Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kill Team: Dark Eldar Kabalites (part 4)

I have made a lot of progress since the last post in this series. I tightened up and finished all the main red/black areas on these Dark Eldar Warriors uniforms. Also the blue areas of their uniforms are finished as well and so are their weapons.

Also, Vivjhian Throatpunch is what I named the leader of my Dark Eldar Kill Team.

Vivjhian Throatpunch, about 80% done.

I intend to work up names for the other KT Specialists soon. Here they are mostly done. I brightened the hair using a dark gray color.

Grey highlight  for the hair.

Next, I used a wash of Black Ink to darken the hair again. That's Black Ink not Nuln Oil. That stuff is too thin to do what good 'ol Black Ink can do.

Black Ink wash on the hair.

Next I moved onto the weird mane/plume/crest things that are on a few of their helmets. I went with that green look that's often associated with Dark Eldar.

Apple Barrel  Forest Green base coat with black ink wash.

Woodland Green highligh.
Nothing to it really. Next I finished the eyes of the helmets. I used Jade green as the base, followed by Scorpian Green with a Rotting Flesh highlight. (I swear I use Rotting Flesh for darn near everything but rotting flesh!)

Just a few more touch-ups on some of these models, and they are done. Vivjhian Throatpunch needs her sword painted still and that's mostly it. Hopefully I will have them finished in the next post of this series.

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