Thursday, May 23, 2019

Black Legion Havocs (Part 1)

Here is a squad I found cheap on ebay. They were clearly kitbashed from leftover parts from a few different sets, but that's cool with me as they have a lot of character as a result. The four guys with meltaguns are particularly interesting as the back half of their torsos are from the Chaos vehicle accessory sprue. They have all this added wiring instead of a traditional backpack. It's a neat look, but I intend to stick backpacks on them regardless.

Rebased on 32mm bases. 

Also, I really like the look of these models without their paldrons. They look a bit tougher to me. Not that I intend to keep them this way however.

After some clean-up I rebased these guys onto 32mm bases and then glued on the grit. After this I primed them with Chaos Black spray paint.

...And they have sat on this state for a long time, although they did get to participate in a game against the Dark Angels during the interim.

After another long time cooling in the paint cue, and excited about the latest Black Legion updates (thanks to the Vigilus campaign books), I felt inspired to work on these again.

Shoulder pads now attached.

I have been jamming away on these guys and it's been going quick, however not quick enough to make my self imposed deadline for this week's blog post, so I'll have to present this in parts.

Just waiting for the final steps...

After I completed the two Grey stages I washed the models in Nuln Oil. The bronze areas were basecoated using Tin Bitz then covered with an old Ral Partha Bronze. These will be highlighted with Shining Gold. After that I will do some touch-ups and slap on some decals and these guys will be essentially done. Look out for Part 2 fairly soon where I will discuss not just those final steps but some challenges that the latest rules update presents to this unit.


Suber said...

They look nice indeed :)

neverness said...

Thanks, so far so good...or evil?