Thursday, October 11, 2018

Intercessors of Fenris (Part 1)

Greetings! Recently I split a boxed set of Tooth and Claw with Doctor TSG taking the Space Wolf half. I originally wasn't going to incorporate the Primaris into my aging Space Wolves force, having decided a year ago to use them with my Ultramarines instead. But the decision to split a set ot Tooth and Claw, and the release of the 8th Edition Space Wolves Codex have changed my mind. I like the fluff aspects of them being reluctantly accepted into the Space Wolf ranks and the majority of them traveling to Fenris to take the Test of Morkai to prove their worthiness. So despite the fact they are not true Fenrisians, it is cool that they are embracing the styles and customs in an effort to assimilate properly into the Space Wolf ranks.

The gathering.
 I really enjoyed building these guys. Despite their limited options, I was taken back by how advanced the multipart Intercessors kit is. The squad leader has a lot of arm choices especially.

Spuad Leader.
 My favorite guy is probably the auxiliary grenade launcher. His pose seems to me to be the most aggressive. Also, it is nice to see the auxiliary grenade launcher return after all this time.

 This guy came out good too. I think this is a Mordheim head from the old Mordheim boxed set. Regardless, I think it looks good. This Intercessor has fully embraced the Fenrisian style.

This guy is the most standard looking one of the group.  I call him Steve. I chose to arm these guys with standard Bolt Rifles as they seem to be the most versatile option. I really like the other two options and If I get more of these guys I might make some with those options.

This guy was tricky to assemble but ultimately I sm satisfied with the results.

To make them easier to paint I am leaving their backpacks off for now.

I added some bitz from the Space Wolf Primaris Upgrade sprue. The leader of this pack has gotten the bulk of the goodies.

Extra heads are nice for an assortment of different things and since my first RTB01 marines back in '89, I like to put a helm on the belt of the bare-headed marines. Too often you'll see Space Wolves modelled or depicted in art without their helmets and I marvel at the wreckless and vain nature of this practice.

That is it for now, weather and time permitting, I hope to get these guys into the painting queue soon.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Dreadtober Blood Axe Dreadnought (Part 3)

The month Is still young and I have made more progress on this thing. Remember, the spirit behind the Dreadtober event is to try to get at least one Dreadnought (or Dreadnought sized/class) model fully painted in the month of October. Here is it's current state, followed by the steps that got it this level:

Current stage. 
Moving on from the previous post, I picked out some areas in black that will likely be painted in a metallic color. I also went hog wild on the base, almost finishing it.

Black basecoats and a mostly painted base.
 Next I decided to darken the recesses and grooves by applying some ink. I mixed a classic Citadal Green ink with black Game Color Wash, with another dot of yellow. The result didn't turn out the way I though it would however. I wasn't sure quite why. And since it was still wet, and colors can look distorted while still wet, I decided to sleep on it and check how it turned out in the morning.

Dark green ink...
 Looking at it in the morning, it was apparent to me that had unintentionally performed an amateurish faux pa so grievous that could lose my art certifications: I highlighted the lowlights and lowlighted the highlights!!!

Luckily I immediately determined the solution. I went over these areas again using Agrax Earthshade. And wow, and I am super pleased that I did! This really kicks up the Olive Drab while also giving a dirty/rusty/worn vibe to the whole thing.

Agrax Earthshade to the rescue.
And this is where we are at currently, we will see where it is at come the weekend or next week. I say that because I have a careeer change occurring this week that may challenge my hobby time.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Dreadtober Blood Axe Dread (Part 2)

Dreadtober  continues! 

The Jolly Green Dread.
As you can see, considerable progress has been made. Um, assuming one actually considers an Olive Drab spraypaint prime/basecoat progress. But as nutty as life has been lately, it's the best I could do.

 I tried to give it a good solid coat, but I am afraid I may have to blast on another layer as it isn't quite matching how I visualized it. Still, I am excited to finally start my quest to have a Blood Axe detachment like I discussed in Dreadtober Part-1.

Bird's eye view of the open hatch.

Note that, unlike last year's Dreanought, I have decided to not have the pilot visible on this one. Once I track down the hatch, I intend to seal it onto this one. Just to be diffrent I suppose. However I will paint the interior (somewhat) in case I change my mind. Also, I neglected to talk about this in Part 1: the las cannon is upside down on this Dread. This was done to allow the top arm to be able to swivel (yes,  the model is fixed, it can't actually swivel) without busting it off. And I also think it looks cool. But the real reason was because back in the 2nd edition (which was the current edition way back when I first assembled this) when the Ork Dreadnought was attacked, a table was randomly rolled on to determine which location on the Dreadnought was struck. It seemed I was always either loosing both my Klaws, or both of my shootas! Mixing this up seemed to help this thing survive a bit longer.

Basecoat of Real Brown on the base. 
A dark brown paint, specifically Folk Art Real Brown, was used for the base layer on the base.

Territorial Beige.

This was followed by Territorial Beige on the next layer. Curiously, those green rocks have given me some ideas for a Wood Elf project I want to do at some point. They remind me of mossy rocks, and that intrigues me for some reason. On this model however they will likely end up being painted in a grey scheme. 

And that was the extent of my progress on this model so far, hopefully I will get much further in the next installment...

Monday, October 01, 2018

Dreadtober Blood Axe Dreadnought (Part 1)

It's October, and it's time to celebrate two things: Ork (Orktober) and Dreadnoughts (Dreadtober). And just like last year's Dreadtober challenge , I am once again going to try to have a dreadnought fully painted before the month is over. Yes, this is the same miniature as last year, just with the arms positioned differently. I got them both as a set.

Rogue Trader era Dread #2.

This year's model however will not be painted as another Bad Moon dread as I originally envisioned it would be. No, this one will be a Blood Axe dread! The inspiration for this comes from the very first White Dwarf I ever owned: White Dwarf 119! One day I might do a top-to-bottom retrospective review of this issue, but for now I am just focused on the cover.

White Dwarf #119. 

The cover features an army of Blood Axes in the heat of battle while a mekboy works to get a Dreadnought operational again. It is an awesome painting and to my knowledge it has never been reprinted anywhere. I came across this issue again recently, and after taking it all in again, decided that I needed to paint a chunk of my Ork army in this scheme. But to start it off I wanted to paint my last unpainted Rogue Trader era dread like the one on the cover of #119.

Rocks added to the base.
I first had to address the base. Or rather dress it up actually. Unlike last year's model, where I used greenstuff to smooth out the topographical differential between the round and square base, I just glued a bunch of rocks down along the  edge where the two meet.

Grit glued on. 
I then used thinned PVA glue to apply the rocky grit to the base on the areas where the base was bare. And now the miniature is ready for painting. But we'll get into that in part 2!

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Dreadtober, head over to the Dreadtober blog to check it out and see what all those other participants are doing this month as well.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Terminator Basing (Part 3)

The crux.
Here is a project that had been pretty-much abandoned. We last featured these guys many years ago in Terminator Basing Part-1. (Part 2 featured Sven Axegrinder). Well, the recent Space Wolf Codex has me wanting to do some Space Wolf projects, or rather finish some. Also, I was thrilled/horrified to see how well thunderhammers perform in 8th ed, and wanted to get some of my own onto the battlefield. Reviewing my models, I came to the floss box that contains my Wolf Guard. They have somehow managed to accumulate paint over the years despite my never posting any blog posts about them, although none of them were ever finished. Indeed, they have come a long way since I first posted anything regarding them.

The slow march of progress....

I mentioned above being impressed by thunder hammers. This was not the first time that this has happened, and at one point roughly 10 years ago, I purchased an upgrade blister pack that contained five thunder hammers, stormshields, and Terminus Crux shoulder pads. They were some of the worst mold-line and flash infested metal miniatures I have ever bought from GW. And for whatever reason, I simply never moved on with the project. Until Now. Joshi Krakenbite will be the first bearer of a thunder hammer for the Wolf Guard of Sven Axegrinder.

Wolf Guard Joshi Krakenbite steps up! 
Recently while looking at all of the previous covers for the years worth of Codex: Space Wolf tomes, it struck me that the original one from 1993 (2nd Edition) is the only one with accurate colors on the armor. For the most part anyway. It is weird as the models pictured inside it were not all this dark, yet the ones in the current (2018) codex are, even though that book's cover depicts a Space Wolf painted in a non-Shadow Grey look. It is just a strange observation. But back to the '93 edition: I have always loved this cover. The model from that time has the exact heavy flamer, and sort of like I did for a recently inspired Goff ork I am going to attempt to paint that heavy flamer just like that!

Heavy Flamer snip from the '93 Codex: Space Wolves. 
And here it is so far! I Still need to add flame patterns onto the yellow band. Overall I think I got the colors pretty close.

Old school Heavy Flamer.
I tried use the newer colors that GW produces for the Space Wolves but they just aren't bright enough. Luckily I have enough old Space Wolves Grey to get these Wolf Guard painted but I do need to track more down at some point.

Space Wolf colora done, pending touch-ups. 
Unlike some older models, I have decided to paint the acquilla in metallics. I think I like this look, and it is less difficult to pull off than my previous preference.

Krakenbite's progress.

This guy is almost done, and I shall continue to work on him, and his brothers, before Dreadtober-2018 begins. So far I am really enjoying this trip back to Fenris...

Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Rain of Plasma

"Excuse me, Does this belong to one of you?"
This past weekend I made my way to Hobbytown for a game with the mighty Warfrog, but those plans fell through. So I picked up a game with Michael C, whom you may have seen in a recent battle report over on Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop, who was waiting for some hapless fool to challenge his Dark Angels. As luck would have it, I was now more than available to step up to the proverbial plate.

Hapless fools? Look no further! 

I was wanting to give my Chaos Daemons a go, however, despite my stated intentions earlier this year I have not given them the attention necessary to achieve those goals. So I decided to run them as an allied Detachment with a Chaos Space Marines Detachment. I used them in my first 8th Edition battle and wanted to give them another go. They didn't fair too well in that fight, however I was using the Index list and only the 3 core strategems vs. a proper codex army.

The DA staging ground.

Like some sort of ritual, Michael always sets his army up in this scenic display before every battle. And this beautifully painted army always looks briliant on it! This is what he brought to the battle and the next pic showcases his three HQ choices.


Here is Michael's discription of these guys: "The Battle Brothers Bruise. Librarian armed with force axe and storm shield. Warlord armed with thunderhammer and storm shield and wearing the Shroud of Heroes relic which always adds one to hit rolls against him. And the 3rd and final HQ choice is a Master armed with thunderhammer and storm shield and carrying the relic Eye of the Unseen which allows him to go first in every combat."

After selecting the mission, somehow I got to pick the deployment layout and I chose that we play short edge to short edge. Clearly I forgot what a disaster this was the last time I made this choice... I guess I like to challenge myself?

Chaos Deployment.
I opted not to bring the Daemons in via reinforcement points as that seemed like more to keep up with than I was presently prepared to do, and with most of my army being fairly fast I figured it wouldn't be too hard of a march to the otherside.
Dark Angel deployment.

The calm before the storm...
Turn One began with the Dark Angels going first. The Dark Angels concentrated on one group of Daemonettes, wiping it out, and the Devastators earned their name by nearly destroying the Vindicator. One lucky re-roll kept it in the game with 2 Wounds left! Meanwhile, my Landraider shrugged off the attacks that were fired at it. In retaliation my Landraider, the The Blood Dumpster, fired back, annihilating one of the Dark Angel Dreads and killing a Marine from a Tactical squad. Meanwhile the Vindicator, clanking around with a Movement rate of 3, limped around in the back field.

End of Turn One
Turn 2 is when everything hits the fan. Michael kicks things off by parking the Drop Pod next to the objective that I had left virtually abandoned in my Deployment Zone. He brought his speeder around to use as bait for the Daemon Prince (or maybe the Vindicator) and sets his sights on a rear assault.
The arrival.
These forces attacked the Black Legion unit in the ruins, wiping them out. And the Librarian put 2 Mortal Wounds onto my Warlord riding the Juggernaut. Meanwhile further up field the entire Dark Angel force unleashed on the Fiends of Slaanesh who were racing quickly forward and in desperate need to hug someone. Their speed and resilience clearly struck a nerve in the Dark Angels and they wanted none of their hugs or attention (the models have out-stretched arms that almost look like that they want a hug!) It took CPs and tenacity, but eventually they were destroyed (note to self: I need more!). "No hugs!" Declared the Dark Angels defiantly.

End of Dark Angels Turn 2.

Chaos Turn 2, and it was time to get stuck in. Tactical Blunder #2: taking the bait! I had assumed that the Champion on the Juggernaut could at least kill that Librarian in the Fight Phase, but although I hurt him, it was not enough. With the other two characters piling on, the Chaos Leader on his Juggernaut was slain. The psychic power the Librarian  had played on him, Aversion, definitely didn't help his survival odds. The Daemon Prince ignored the flyer and dove into the Tactical Squad, however he didn't hardly kill any of these guys and they proved to be quite tough!

The contest of champions! 

Elsewhere, the Blood Dumpster unloaded the Khorne Berserkers to assist their leader in the Juggernaut (they shoot worse than my Space Wolves) while it shot the heavy bolter at the Tactical Squad behind it, the twin-linked Las Cannons blew up another Dreadnought, laying it low with 19 unsaved wounds! The Blood Dumpster likes this edition, clearly!

Blood Dumpster!!!
The Keeper of Secrets, She Who Milks, ran up the field with the remaining Daemonettes. Using one of her psionic attacks to kill one of the Tac Marines lurking in the craters.

The purple wave approaches.
Turn 3.

With the Fiends gone attention was given to the Plaguebearers shambling up to the Dark Angel lines. Thanks to their toughness and Disgusting Resilience, only 2 died.  A few Daemonettes were also picked off but they hung there when it came to check Morale thanks to the careful implementation of my CPs. Somehow my Daemon Prince survived the brutal Fight phase with like a Wound left.

Chaos Turn 3, and the Daemon Prince flew out of melee, thankful to still be attached to the mortal realm, and wanting nothing more to do with those characters and their thunderhammers! His withdrawal gave the backfield to the Dark Angels, leaving only the barely functioning Vindicator left to fire wildly at the remaining Dark Angels.

The Dark Angels take the field and secure the objective! 
The Herald of Slaanesh, Plague Bearers and the last squad of Chaos Marines were slowly making their way up yhe field. The Chaos Marines provided fire support for the Slaanesh Daemons who were making their way swiftly to the Dark Angel lines.

"What does 'meander' mean?"
The Keeper if Secrets charged the Tactical Marines in the Crater, slaughtering them with delightful ease. The Daemonettes crashed into the othet Dark Angel squad in the ruins wiping out all but two if them!

"Hold the line!"
The Landraider chose to be bold and split it's Las Cannon shots between the two Razorbacks, but this only resulted in damaging one of them due to half the shots missing and only one damaging.

With this, it was past time to close up the shop so regrettably we had to stop the game here. The VP tally was 6 vp to 1vp, Dark Angels for the win!

Even if I had managed to take the objective in his zone I would not have been able to claim the points needed to surpass his tally. So what went wrong?

As previously stated my choice of battefield layout did work against me, but it was not a full-on Gettysburg scenario that it looked like it would've been. If not for those Daemonic Invulnerable saves, and a few well executed Command Point Rerolls, the death toll would have been worse I think.

Devastators hold their position.
In hindsight I feel that my 2nd big mistake was going after the Dark Angels that arrived in the Drop Pod in my deployment zone. If I just speed on ahead and ignored them they would have been a less useful asset to him, and I could have used the Berserkers against foes that wouldn't have the Warlord around to lean on.

She Who Milks, claiming souls...

My MVPs in this fight were the Keeper of Secrets and the Land Raider. Particularly the Land Raider! The Blood dumpster racked up some very impressive kills and I was pleased with its effectiveness.

Blood Dumpster earns the MVP.
All-in-all it was a good game and an educational one for me. I think next time I'll keep my detachments limited from choices from the same codex.

Special thanks to Warfrog and Matt for their rules insights and assistance with this game.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Shamble On

Recently Warfrog gave me a 6 figure box of Nurgle Plague Zombies. He got them by accident somehow and couldn't conceive of a purpose for him. So he gave them to me, which I am thankful for. But when I went to incorporate them into a list I figured out that I needed more, so I went and got a second box. Unlike a lot of kits I buy or acquire with the intentions of building and painting quickly but instead leave on a shelf or in box for many years, I actually built these in one sitting!

The guy with the rubberband on him didn't want to join together as flush as he needed to be, so the added pressure of the rubberband was required to secure to two sections. It looked too weird having a dislocated bicep floating above his arm so this was a necessary step.

Happiness is a tentacle arm.

So does this mean I am about to go full throttle into building and painting up a Death Guard army? Well, I am unsure of that, so much so that I haven't even put the usual 'part 1' on this post's title. But I might assemble the Know No Fear plastics, run them with my early 90s Deathguard in a few small games and see where it takes me.