Friday, March 30, 2018

Celestial Lions Land Speeder (Part 6 -Finished!)

And here we are:

Yes, I finished this thing -finally! Here are the final steps leading up to the finish. This next pic shows the addition of the middle stabilizing strut thingy that hangs down from the Land Speeder's hill. The trick here is to eye-ball it just right to get it as centered as possible.

Centering of the stabilizing thing.
Next was the time comsuming and agonzing hand painting of the Celestial Lions icons. I think the ones on the marine pauldrons turned out alright but the ones on the Speeder are just OK. And OK enough to not feel the desire to redo them.
Icons done. 
Next came the addition of the ball-joint mount.  Unlike a previous Land Speeder I remembered to lube the ball joint with some petroleum jelly so that it moves better and removes easier. If the ball breaks off inside the mount it is a real pain in the ass getting it back out!

Mount and ball joint flight stand.
And it's done! Woo-hoo! A Land Speeder Tornado with all the weapon options fully magnetized!

Multi-melta and Heavy Flamer

Heavy Bolter and Heavy Flamer

Heavy Bolter with Assault Cannon.

Multi-Melta and Multi-melta. For extra meltiness!

All-in-all it was a fun project and despite the span of a year I am really very satisfied with how it turned out. Now I just need to get The Bob or some other volunteer to blow it up on the first turn of a Kill Team game!


Siph_Horridus said...

Looks awesome, that’s proper old school with the ball joint and tthose underslung MM and Flamers, retro design.

Suber said...

Lovely results, the shine on that gold is wonderful, the whole Speeder is so great :)

neverness said...

Thanks guys! I am glad that this effort is pleasing to others. I look forward to getting this thing into action (hopefully) soon.