Wednesday, July 04, 2018


My list of unfinished projects would make Tolkien jealous. One such project is my old Warhammer Fantasy Empire army. Recently Da Masta Cheef asked for some pics of my old Empire models for reference (uh-oh, it can't be good...) and I dug out some models and sent him the pics. While looking through this virtually abandoned army, I couldn't help but feel sad or even guilty for having never finished that army. I decided I should paint something from it, so I selected an old plastic wizard that I haven't touched in pretty much 10 years.

Around about that time I had posted a pic of it on a thread on Warhammer-Empire in which I proclaimed that I would share a pic of the model when I finished painting it. Haha, Gosh, I really hope no one was holding their breath! By the way, fun fact: the title of that thread (and this post) comes from an old Alltel commercial that was popular at the time.

Screen shot snippet from Warhammer-Empire. 

He stayed as he appeared in the pic above for about ten years. So I started off slow, painting the gem stones first. Then I added a highlight to the skin.
Gemstones painted. 
Next I painted the scrolls....and it was an avalanche from there. Before I knew it, he was finished!

Gray Wizard- Finished but the flocking.

Due to how much, or in this case how little, surface area I had to work with I opted to use static grass and leaves for the base. I think the leaves look great on fantasy bases, especially on terrain pieces.

Gray Wizard- now with flock!
 I left the feather white. I had orginally planned to make it a lot more colorful, but I decided that there was too much color on this already and that I needed to keep it simple.

And from the rear. 
And with that, he is done. And he turned out pretty close to how I first imagined he would. I sort of based his color scheme from my memory of the first Hobbit book that I read. That edition was oversized with color illustrations throughout it, and Gandalf was colored close to how this wizard turned out. It was fun to revisit the Empire again and I am pleased with how it turned out. I may look at some more fantasy pieces to distract myself with soon...


WestRider said...

Looks great, dude! From the spelling in the title, I thought it was a Discworld reference, but that ad is pretty hilarious as well.

neverness said...

Hmmm, maybe it is? Not familiar with Discworld at all. But that commercial has stuck in my head for 10 years, it's a classic in my mind.

Mike Corr said...

This is a great, classic model. Great work on updating the paint job!

WestRider said...

One of the recurring characters in the Discworld series is Rincewind, the worst wizard in the world. He has "wizzard", spelling error included, on his hat, just so people know for sure that he actually is a wizard, even tho he can't do any magic whatsoever, and in fact occasionally makes other magic fail just by his presence.

neverness said...

Ha, that is cool! Sounds like a fun read. Thanks for sharing that.

WestRider said...

They're great books. I recommend Reaper Man or Guards! Guards! as starting points, altho neither of those involve Rincewind.