Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Psychic phase?! We don't need no psychic phase!"

Had a game recently with Screech. It was a pick-up game, and only my 2nd 7th edition game and I was fearing I was going to face a psyker (at least one, right?). So, I figured I would try out a Culuxus Assassin to got along with my Ultramarines. When Screech and I decided to get a game going he gave me a choice between facing his Tyranid army or his Imperial Guard. Foolishly, I chose the IG. This was foolish of me because unlike the 'nids, there were no psykers to be found in his guard army.

LOL, and it all goes down hill from here!

Our table set up.

Ultramarines deployment.
The Imperial Guard (or Astra Millivanili) deploy.
After the usual mission selection, etc, I deployed first. It was a objectives mission, and I was poised to pounce on them and do as much damage as I could do my first turn. This "plan" was dashed when Screech rolled a '6' to steal initiative. And he managed to alpha-strike me into near oblivion! The two 6-man squads in the pic below were both reduced to 2 guys each, with the unit on the ground pulling back when they failed their break test. 

 On the other side of the table, my two 5-man squads were reduced down to 2 survivors each and my whirlwind was 'stunned', The whirlwind was a key element in my plan reduce his infantry numbers that were bunched together on the other side of the missile site.

But, I wasn't going to let Screech's awesome round, or my cardboard power armor, stop my assassin from having some fun, even if he didn't have any psykers to hunt down. Realizing his limited functionality, I dove him headlong into the nearest guard unit, where I managed to avoid being overwatched to death and took out a few of Screech's groundpounders.

"I'll blow your minds with my fists!!!"
 Turn two, and the punishment continued. My landraider scared a few of his tanks in the last round, but nothing that netted any lasting results. However the IG managed to immobilize my venerable tank and forced my Captain and his Command Section to bail out.

A unit of Scions arrived via Deep Strike and pasted one of my squads. The Assassin, who, despite his awesome stat-line, just botched it in the following assault phases before falling to the IG. It was really looking like the Ultramarines needed a new hope...

Impossible shots R us.
 And on my turn, the hope arrived.  My Terminators arrived via Deep Strike and slaughtered a squad that was hiding behind the tanks that were giving my Landraider hell. Most of the unit were set ablaze by the heavy flamer terminator (note the props in the pic below!).

A few more Imperial Guard were immolated by the sole survivor of one of the squads near the missile site. That Scions took some losses from the whirlwind and some fire from the Command Section and some of my straggling units. But it wasn't enough...

Top of Turn 3, and the might of the Imperial Guard rained death on my Terminators, and by some miracle, two guys lived!

On my turn, they charged the IG tanks, and I hope, nay, expected them to rip those fricking tanks to scrap, but they either failed to hit the damn things or they failed to penetrate them enough to take them out of the game.
"I thought you said these things opened like sardine cans?!"
 My end of my my turn 3, all I had left, except for those two hapless Terminators, are as they appeared below.

A functioning Dreadnought and my Captain and Command section. And not a lot of options.

We decided to call the game, and just for kicks we tallied the VPs: Ultramarines 4, IG 9. And it surprises me that I did that well! LOL

Mistakes? Well, the obvious one from the start was taking an army based around a psyker hunter and electing to fight the army least likely to have one! I think I should've been more aggressive with deploying the Captain and his unit, but other than that, there wasn't a whole lot I could do. I had sufficient cover, but his dice were hot and mine were not. It became a goal of trying to milk as much fun out of the situation as I could, so we did, and it was good time as always!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

PIAT team

While continuing to assemble my British Infantry units for Bolt Action, I decided to create a few support teams. This one in particular required a bit of research however, as I didn't know how the PIAT (Projector Infantry Anti-Tank) was held and fired in combat. Behold: Youtube.

I think it's obvious that the weapon can be fired from a laying down position, as shown effortlessly in this war-time propaganda clip . However I wanted to see evidence of it being held over the shoulder, as this seemed to be the only way to model it with this kit.

This clip from Weaponology truly explains how the thing worked, as well as explains the truth of the PIAT's battlefield effectiveness. (sorry old propaganda clip, you've been set straight!) Loading one of these things looks like a true pain in the ass, and I was tempted to convert this particular action on a model, but decided against it... after all there are a few ways to ready a PIAT.

What really convinced me to model this team the way I did however was this clip from the old war movie Theirs is the Glory. Arguably propaganda, like most of these old movies, but you got to let it go when faced with the pure warporn awesomeness of this scene. Dixon just strolls out, PIAT in one hand, ammo case in the other, and annihilates a Panzer like it was no more bothersome than checking the mail. I am utterly convinced that the chap who sculpted these models was a fan of this flick, right down to the details on the ammo case!

And finally, this is a great piece of reference Sons of Guns, as it firmly illustrates some of the problems that the PIAT was known for, although I question whether or not the explosions in this piece hasn't been augmented with the assistance of more flammable substances (gasoline in the old truck perhaps?). Check it out.

I am getting to the point now where soon I will work on the bases for my British Infantry, and then apply the primer before starting the challenging task of painting these blighters.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Runt, a Squig and a Gobo

Left to right: The Runt, the Squig and the Gobo
Pretty simple title to this post, as it was a pretty simple undertaking. While working on my Orcs, I came across these three models that were still just half painted, and with the way I have my painting station organized now, it's  a lot easier to focus on getting models like this done. So I dedicated myself to getting these 3 models completed. It also helped that there might've been a few snow days with little else to do.

 An ammo runt more specifically. This was the first model like this ever produced by GW, and he is exactly as the name implies: an overworked gun caddy. I am unsure what possessed me to single him our for a paint job back in the late spring of 2012, but on that day I based coated him along with a box set of Fenrisian Wolves whose paws you can spot in the pic below.
The day of base-coating: 6/3/2012
The boss
 I got him from Warfrog along with an assortment of random Rogue Trader era Orks he simply didn't have the time or patience to ebay off.  This model was sold in a blister along with an Ork Warboss (the tab simply says 'the boss') model. He was a big Ork back then, but not too terribly inspiring even back then. I do like that Marine helmet that his foot's on though. Anyway, the pic is included over on the right.

The backside, showing the ammo clips that are adding to his weight
I always thought the best part of this pair was the over worked gretchin, He's miserable in his unyielding loyalty to his cruel master, he carries on no matter how encumbered The Boss makes him. He has a chain dangling from his throat, perhaps used more as a leash than as a means to keep him in place. Seriously, GW, this little sculpt deserves to be in the 'Hall of Fame' that you do in White Dwarf. This model clearly inspired a line of Gretchin Assistants during Warhammer 40,000's 2nd edition, and carries on to this day as add-on bitz on select ork sprues. I feel this grot, out shines and out lasts the master he was sculpted to serve.

In fact just last week I used him in a game!
My finished paint job.

This is the attack squig that goes to the metal (currently "finecast") Ork Warlord. I removed him from my Warboss so I could convert a Power Klaw on to him. But I wasn't about to toss out the Squig! I was very careful at the time to slowly remove the attack squig. Eventually I attached him to a base and started dabbling on him some time in 2013. And now, with a bit of focus, he is done!

Say Awwww!

This single night goblin came free in White Dwarf when Warhammer Fantasy 7th edition came out. I painted him as a test model for the rest of my Goblin army. He painted up super quick (as far as actual time painting is concerned) and I like the results.

Night Goblin
 Here's hoping there is more to come on the Night Goblin front. The sheer number of them though is a bit daunting to say the least. Still, it's cool to have this one guy to lead the proverbial charge.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Did you remember to roll your 1?"

For the first time since last April, I got to play a game of Warhammer 40,000! I was able to arrange a game with Da Masta Cheef , Wolfy and the mysterious...JIM! We agreed to do a team game of 500 points each. With Da Masta Cheef and I both bringing Orks, while Wolfy would bring her Fem' FaTau in a (desperate) alliance with Jim's Space Marines.

Waaaargh! Ror-Ruk gather's a small force

Ror-Ruk's Ravagers
  • Ror Ruk (Ork Warboss) with a Power Klaw and an Ammo Runt
  • Painboy
  • Boyz Squad with Nob armed with a Powerklaw and a boy armed with a Big Shoota with a Trukk with a rokkit launcha
  • Boyz Squad with Nob armed with a Powerklaw and a boy armed with a Big Shoota with a Trukk with a rokkit launcha
  • Mek Gun with Kustom Mega Kannon and an Ammo Runt

Da Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun

Da Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun
  • Warboss with Da Lucky Stikk, eavy armor, and a big choppa
  • Painboy
  • Mek w/KMB
  • 17 slugga boyz, w/big shoota, Nob, & eavy armor for the whole squad
  • 10 grots and Runtherd
  • Looted wagon w/Kill Kannon and big shoota
  • Kannon w/ammo runt

The Fem Fa'Tau ...looking very fem indeed. 
The Fem Fa'Tau consisted of:

  • Darkstrider
  • Firewarrior team with Devilfish
  • Firewarrior team
  • Pathfinder Team with Pulse Accelerator Drone
  • Piranha

A gathering Dark Angels. Seen here tripping on hallucinogen gas. 
Dark Angels

  • Space Marine Captain with a Power Sword
  • Terminator Squad with just stormbolters
  • Marine Squad (5 man)
  • Marine Squad (5 man)
  • Ravenwing bikers (3)

Deployment: Kannon positioned defensively at the shrine, Trukk Boyz rev'n the engines!

As much as I would like to write about my thoughts on the army selection process, the current Ork Codex and 7th edition, I will post about that separately, as this report will be long enough.

We rolled 'Relic' for our mission, and the Orks deployed first.

Grots and 2nd Trukk with Warboss and boyz . 
The Eleet Grots deploy along with the Looted Wagon.

We went first, not much in the way of action, other than that we moved, fired a bunch of shots but didn't really do any significant damage that I recall. Other than the looted wagon rocking the heck out the Dark Angles that were laying low in the ruins of the far end of the table.

End of Ork turn 1. The Relic is that flag/banner thing next to the glowing orb on the right.

The Marines see the red Trukk through the windows, but fail to bring it down. 
The Ravenwing redirect, trying to avoid the trukk boyz. They take a hull point off of the red trukk. 
Around this time the grots get shot up really good by a Firewarrior team and route.

Turn 2

The grots rally,

Things get a bit vicious as the kannons open up and kill two of the Ravenwing bikers. A single biker remains.

The Looted Wagon scores a vicious blow on the marines as well, killing someone.

Deathwings. Now in Buffalo Sauce!
The last Ravenwing biker dies, and would've died well if when I fired my Mega Kannon my so called ally, Da Masta Cheef, didn't say, as a reminder of my 'Get Hot' rule, "Did you remember to roll your 1?" Which I then promptly did, negating my wonderful shot. *sigh*.

End of Ork turn 2
The Tau wreck the Ork Trukk!
"Time to slog it boyz!"
Turn 3
The Warboss and his boyz dismount. Ror Ruk had the Prophet of the Waargh! Warlord Trait, and I called it this turn. My boyz declared charges on the Devilfish, while the Orks of the Da Mountin Duvhsin charged the drones.

After the overwatch/snapfires, we still had a lot of orks left, and we successfully charges and destroyed our targets.

My other Boyz squad wanted revenged for their pretty trukk getting blown to hell, and declared a charge on the defended Tau, who promptly shoot and killed a few boyz before stepping back far enough to take them beyond my rolled charge range.

I hate the Tau. *sigh*.

"Oi! Come back!"
A moral victory, in the eyes of Da Masta Cheef anyway, occurred when he charged the deathwing with his Grots and tied them up in combat!

The grots were slaughtered! 

But Shultz! The Runtherd tied them up in combat with his Insane Courage!
Withstanding the withering hale of shooting, my ork boyz and the Ror Ruk managed to charge Darkstrider and her Fem Fa'Tau Firewarriors, and promptly murdered them all propa' like.
Challenges are still fun. 
Coming out to play, the 5 man squad of Dark Angel bashed through a wall and shot up a few of my orks. Seeing that the boss was taking care of the Tau, the Painboy redirected his boyz to deal with these Dark Angels, and they killed them down to final guy.

"Screw you xenos filth! I take you all down with my knife!"
The same thing occurred on the other side of the table, with the Space Marine Captain's unit being killed off and only he left standing in a ring of orks!

He's the green one with the sword. ;)
The Deathwing killed off Schultz! and were desperately moving in to assist their imperiled leader.

Turn 5
A unit of Pathfinders was making a run for the objective!

The field of battle at the top of Turn 5

Ror Ruk and Boyz kill off the Pathfinders. 
The Piranha makes a move to stop the grots from taking the banner!

I am unsure as to the fate of the Dark Angel Captain. He may have survived... oh yeah, I think I remember: the Ork Mob failed a morale test and killed themselves due to Mob Rules or something. I recall Da Cheef ranting about that around this point.

"I said stay back you filthy xenos!"
Meanwhile the Painboy and his boyz failed to kill the final marine, but the Powerklawed Nob splattered him good!
"I wonder if 'is helmet will fill up with blood and guts if I 'oldz him like dis?"
And at the end of Turn 5, the game ends.
We decided to call it a draw due to the secondary objectives, but it felt to me like another round and we might have managed to table or foes. it was possible, but with those terminators running around still, it's tough to say. And that Piranha just didn't want to die.

All-in-all, we had a good time!

Face down: Grots vs. Piranha. I appreciate their moxy, but I would bet on the Piranha.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Da Lead'a of Da Waaargh! (Part 3)

Grumlock and Gazbag. Finished model. 

Having been snowed in these past few days, it was actually easy to find a bit of hobby time. So much so that I have completed my big bad-ass Black Orc Warboss. I think I like 'Stompface' as a last name, but I am still working on a first name. Anyway, here are the the final steps:

Completion of the metallic parts of this massive axe. 
 This next pic shows the level I painted this up to prior to gluing on his axe. At this point I thought I was pretty much done.

 As you can see all bone bitz are now done, as are the countless metallic scratches and scuffs.

Rear shot. Gotta love the dwarf berserker trophies. 
Smile for the camera you defeated stunties!

And a close up of the model mostly done. Again, for those interested, the goblin flesh tone was finished by using Applebarrel Kiwi, with a final highlight of Sunburst Yellow. I couldn't tell you what the modern analogs are for these colors in the Citadel paint range.

As you can see, I thought it was done, but it needed...something.

Blood! He needs BLOOD!
 Yup, and I decided he needed it on his punch daggered fist! I like the idea of him wrenching his fist around in some defeated foe's guts. The Axe needed some blood as well, but just a little. After I painted the blood on, I just had to touch up one more thing, and that was the banding on the axe handle.

 And with that, he's done! This pic and the first pic show the completed model, complete with flock but minus the matte finish (it's too cold out to spray). Again, thanks to Edwin for gifting this model to me.

So, with him done, I was feeling inspired, and a tad bit mad with cabin-fever, so I pressed on with the Arrer Boyz for this army. Look for that post soon, but 'ere's a snippet to see what I'm up too!

"I didn't fink we 'ad da ball'istik  skill for dis kinda' fing"