Monday, January 21, 2013

To be a Lone Wolf


Great Wolf Logan Grimnar
Wolf Lord Sven Axegrinder
Campaign Update from Segmentum Warzones
Segmentum Obscurus
Tri-Cinci Sub, Hobbytown Secundus
Don't trust the alien. Especially the herbivores..

We must retrieve the artifact, the water bowl of Freki, before the Xenos witches get their filthy hands on it and turn it into a salad bowl.
Extreme prejudice is sanctioned and encouraged. 

    The Battle Barge found it's way, again, to the local Hobbytown... actually it's the space it used to be, which is currently being used for games and RC races. but I digress.... Answering to the taunts and jeers of the xenos filth, we decided to take the fight to them. Da Masta Cheef brought his Eldar Exodites, and I used a previous list, the one I used against Hiveangel a while back but switching out the Bastion for a Whirlwind.

 The objective was placed next to a windmill which we decided was like the skymills that are on Acreage (Dark Heresy reference) minus all the rotting corpes and maggot men. Here I deployed with the thought to zip my rhinos up, and have the Grey Hunters leap out, take the object and try to get back to my line. The Long Fangs (positioned in a bunker just to the left of this image) with  the whirlwind would rain down missiles as  Rune Priest screwed everything over.

 Behind the Bunker stuffed full of Long Fangs in my Land Speeder Tornado, waiting to pounce and set fire to as many space elves as possible!

This will be a glorious sundering! The water-bowl of Freki shall be retrieved at last!

And here are the nasty Xeno Exodites. He hasn't painted them much since last time they appeared on this blog, but never-the-less I still enjoy looking at these sweet modes. The dino-riders in the front are counting as Wraithguard BTW.

 So here is the view that his dastardly Pathfinders have from the captured Bastion. Clearly they can see pretty much my whole army, the pack of Fenrisian Wolves stand out rather well here.

 And here we have the entire army of Exodites gathered. I was stunned just how many models hit the table, that is a lot of shurikan catapults! The "foot-dar" have assembled!

 And with the start of turn one, Sven Axegrinder and four of his trusted Wolf Guard land right smack in the front of the Wraith-drakes, blocking the Exodite forces path to the objective.

The Space Wolves fire everything they got into the Waith-drakes, and...a Long Fang killed one. Just one. All those templates (OK, just 2) and bolters, and Las Cannons, and we kill just one. OK, the Rune Priest took out a random schlub with Living Lightning (why did the Farseer snicker when I did that?).

 At the start of round. 1.5, this is pretty much what my army looked like. The Fenrisian Wolves would be cut down by the bladestorm from a Dire Avengers squad and sniping from the Pathfinders. A support weapon stunned the rhino closest to the objective. The rest of the army dumped every shot into Sven and the terminators. I was impressed with how much they sponged, but saving the best for last, the Wraithguns of the dino-riders brought Sven down.

 Realizing the tactical blunder, the 2nd rhino moved up the Grey Hunters moved out and tried to make off with the objective. It is worth noting that the objective would make it no further than this point. On the Eldar Round 2 they would be pinned and picked off...
 Meanwhile my Lone Wolf had worked his way up, but was greeted by these Harlequin, This was their position at the start of the shooting phase...
 ....And their positions after the assault phase. As you can see, drop pod was blown to hell by the wraith-drakes in the back ground. The Lone Wolf had killed a Harley, and the two sides were standing off...
 I believe this was turn 3. Things were getting...bad. My Rune Priest had been laid low by the Eldar witchery (frigging Runes of Warding and their daemon-summoning power!) I moved one rhino through the exodites in a desperate bid to tank-shock them (this seems to never work, and I question why I do it) but I did do something interesting with it, I killed a Warlock with a hunter-killer missile! I was shocked!

That little victory was greeted with entire elimination of the squad holding the objective, the 2nd Rhino blown up, and the unit within that locked in hand-2-hand. The Lone Wolf eventually took a wound (the red die is an old Sustained Fire die -perfect wound counters!). Else-where the Land Speeder was destroyed having nearly wiped out a guardian squad and damaging a Viper (the whirlwind destroyed the Viper next round , you can see the wreck of it behind the skymill).

By the time the Exodite Turn 5 came up, the Lone Wolf found himself positioned for some serious glory. Having killed off the Harlequin, he was now surrounded by the entire Exodite army, he fended off a near impossible amount of firepower, defecting the shots with his Storm Shield, or just not feeling their pain, he was truly living up to his role...but ultimately, he fell and the storm of slicing shurikans proved more than the math-hammer gods would allow...

So the game ended with my sole-survivors, the Long Fangs, sending their last spite-full shots at the Exodites and requesting immediate evac. The mission was a failure, and water-bowl lost!

It was a fun game, despite my being surprised at how nasty Runes of Warding are against Rune Priests!


Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes that's right little Mon'keigh you just run back home now, tails between your power armored!

Anonymous said...

I figure the Runes of Warding thing happening to Space Wolves is just karma with their whole almost the best psychers in the game while claiming to not have psychers.


neverness said...

Is it? Dunno, it seems like a typical Eldar crutch tactic to me. I'm surprised I never see more more Eldar out there, they are still a very powerful army IMO,with a lot of wonky special rules that gives them slight edges over typical armies (whatever that is anymore) with a lot of clever tactics on top of that, well, you can make them rock.