Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Legion of the Damned

A friend of mine told me today that he plays "Pure old skool Legion of the Damned Space Marines." Which caused me to remember that I painted a squad of these back in '99! It was my summer project that year, and I got them done in time for Games Day '99. I had acquired a bunch of REALLY old RT era marines, and with nothing else to do with them (They just didn't fit in with my Space Wolves) I decided to paint them up as Legion of Damned.

Most of these models all have newer (2nd edition) style back packs. These were a bit bigger and look better on these older models. They're all variants of the 'beakie' style of armor, MKVI 'Corvus', that will always be my favorite.

 Don't ask what style of armor this is supposed to be, I'd say 'corvus' however that helmet is just weird. Worked out well for a Legion of the Damned guy though.

 These guys are just fuggly, and brutish . Plasma guy here is no exception.

 I like how the skull came out on the helmet of this one, and the heavy bolter in the back is probably my favorite of the bunch (he was featured in my 'other armies' post awhile back).

 Very old school indeed, still they haven't changed much, although heads are a tad bit more proportioned these days. The guy on the right was the first one I had painted and the only one with a bit a greenish caste to the flesh. I wasn't able to successfully repeat it though, so I left the rest of them all 'flesh' colored. Note that I added a plastic bolter to him to make it appear as if he was leaning on it.

 The Squad leader was the last model completed. The night before Games Day I completed the banner (on Holiday Inn stationary no less! Only the best for my models! LOL!).

And here is the assembled group. And I have yet to use them in a battle! I just don't ever play regular 'Codex Marines',

 I hope you enjoyed that little bizarre trip down the path of GW minis of old. Yes the newer models are superior, but they just don't have character like these do!

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Da Masta Cheef said...

"...on Holiday Inn stationary no less..."

Are you a legion of the Damned Marine?

No, but i did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night!