Friday, July 14, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (Part 10)

And finally, we have arrived to the last man of this unit:

The Sgt with all his bitz.

After finishing the plasma pistol and touching up the red skull decal, it was time to finally create the final componet of this miniature: the back banner. After a few attempts free handing the approximate dimensions of the banner and the lion icon on a piece of notebook paper (hey, it was the only thing I had on hand), I combined the two images into this:

Rough banner drawing.
 I used the same paints that I use on my Lions, but while doing so I had to go outside the margins I set to make the lion mane bigger.

Rough painting.
 I tightened up the painting, added a few minor highlights, and put some stars in the background. I then painted the back side of the paper with black paint. It was now ready to be cut out.

Finished banner art. 
It seems like this whole aspect of back banner making is something of a lost art. Damn near every model in the '90s had a banner. But this went from empty banner poles you had to customize to pre-embosed banners by the time 3rd edition was over. Granted this banner isn't my best work, but it's not supposed to be, it's just a Sgt back banner. The more ornate banner belongs to the Celestial Lions Terminator Captain, and of course, it should.

Cut out and free.

Anyway, after I cut out the banner with an exacto blade, I had to make few minor trims before folding the tabs around the banner pole and glueing them to the back banner. I used Elmer's glue (my favorite flavor since 1st grade -yum!) to glue it down.

Watching glue dry.
It was now time to put him all together:

Arms on.

Backpack with banner attached.

View from behind.

Profile shot.
 And ta-da!
He is finally done!

Next, I will revisit the entire squad (pride?) of Lions and add flock and some battle damage along any other finishing touchs before declaring this project over.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Space Wolves Iron Priest (Part 1)

Back in May of last year (2016) you may recall I painted my Eversor Assassin in a fairly fast and focused painting session. I was quite proud of myself in fact and was sure that I could do it again. That weekend I decided to take part in a local painting competition, which stipulated that you had to buy the miniature from their store during the contest window with all entries submitted by May 31st. It was May 22nd, and I knew that if I focused on this model I could knock it out. But I was woefully unprepared for just how complex this model was, but pushed on anyway.

I had decided long ago that my Space Wolf Iron Priests would wear the traditional red armor of the Adeptus Mechanicus - at least to some degree. Either in full suits or just their helms, the red would appear somewhere. You can see where I did this with the gunner on my Space Wolves Landraider (below). Either way, this extra color palette was going to add additional time to my painting deadline.

Land Raider gunner.

I launched right into this project and didn't take any pics until I was past the base-coating stage. The pic below shows how I like to paint loose heads.

Head on a spike.

When painting models that haven't been assembled yet, I often drill a hole into the bottom of the head with my pin-vice and glue it onto a brass rod or wire. This allows me to hold the wire or rod and get to the details with my brush that I might not be able reach if I were holding it with my fingers. If I don't need the pin-vice for anything else I'll leave it on it and paint it just like that. Which is what I did in the pic above.

Above is the model at the base-coat stage.

 I was making decent progress on this when suddenly the person running the painting contest announced on FB that he wanted to see some entries and started posting entries that were already submitted. There was a bit of a back and forth online over it which left me feeling odd about the whole premature showcasing of early entries, so I dropped out. And instead of continuing on this model I put my focus onto a different model that I needed to use in an upcoming game instead.

The state this was in for about a year.
As the year came and went, I found myself once again considering painting and working on some Space Wolves and as I looked upon this model in it's exploded state, I felt a keen yearning to press on and complete him. There has been additional progress on this model, but we'll save that for part 2.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (Part 9)

Following on from Part 8, I have been working on finishing up the one model that is magnetized. He is a Special Weapons Trooper that I have magnetized three special weapons arms so I can adjust his options as needed. You can see how I did the work of integrating these magnets into this model in Part 5.

I had to decide on the final position for the left arm, as it will be bracing and securing the weapons when attached. I settled on a 'firing' position.

Brace arm attached.
The next few pics shows how the weapons arms attach:
Grav gun.

Melta gun.

Melta gun, lower perspective.

Plasma gun.
Finally I added the head which I positioned to appear to be looking in the direction that the gun is aiming. I also attached the shoulder pads and if you compare the following pics to the ones above you can see how well that they cover the magnet joins and surgical scars left over from the conversion.

Grav gun finished.

Plasma gun finished.

Melta gun finished.

And with that, our Multi-Option Weapons Specialist is completed! The next, and ultimate post, will be about the Veteran Sergeant who I am very much looking forward to completing.

The assembled unit...but where is Sarge?!