Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The 2020 Inquistional Conclave (August Challenge) -Declaration.

Nobody was expecting this!

So I got an idea to do something akin to Dreadtober for August and I wanted to share it with you guys, to see if you all think if it could be a cool thing to do. I want to do a paint challenge based around Warhammer 40k Inquisitors. It's simple, in August start painting an Inquisitor, send in weekly updates either via your blog posts or emails, and I will do a weekly update here on my blog. Or people could just send in a pic by month's end; whatever works.

I am thinking about calling it the 2020* Inquistional Conclave. The goal is to paint an Inquisitor model by the end of August. At that point I will gather up the final pics and the showcase the final paint jobs. For those not doing a named character it might be fun to encourage folks to write a short blurb about their Inquisitor character. It wouldn't matter to me if the Inquisitor was from the old large scaled game (the one aptly called Inquisitor), a Rogue Trader era model (guy with a European car for a chest?**), something rare (Gregg!) or something current (Greyfax). They'll all come together in their painted glory. There's no contest, it's just a goal vs. a calendar.

Personally, I could use something like this to help me get my painting projects done. I found that with the artwork I have been doing that I work better under a deadline. Indeed, this past October my Dreadtober goal was great motivation for me.

And, I don't have a single painted Inquisitor, despite owning Inquisitors since the year I started this hobby ('89! Yikes!)  I will likely do a follow up post to this one soon showcasing my collection of unpainted Inquisitors.

Greggie needs paint! 

What do you all think?

The folks on the Neverness Hobbies Facebook Group seem keen to do it, and if I get enough positive responses from this post then I think we'll do sign-up in late July and roll it out at the start of August.

So let me know if you think this is good idea (or not) in the comments below or email me privately at neverness92@gmail.com.

*If successful we can make it an annual thing.

**I'll explain it in the next post.


DAM said...

Sounds like a grand idea. If the idea goes forward you can count https://262krieg.blogspot.com/ in! I can't pass up a blogger project challenge...

Waaargh Pug said...

I'm in,