Sunday, January 29, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (part 2)

I found some cool bitz online that I didn't have that I wanted to use for my Celestial Lions. While waiting for them to arrive (they are apparently coming from Australia so it may be some time before they arrive) I decided to fill out the unit a bit more for flexibility with list making. I picked up a box of the plug 'n play Battle for Vedros marines for $10.

Vedros: When you want to buy cheap models with different packaging.

After a bit of mold-line removal, I cut off their slotta tabs and glued them to some 32mm bases (the Vedros box comes with 28mm BTW). I was then ready to get their bases started.

32mm bases. 
After that I glued grit to the base and then I primed them using gold spray paint. This coat will also serve as the primary base coat as well.

Primed/base coated.
Next I went in and picked out the areas that needed a black base coat. Following that I base coated the grit on the base using Territorial Beige. Now they no longer appeared to be raiding a treasure horde!

Black base coats added.
 Next I had to figure out which specific color of blue I used all those years ago. So I experimented until I found the one. Below you can see the two models I tested these colors on. They are flanked by the older ones with the right color.

Blue test.
It's not as much progress as I would've like to have made, but I have been under the weather this past week. Hopefully I will make additional progress soon.


Siph_Horridus said...

Cool, how cheap is cheap? What do you get in the box?

neverness said...

Those 3 marines. I suppose the "value" is truly up to debate...:)