Wednesday, September 09, 2020

The Death Guard Experiment

The first of the Rotten Many. 

All this "modern plague" couldn't keep my thoughts away from Papa Nurgle. So much so that I decided to finally paint a Deathguard miniature. The miniature of choice was one of a pair that was released as the first plastic Plague Marines way back in '96. These guys are virtually mono-posed (you can adjust the elevation of the gun arm, so technically their duo-posed I guess?) in that simple pushfit style that GW was pumping out in the early to mid '90s. Anyway, I have at least three of these boxed sets and I decided a few years back to finally do something with them. Since that point however the Deathguard were released as a range and they are not only amazingly more detailed but exceptionally bigger.

These two* Plague Marines had their bases extended using ring extenders, primed white, and... neglected for three years. I think my focused changed from Chaos back to Orks and Wolves or something as I haven't done too much modeling and painting since 8th edition launched. But, they are still fine when grouped up I think and a perfect canvas for conducting my painting experiments on.

Extended base with new basing grit.

Enter Contrast Paints. Particularly the Plaguebearer color.

Just Plaguebearer Contrast Paint.

I love this paint! I liked how this turned out to the point that I had an attitude of, "well this is done, isn't it?" in regards to the way the green armor turned out.

After setting it aside for a few months (everything above this paragraph was written in April, it's now September) I began tickering with it again. I lightly washed Agrax Earthshade into the groves to give the model a little more depth. I was still so pleased with that I almost left it at that, but desire to sate my curiosity to give this thing a bit more highlight was irresistible. I used Ogryn Camo to give this a highlight. It looks good, but I dunno, I think I like it the other way... I will probably do another one up to compare the two. Not that it matters since I think no two of the my Deathguard are going to look alike.

Highlight of Ogryn Camo. 
The guts were done using steps found in the Know No Fear book. Screaming Pink, a wash of Druchii Violet, a brushing of Pink Horror and a wash of Reikland Flesh shade. Pretty simple really, and it looks good when finished.

Red Metallic trim. 

Following the Know No Fear book's direction on painting Death Guard, I used Krieg Kaki for the final highlight. And,, suddenly I like the way it turned out! This was the kick I think it needed.

I always liked the red trim that the 'eavy Metal team used on the original Death Guard back in the Realm Of Chaos: Lost And The Damned era (circa 1989) but I also like the current look of painting the trims and spikes a copper/brass metallic color. I decided to go with a best of both worlds approach. What I did was paint Hashut Copper over the Ral Partha Copper Metallic base coat. I next applied a Red Ink over that, and presto, I now have an interesting red metal color.

And sticking to the tradition I started years ago based off of a joke from Archer, I had to make one of the wires blue with white stripes. Or white with blue stripes. Whatever.


I contemplated decals, but decided to hold off until I have at least a unit of these guys done. Finally I applied the grass tufts. I may seek out some tufts in red or orange colors just to add a bit more contrast to any more Death Guard I paint. And I do have a lot more to paint!

To sum up, this experiment was a success, even though it felt like it took ages for me to finish this one miniature. The Contrast paint was a huge boon as it allowed me skip a lot of stages. This was a successful experiment for sure and I am excited to finally work on an army that I started way back in 1994!

*For some reason I lost the photo that had the two miniatures side-by-side, but trust me there were two at this point. 

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

2020 Inquisitional Conclave - The Fashionably Late.

As noted at the end of the 2020 Inquisitional Conclave post, I decided to give those who are going to be late a grace period of a few days. One reason for this is way back when I first posted the idea of doing this challenge was that I did state a deadline of September 1st, however my work schedule made things difficult so I moved the deadline up a few days. But then I realized, and received messages also, that some folks might not have caught that deadline change. So no worries, we'll just let them be fashionably late. So let's see who is slipping in the door while the first presentation is starting off...

The first person to show up fashionably late was Inquisitor Greyfax. Things got a bit tense when the two Greyfax's were seated next to each other, but stranger things have happened....

Check out Rory's post for more details.

"What you mean you don't like my hat?"

...and sadly, that was the only one. Zzzzzz over at Devos4 has been communicating with me but he has had some complications. Perhaps his Inquisitor will gatecrash the Conclave at a later point? We shall see.

Alternate view of Oblivianna*

I haven't heard from anyone else so it's safe to say we can close the doors and let these Inquisitors get down to business.

Thanks to each and everyone who participated and who came to view our collection of Imperial fanatics, it was a lot of fun. What do you all say, shall we do it again next year?
Alternate view of Waaarghpug's** model.

Also, as a reminder for those who dig these paint/model challenges the big one, and my favorite one, is next month. I am talking about Dreadtober. Dreadtober is the annual challenge to paint a dreadnought, or dreadnought class (i.e. a Tyranod Carnifex), model by month's end. Not sure who is running it this year but I expect to hear some chatter by month's end.

Some git got started early! 

* See more at .
**See more at

Sunday, August 30, 2020

The 2020 Inquisitional Conclave

And the date has arrived and so have the Inquisitors of The Holy Order The Emperor's Inquistion. The three major Ordos*, Ordos Malleus, Hereticus and Xenos respectively, are all represented here today. Some have brought retinues, servants, serfs and servitors to accompany them and all seem to have brought a servo skull of some function or other which are all buzzing about. So let's tarry no longer and see (in no particular order) who are now taking to their seats...

Inquisitor Oblivianna and her retinue have mustered around at a spot closest to the buffet table. The Squat in her company is already suspected to have tinkered with the Food Servitors in an effort to accumulate larger food portions.

Guess who volunteered to work the grill?
The Inquisitors of the Ordo Bob are gathered in one section, they seem to be conducting a meeting of their own, no doubt discussing the machinations of their overlord, The Bob.

The Bob's Witch hunter.

The Bob's other Witch Hunter,

The Bob's Daemon Hunter**
The fighting portion of The Bob's Retinue.

The Adminstrative functionaries of The Bob's Retinue. 

Inquisitor Jorus Ryloth of the Ordo Xenos was seen speaking with Inquisitor Greyfax in regards to the "alien menace" and discussing some of his favorite methods for their disposal. (You can see more regarding him at 1st Legion Chronicles.

Speaking of Inquisitor Greyfax, Siph over at Weemen wrote to me:

"I hadn’t planned on doing an Inquisitor, but you made me do it. Meet Inquisitor Greyfax, with a slimmed down Condemner Boltgun, a sensible helmet (Skitarii Vanguard Alpha) and a less steampunk backpack exhaust..."

"The best photo award goes too..."

Lumbering into the room, ancient servos growning with each thudding step, strides Inquisitor Lord Hiser the Hisarion of the Ordo Malleus. He is followed by a servitor pushing a trolly loaded with dry rubbed spicy chicken legs (according to the Munitorum packaging). Upon sitting at the massive table the others all begin to take their seats as well knowing that business is finally about to be conducted...

Ordo Malleus Lord Inquisitor Hiser the Hisarion.

 And as I was finishing off this post  Waaarghpug slid in a literal photo finish with his Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus. And yes, I too think I like her better with hair.

Never intending to be late to the Conclave, it's always an impressive scene to arrive when everyone has already gathered***.

Minoxidil; it works! 
Also, honorable mention for Zzzzzz who was trying to get his model done on time, but just couldn't make it happen (again, check out *** below) so he sent me a link to a compilation list  of Inquisitors he has painted in the past for us to check out.

*The minor Ordos make quite an impressive list. They are compiled, along with the history of the Inquistion, at this wiki

**I think any way, maybe he is just a generic Inquistior?

***Not quite fashionably late, but YOU have that chance to be just that. If you started a model but just couldn't make the deadline, that's OK, you have until September 1st to email me your "fashionably late" entry! 

Friday, August 28, 2020

Ordo Malleus Terminator (Part 3)

Lord Inquisitor Hiser the Hisarion. 

After a grueling 12 days straight working approximately 90 hours, I was finally able to get back to this guy.

The psychic rod was based using an Ral Partha Bronze paint. After twenty years that paint is still one of my favorite paints to break out for under coating golds .

I used Agrax Earhshade wash all over the reds to tone it down before painting over that with Mephiston Red.

Go Fasta Red was the primary highlight color on the armor with the original Blood Angel Orange (yes, Blood Angels used to highligbted with orange 30 years ago) as the final highlight.

In a mad frenzy I jammed out the rest of this model to a level where I could declare him to be done!

I drew the 'I' on his cowel and the word 'ORDO' on his right shoulder using a Micron. The first attempt of the 'I' turned out crooked (above pic) so I fixed that. 

I notice the big horned skulls  have a leering expression that reminds me a bit of the early Eddie artwork featured on the '80's era Iron Maiden LPs. The GW design studio in the later years of the Ansel era  had a real metal vibe going on and it often crossed over into the miniatures. They even had a gun totting skeleton that was clearly inspired by a Megadeth album cover.

The right shoulder has clearly been left blank so that a badge, icon or art could be put there but I am stumped on what to do there. I like it as is so for now that's how it shall remain.

And he is done, and ready to join his fellows at this year's Conclave. I even came up with a name for this model, Hiser the Hisarion, a homage to an old friend from around that time. I don't have a snazzy back story at this time, but maybe one will evolve in time.

But before I conclude this, I wanted to share sn example of the size-creep that has occurred with the terminator miniatures over the past 30 years. The design hasn't changed much, but the scale has for sure!

"What I lack in height I make up in power!"

Remember, I need your final Inquisitor pics and links Sunday evening (my time, which is Eastern Standard Time) if you want them to be featured  in the final Conclave post next week. Send them to 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

2020 Inquisitional Conclave - One Week Left.

Greetings! As the title states there is about a
week left before the Inquisitors settle into their meeting chamber, seal the door and begin their conclave. Emperor know what they'll talk about when they do...

A brief recap: what's going on here is a painting challenge for August 2020 to simply paint an Inquisitor. Some folks are doing more than one and some are also including retinues. Over the past week or so some participants have sent me updates.

Da Masta Cheef finished his mini and stated the following: "Sorry for the delay, Oblivi’Anna is complete. Will try to work on her retinue this week. The helmet on her base is in the colors of the Red Corsairs."

It's interesting because Cheef has owned at least two Red Corsair forces since I have known him. Maybe three?

Oblivi’Anna, looking rad as Hell itself. 

Jorus Ryloth, Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos was sent in by Jon at 1stlegionchronicles.  I'm digging how this miniature has turned out.

Thebob sent me his update with the following text: "Not a lot of progress made yet unfortunately. I'm planning on doing more on her in the coming week. Have to decide some color choices still too".

For myself, well, I'm getting there!

So excited he can't keep himself together! 

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Ordo Malleus Terminator (Part 2)

Work in progress.

Progress from part-1 has been slow, but there has been progress nevertheless!

First off, I got the model primed last week. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but the overly wet season, here in the mountains, has made finding the optimal conditions for priming a bit challenging.

I found a very inspiring pic online of a WIP of a Blood Angel Executioner that I feel in love with, so I went with those colors. I posted that inspiring pic on the Neverness Hobbies Facebook Group but decided not to post it here as I don't know who to properly credit. Regardless of all that, red is the color I am running with.


The base coat for this red is Khorne Red. My thinking for the next stage is to wash the reds in a thinned Brown or Chestnut Ink, then reapply Khorne Red and build up the colors from there.

Dude, just ignore those guys in the background, they're jerks!

So, yeah, not much progress, but progress all the same!

Those of you participating in the challenge, please send me your updates when you can. Thanks again!

Sunday, August 09, 2020

2020 Inquistional Clonclave Week 2

We are well on our way into the 2nd week of the gathering of Inquisitors. Last week we saw a few mighty vessels translate into realspace, each baring a transponder code of a unique Inquisitorial Roseette declaring their master's arrival and confirming their seat at the 2020 Inquisitional Conclave. To see those Inquisitors I refer you to last week's post.

I only got a few updates this week, so here they are:

Jon at 1st Legion Chronicles sent me an update. So far I really like the colors here a d I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

Da Masta Cheef has been busy on his Inquisitor. I think we know who will be working the grill that evening...

The mightly Waaarghpug has thrown down the gauntlet and has declared that he will be doing a conversion of Lord Inquisitor
Kyra Draxus. It sounds like this could be a cool conversion in the end so I am looking forward to seeing the results.

Meanwhile, my guy has finally made it to the priming stage...

It looks like that's all the updates I got. If I missed any please make me aware by either commenting below, emailing me at or post on the Neverness Hobbies group on Facebook.