Saturday, January 09, 2021

Fanatics! (Part 2)


A Work In Progress Fanatic. 

It's been over a year now since I last made a post about these guys, and I decided it was definitely time to revist them. Back in part 1 however I was focusing on the three metal miniatures I was adding to my Night Goblin horde. But prior to that, and having made their first appearance in Equis Tyranus where they made a rather smashing impression on The Bob's High Elves, I had started on three plastic Fanatics. I want to finish all six at the same time, so I needed to get these buggers caught up.

Primed. Just primed.

Anyone who owns these miniatures can attest to how unstable they are. No, not their minds, their mental instability is a defining aspect of their whole character, but no I ment physically. They fall over a lot! I decided to glue down some rocks to their bases to give them a bit more weight. It's not a perfect solution but it helps. 

Rocks added.

And then I added some grit to their bases. And that's all I did on these guys for about a year! 

Grit added.

But my recent focus on 40k grots got me thinking about these guys and getting them out of my painting queue. I decided to use the technique I figured out in Grots! Part 2 for their flesh. This started out with a basecoat of Gretchin Green Foundation paint.  

Gretchin Green Foundation Paint flesh. 

Now over to the metal guys, I used one of my oldest Citadel Paints called Bilious Green on them before washing their flesh with Tesseract Glow. At this time I washed the plastic guys with Tesseract glow also. As you can see they still look different from each other but they're getting closer. 

Tesseract Glow on their fleshy bits.

 Next I added Applebarrel Kiwi to their green skins. This got them a lot closer to a unified look. It was at this time that I washed the metal bits with a thinned brown paint to create a rusted, old, metal look. I got all their bases up to the same level also.

Kiwi layer on the skins.

Next I used Leadbelcher liberally over the brown metal areas, and I think this turned out great as it creates the illusion that those big weight balls really are metal (and to be fair three of them really are...).

Balls of metal.

The ropes were fun to do. They were painted with a layer of Mourning Brown followed by a layer of Averland Sunset. 
Averland Sunrise on the ropes.

Next I washed Agrax Earthshade over the ropes to tone it all down a bit, and I think this worked well.

Ink washed ropes.

With hope, and a bit of focus, I should be able to get these guys finished soon, but I think that's what I said last time too...we'll see!

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