Thursday, August 15, 2013

Orcs! (with a C) part 4

Progress has been slow on these guys, and well, all of my projects actually, due to trying to maximize outdoor opportunities while the summer heat is available, and exploring the joyous new paradigm of my new relationship. However during that time I have found a few moments to throw down some paint. So, here is some of the progress I have made on my Orc spear regiment:

1st up is the unit banner. Based on the skull icons GW puts on their 'Eavy Metal banners, I decided to do something similar. The 1st model I painted for this army has a yellow skull on his shield and I decided I would use that for the theme for the whole army. I thought yellow on red might look striking, so I hand drew it on to the banner with a pencil and 'ere we go:

Base coated with Scab Red and Fiery Orange.

Mid coat of Mephiston Red and Blazing Yellow 

3rd stage of Blood Red and Badmoon Yellow
Since I took that last pic, I removed the banner from the sprue, and painted up the pole and attachments as well as the skull on top.

 It just occurred to me that newer readers might be confused, as I have colors from all the ranges that Citadel color has ever made. Not a complete range mind you, but a lot. And the names have changed over the years. Anyway, I believe there are conversion charts online that one can seek out.

I finished the metal on the spears and knives. I think I achieved a good feel of what I was hoping for (see the 1st post in this series) with the rusty and well used metal blades.

The metal on the spears is done!
 And I just can not leave well enough along, Yeah, I should stop here, I mean these guys are at a great standard for basic troops but darn it I just can't resist all that crazy detail! So, picking out the leather bits, highlighting the hair, all the teeth, etc.

Black ink wash on the black bits, and other details picked out
 There are a few more bits to pick out and the base models will be done. I haven't even started on their shields yet! Those will have yellow skulls as well, but I doubt I will hand draw them.

...I just realized that I took those pics about 3 weeks apart and got them at the same angle! I haven't even touched that bottle of yellow ink back there!

Well, that's it for now, and if you recall the last pic of part 3 of this series, you'll be pleased to see that I haven't ignored these guys either:

We're GREEN!!! Waaaagh!!



Da Masta Cheef said...

Ya know, a REAL artist would hand draw & paint all of those skulls on their shields...

Ben Mitchell said...

Ah, but what would an Orc do. ;) Keep up the good work!

Kardos Darkforge said...

i LOVE the banner mate!