes World) and came across this can of Shadow Gray Citadel Colour spray paint. I have sought this stuff out for years and simply never saw it there before.

Shadow Gray. In a can. 

The weather here in east Tennessee has simply sucked. Winter has been replaced with a season of mud, water and floods. But in the past two days, the sun as appeared to occasionally dry this place out just a little bit and I saw the opportunity to try out this spray paint.

Masked off with Artist's Tape. 

First though, I had to mask off the sections I wanted  to try to keep black. I used acid free Artist's Tape for this.

Shadow Gray freshly sprayed on. 

I had a really challenging time getting the spray paint to come out of the can at first, but when I finally did I was a little worried that the color may be too bright. Even layered over black like it is, it still seems bright.   But I suppose a lot of paints do this.

After a few hours of curing and no longer wet.

After letting it cure outside for a few hours I brought it in and removed the masking tape. The Artist's Tape did the job perfectly! The paint itself seems to have darker as it dried but not too much. I may have to hit the recesses with The Fang to deepen the color a bit more. We'll seen ok once I get around to the assembly stage...

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Krom (The Older) (Part 3)

To match that fiery temper! 

Continuing on from last time, what follows is the progression that I have so far made on this model.

Nuln oil over Khorne Red. 
Last time I left the Cape with a Nuln Oil wash. This was layered with Khorne Red, first with a thinned coat then a solid layer to create a better blending  transition.

Then, Fiery Orange was applied to the beard. It was so interesting that I, for a fleeting moment, almost left it like this.

Fiery Orange beards for the win! 

But I toned it done using Agrax Earthshade. This was lightly dry brushed over using Fiery Orange again.

Tempered by Agrax Earthshade.

The cape was layered up with Khorne Red over the dried Nuln Oil, then Mephiston Red was strategically applied on the highest contours.

Mephiston Red on the cape.

Go Fasta Red was the final highlight for the Cape. The fur was done very differently than how I typically like to paint wolf pelts as I wanted to add some diversity to my Space Wolves color palette.I basecoated the fur using Rakarth Flesh (...does anyone know what a Rakarth is?) then a wash of Reikland Flesgwash before dry brushing it with Averland Sunset. I think it came out fine.

Go Fasta Red on the Cape and the fur is done.

I did all the skulls and bones and the gold hights at this step also. But the most important element was to add a touch a gray to the beard. After all, he is "the older" right?

A touch of gray.

OK, that's it for this time, obviously he is almost done, just need to do the axe blades and few minor details. But the Great Company emblem on his left pauldron will likely be the biggest challenge in this next phase...

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Into the Nightvault.

Recently in early February of this year, I sat down for a tutorial of Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault. I'm not going to teach you How to play Nightvault as that link has someone far more appealing and capable than myself that has already done that work. But I will tell you what I thought of it:

I enjoyed the heck out of it!

Easy, yet complex enough to not seem too dumbed down or childish. It's like a Heroquest style game but without the maze and you clearly know who your opponent is going to be. But you don't know exactly what cards they have up their sleeve either and that's where a big part of the complexity comes in.

Each player chooses his board, which them combines with the other player(s) to make a bigger board. This matters due to the starting position and obstacles that are on the individual boards and factors deeply into the strategic play of this game. But the execution of playing your cards right. The Gambit cards in particular. These are Ploys or Spells that can effect you or your opponent and influence the outcome of the game. It all comes together in a fun, easy to learn, quick and competitive game.

I was impressed enough to get my own copy of the game the very next day. I have since began assembling these (surprisingly) complex pushfit models. The first warband I started to work on are the three models that comprise Stormsire's Cursebreakers. But I'll discuss more on those guys in a seperate thread if their own.

Stormcasts assembly begins.

I hope to get some friends who are outside of my usual gaming circle to play this with me.  My hope is that the small model count and boardgame aspect should be less intimidating to them. We'll see. Meanwhile I have been expanding a bit in hope that it does happen. I have picked up a few more Warbands, some extra dice, rulebooks and another board piece.

The expansion begins. 

...Damn, is this addicting!😮

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Terror Tactics

"An Extra Night of Gaming." That's what the event was called on our local Hobbytown FB page. It was this past Monday, and somehow the stars aligned themselves in such a way that I was able to participate.

Attempting to employ terror tactics. 
There were a few games being played when I arrived, but not long afterwards the Kill Team game ended and Josh agreed to play a game with me. We chose the Terror Tactics mission and selected our teams. Since they worked well last time I chose to run the exact same Kill Team of Dru...I mean Dark Eldar. Josh selected a team of Primaris Marines.
Dark Eldar Deployment.

Marine Deployment.
I managed to get the Initiative every round of this game! Really, it was the only time that my dice wanted to roll well, as the rest of this match felt like I was in contention with my dice as much as I was my opponent! It started off well with a segment of my force moving towards the board edge while still peppering the Space Marines with as many poisoned needles as possible. I missed a lot, or failed to wound, or the Marine made a save, or I didn't take him out of action when I did manage to hurt him. This made this match more challenging for me, that is for sure!

Dark Eldar advance on Turn 1. 
The first few rounds seemed to go fairly even handed, I kill a guy  he kills a guy, etc. We both our Leaders early on also. But by the 3rd Turn Josh was able to let the Primaris sink their teeth into my Kill Team and start tearing. My Wyches, who stole the show in their last match, were shockingly ineffective against the Primaris Marines in this game. The Comms Specialist and his synergistic benefits were amazing in this game, and this being my first time seeing it in action, I was impressed greatly by his performance.

The floundered charge. 
I had gotten about three models off this board via his deployment zone however the other victory condition was that if one of the teams broke, than the other team could win. Josh focused on achieving this victory condition. When his Reiver slaughtered my Kabalite Warrior Gunner (with the blaster) in an assault, I was left and the last Warrior was brought down by shooting, I had only the other Kabalite Warrior Gunner (with the Splinter Cannon) left on the board. He was in rough shape, and it was no surprise when he failed that test.

Don't fear the Reiver.

If this match taught me anything it was that mastery of the CP system is key to Kill Team. I was poorly suited for this in this match as I am still unfamiliar with my options, while Josh used his with strategic cunning and was able to undermine my most clever strategies. My best use of the Stratagems did get my Wyche Fighter out of a bad situation and able her to escape, but that was more out of desperation on my part than any sort of strategy!

"This sector is secured!"

Thanks for a good game Josh, we'll meet again! Really, if the game had ended on Turn 5 instead of my dice willing the game to continue for another round, I would have won! But that extra round was all the Space Marines needed to rally and take the day! I had fun, in spite of my frustration with my die rolls and with the mechanics of the game in general. After decades of the 'I go U go' system, this version of 'I move, now you move', although refreshing, is hard for this old beard to adapt too. I guess I just need to play more, right?

Some of the other games that took place that night were awesome to observe. Josh, fresh from his win against me, took on a Desthguard army. It was a good example of how undeveloped an all Primaris army currently is as far ass support options go. Take a look at all those heavy support and vehicles on the Death Guard side vs. the Space Marine side. I left before it ended, and forgot to take a 2nd pic, but it was brutal clash with Josh's marines hitting with everything they had!

Primaris vs. Deathguard.
The other big game was between The Bob and Matt. Matt used his Genestealer Cult with Imperial Guard Allies and Bob brought his Ulthwe Craftworlds Eldar. It was a brutal match with devastating death tolls on both sides.

Cult corrupted Guard vs. Ulthwe Eldar.
It boiled down to the final fight for the objective. I think the Eldar won, but it was crazy close (so I could wrong?)! It was a fun game to watch. So I asked Bob who won and this is what he said:

"Matt did on objectives.
8-4 I think,
I had more models left but he had the only unit left that could score.
Fun game."

The final fight! 
Indeed, fun games all around, and I was glad I could participate!