Sunday, May 27, 2018

Venom (Part 6)

When I thought I was done (Venom-part 5) It quickly became obvious that I had to do something about the flight stand with this Venom. The Venom was barely staying on it, and I don't want it getting damaged during play.  My solution: magnets!

I put one in the hole on the bottom...

Magnet in the hole! 
...and one on the tip of the flight stand. I had to carve into the flight stand quite a bit to get a good mount for the magnet. It's not as straight as I would've liked, but then again the Dark Eldar are a bit crooked by nature...

Magnet on flight stand.
The first pic in this post shows the now magnetized Venom outside in a shady moss patch. I hope to add more Venoms to this one, as well as some Raiders, as my Dark Eldar raiding force comes together. When I start the 2nd Venom, and other craft, I will make sure the magnets are done prior to assembly.

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