Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vindicator of Khorne (part 4)

With much perseverance I have completed this model! Yay!

Looking for Blood & Skulls in the Mosslands of Backyardistan IV

When we left off in part-3, I had the gunner and the add-on bits left to do. These were done fairly quickly in the fleeting moments I could find, and I think they turned out OK.

The add-on bitz
The chains were done to look old and weathered, or a better word might be used. Next time you see a big truck (or lorry for my English audience) look to see if you see any chains on it, and you'll note that they usually look rusted and brown as opposed to shiny and new, which is typically how you see these chains and spikes painted on the chaos tanks in GW's sales presentations.

Skulls, The Khornate answer to trucknutz. 
Also added a bi more chipped paint. I assumed that any of these heavy powered armor bastards tried to climb up the side ladder that some paint would wear off. Also, bullet holes. And yes the scroll says "blood". Original, I know, but it's a small scroll and couldn't think of anything else. Which is appropriate as that's all these Khorne gusy are supposed to be able to think about. And skulls too, but that seemed sillier to but on the scroll than 'blood'. Not sure why this is hang up for me considering that these psycho all have "blood bunny" helmets, but I digress...

Next was the gunner who was a bit more tricky as I had to assemble him as I painted the model.

I painted up the shoulder pads and added the World Eater decal to his left shoulder pad. Micro Set and Micro Sol are proving to be heroes for me this area. My pal the Doctor has been using this stuff for years but I was impressed with the first examples he showed me, but with some experimenting I have been able to make it work for me, and I am pleased with the results so far..

Wrong shoulder, but check 
I got the shield glued back on the side, however this is a piece I will have to continue to watch out for as it could easily pop off on me again during transport.

 I lightly brushed on some Chaos Black paint to the tip of the main gun's barrel to give it a look that it has seen some use, and also did some similar darkening to the nozzle of the combi-flamer.

 I might do a few minor touch-ups, but this is essentially done! It's come very far since I acquired it from Da Masta Cheef who had passed on to me directly from Necron Bob (whose blog appears dead?) and you can see how much work I did to this thing.

(Lots of work)

And here it is again rampaging across the fields of Backyardistan IV for a nice red/green contrast shot in natural lighting.

 In hindsight, I forgot to add the Dark Angel helmets! Drat! I have to collect more during the inevitable rematch... it will have to be against my Chaos Space Marines though as I discovered the other night while flicking through the Khorne Daemonkin Codex, that the Khorne Daemonkin can not take Vindicators!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Plotting the path to Gorkamorka

I talked about Gorkamorka in my recent post about my Ork Nob painting project. I have been pondering building up the rest of his mob. I have a lot of orks, some models go back to the earliest Rogue Trader range.  So with that in mind, I hope to use this local Gorkamorka resurgence to get a few of my old models (finally) painted.

Starting off, I dug through a bag of extra metal orks I have and found the original Runtherd and an 'ere we go! era Mekboy. These two are definitely going into the mob!

I really liked the Gorkamorka range of grots but never got any. Looking on ebay, it doesn't make any sense to pay those kind of prices and the current plastics will suffice perfectly and I get that plastic Runtherd with the squighound which I like a lot. So I splurged and got it from a local game store.

Digging through my boxes of blister packs I came across some Gorkamorka packs that I was saving for future Ork projects. Including some yoofs and another Mekboy!

...some gubbinz,

...and a bunch of weapons:

Also there are these guys:

That's  a mutie gang! I bought these guys on clearance  at Games Day '99 in Baltimore. They have been patiently waiting for their time to shine, and maybe this is it? We'll see but for now I am putting them back into storage. And yes, GW used to use the word "clearance" along with the word "sale". Which is why I have 3 boxed sets of Gorkamorka in which to build up this ork mob in addition  to some of the things above. So if you want to see what I make out of all of this, just stay tuned for future updates...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chaos Bikers (part 2)

Since last time I have made more progress on my Chaos Biker Aspiring Champion with the Mark of Khorne. (That's quite a title huh?).

In the last post on this subject I left it with a question regarding how I should arm the rider. I decided to go with a suggestion from one of the commentators to use a mutation arm, which is ambiguous enough to be counted as whatever I want to count it as.

As with the rest of my Khorne maniacs, the painting process for the armor began with a base coat of Scab Red, followed by thinned layers of Blood Red which were blended up to a more solid coat of Blood Red, then highlighted with Ruby Red.  That's essentially the formula I use for my "Khornate Red" armor.

In the pic below you can see more work has been done. I base coated the stretched flesh seat covering (an aside: imagine somewhere in the Eye of Terror there exists a business that caters to the space borne chaos marauders upholstery items made exclusively from conquered foes or loyal slaves or whateever else they could catch and skin...).

Also the skulls were completed as I painted them at the same time I was painting the skulls for another model. The mutated arm was base coated in scab red. Not entirely sure how I am going to tackle that exactly but I have some ideas...

Bigger difference than I thought!
And finally for this update: I decided to re-base my bikes to the round bases after deciding that ultimately the square bases look stupid with them. This leave me with a TON of calvary bases for WHFB that I don't need. This topic may splinter off into another one as I have some ideas on how not to let those go to waste... ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ork Nob (part 2)

As I predicted in my previous post I was able to get this guy finished fairly fast!

The flesh was given a final highlight of Sunburst Yellow and the black clothing was shaded all the way up to a near white.

Next the fir trim was painted  all the way up to a white undercoat and the metal bits were painted to be a more oxidized rust. Also some leather bits (namely the holster) was painted as well.

The fir trim and teeth were finished off with Skull White.

The gun and metal bitz were done next with final highlights, dings and scratches painted with Mitheral Silver (I love this color!) Also the black clothing was toned down with a black ink wash.

Finally the ammo and ammo box was completed as well as the metal toe guards on the Nob's feet.

And finally, the grass flocking was glued into place!

He was done in good time an a lot of fun to paint! The next pic is a close-up to show some of the detail on his slugga.

And, as bonus: Last time I mentioned how this model was originally released  as a Ltd Ed. model that was sold at Games Day and that I was told that there was a variant out there that has a skull on the grip of the slugga. And sure enough, I dug it out this evening and yes, they are one and the same!

So subtle huh? 

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Ork Nob (Part 1)

This is the Ork Nob that was given to me last summer by Kardos Darkforge along with a few other goodies he let me have (so long as I did something with them!).

Flesh basecoat of Goblin Green. 
He was originally released as a limited edition Games Day model (I know this because I have one somewhere still in a blister pack). But was later re released as part of the 3rd Edition 40K Ork line. I was told by my friend The Bink, that there is a subtle variation in versions of this model with some having a skull hanging from the bolt pistol's handle and some that lack this. I am not sure if this variation is related to the different releases (and I lack the time to seek out that blister pack, but perhaps I can for the next post).

With the recent discussion in our local group regarding the revival of Gorkamorka as a sort of retro-style backlash against Age of Sigmar (no, no, I shalln't start down Ye Olde Rant Pathe) it has inspired me to get in on the action. Now, with my schedule tight, and my days off on days no one can game, I am left so far with having to live vicariously through the posts of Da Masta Cheef to see what I'm missing.

Flesh washed with yellow/green ink combo. 
Now, with fatigue from overworking and rearing my new-born snottling, I've not gotten far with this guy or any of my other projects, but I thought this was up to a decent enough level to share images of him and to show the world that, yes, I'm still doing stuff!

Kiwi coat, with bleach bone on teef and claws. 

This is a fairly easy model to paint, and in actual work-time should be finished fairly soon. Stay tuned for the conclusion!

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Making the Mean Streets part 2 (TSG Post)

Continuing on from part-1, here is some more work that the good Doctor has performed on his terrain. Hopefully by the time I venture up to his part of the world again we will have a glorious battle report full of some wicked pics to color it with! But that's a ways down the road still, and as you can see, the Doc has quite a bit more work to do.

Here are a few different views of the what will become a pedestal for his Space Marine monument.

And here is the same birdseye view as above, but now with a Space Marine on top of it.

These next two photos should give you a good sense of how big and epic this monument is going to be. 

This next series of photos shows the walls being added to the middle level.

I look forwarded to seeing the next stages of this piece and seeing how he will paint it.

(Hint: don't forget the pigeon poop!).