Sunday, February 15, 2015

Da Lead'a of da Waaagh! (Part 2)

I'm still involved with my move to lovely Unicoi County ("Here, 'mud' is a season!") and my hobby projects are in disarray. But I did manage to get a bit of painting done the other night on the Warlord of my Orc & Goblin Warhammer Fantasy army. It's been awhile since I worked on any of these Orcs, having been working on Khorne stuff and Bolt Action, so it was nice to get back to something in it's final stages then working on stuff in it's early or middle stages.

So, progressing from the previous post involved with this chap,

Really it was just a matter of tightening up the yellow and black checker pattern on the right shoulder plate. This was a bit more challenging than I should have allowed it to be, but I am starting to like the results. I will scuff this up soon with dings, chips and scratches, which I hope will 'orc' it up a bit more.

 And lots of metallic painting! Blades, armor, spikes, rings, etc. As you can see, this model is heavy with it! Also I painted up the Evil Sun gut-plate to a level I think I like.

The next steps are to complete the painting on the axe, as well as any bone or tooth bits, and perhaps more highlights to the leather straps that this guy has wrapped all about him.

I know, a short post this time, but progress is being made! Now to get back to that move...



Greg Hess said...

Great checkering on the warboss. He looks propa awesome!

neverness said...

Thanks! It was all done free-hand, and just eye-balling it. It think it looks more Orky that way. I can't imagine Orcs using stencils, y'know?

Greg Hess said...

I concur. Orks are anything but neat!