Thursday, October 09, 2014

Da Lead'a of da waaagh!

Work in progress of Da Boss.

This is the leader of my fantasy orcs, who is actually the Grumlok and Gazbag model that game with the Warhammer Online box many years ago. I  had a horrible time trying to get my hands on one of these models last year, even having one I bought on ebay become lost in shipping (long story, but the seller was great to work with). Hearing of my woes, Edwin kindly hooked me up with the model! I am still in awe of his kind gesture! Thanks again Edwin.

The model was tad bit damaged, the goblin shaman's sickle was missing, so I figured I would play up the witch-doctor vibe a bit more and give him a big skull rattle.

Or is it a skull Popsicle? 
The pic at the top of this post is the state that I got the model up too right before that big move I made back in the early Spring of this year. Tonight I did some more work on him. I chose to make him a black ork, and I imagined that the color he was at in that top pic was about as bright or a green as I was going to take the flesh up too, but I just wanted to see more definition, so I went ahead and added some Bilious Green highlights anyway.

Bilious Green highlights on the orc flesh. 
 And I decided to pop his axe off so I could get to more details.

Well, I wanted to darken his flesh back down, so I washed his flesh with some black ink.

Now with black ink. 
 I thought his skin now looked too much like he just finished working on a trukk in a garage or something, and decided to do another wash but with some green ink added to the mix.

And this is where I leave him for now for time reasons but also so I can brood on whether I actually like this look for his skin or not. And brainstorm on what the name for this guy is going to be! I had a name, but I just don't recall it!