Tuesday, September 04, 2012

2nd 6th edition game

The Dr's Kommandos. A reminder that I should paint my own someday.
Last night the Dr. and I played 40K. This was my 2nd game of the new edition. It was a small game, 750 points, but I've been finding in this new edition that the smaller points games are taking us about as long to play as the 5th edition 2K point game. There are enough subtle changes to learn through to slow us down a bit.  

Space Wolf Deployment

I fielded my Space Wolves, which was just a subtle rules tweak to the list I used with Warfrog in that last report I wrote about.
  • 2 grey hunter squads (one with a rhino)
  • A landspeeder
  • Rune Priest as my HQ choice
  • 4 man Wolf Guard Terminator squad with Drop pod
  • Longfang squad with missile launcher

Shoota Boyz deployment

The Dr. fielded his Orks. Which I tried to recall as being:
  • A warphead
  • 2 squads of gretchin with the required amount of Runtherdz
  • 2 squads of Shoota Boyz.
  • 1 squad of Kommandos.
Shoota Boyz with Warphead ( the unpainted ork)

The battlefield was set up with Vanguard layout. Our mission was Crusade, Failing to steal the initiative the orks went first. It didn't seem that he could do much, except move his guys towards the objectives. That was, until, he rolled his Warpheadz' psychic powers and teleported him and his shoota boyz across the table, directly behind my Long Fangs.

Warphead and boyz attack the Longfangs from behind.
When the smoke cleared from all the shooting, the Long Fangs stood firm. Then they boyz charged. When the red mist settled, the Long Fangs were no more. In fact, each model died 3 times over! LOL

Aftermath of Kommando and Boyz assault
A similar thing happened with the Squad of Grey Hunters nearby who were wiped out by a squad of Kommandos that launched out of cover. It was a glorious 1st round for the Orks...

Drop Pod Assault
On my turn I tank shocked the warphead and shoot boyz who failed the LD test and bolted, but the real fire power was unleashed with the Runepriest Gnarl and the Wolfguard's drop-pod assault. With a heavy flamer, Deathwind missles, and living lighting, the Kommandos with quickly dealt with. 

Chasing the Warphead
The last of the Kommandos were eliminated by the terminator's assault phase, and they began pursuit of the Warphead.

Objectives seized

 Over on the other side of the table, the other half od the ork army (all troops choices I must stress) were happily seizing objectives. BTW, that strange white square is our last minute attempt at ...um, "modeling" a pond! LOL. It worked for our purposes.

Dr's awesome ghost-faced grots surge forth!
A note on the Dr's grots: They are all totally customized (actually, the Dr.really can not stand fielding models that aren't unique) and I wanted to show them off here. Note that bases with 2 snottlings on them count as a single grot. This is a close up of them surging forth to assist the rallied Warphead and his boyz...

Yup, it was turn 3.
 ...who turned to charge the Rhino full of Grey Hunters. They wrecked the Rhino, and subsequently all the Grey Hunters jumped out the back, and gunned down the shoota boyz.

The Heavy Flamer of the Land Speeder Tornado showed up to flame a huge swath of the grot horde.

The Runtherdz assaulted the Speeder, and blew it up. The resulting explosion might have killed more grots then the heavy flamer did!

In the remaining turns the Grey Hunters eliminated the Runtherdz and the grots, and claimed a nearby objective, giving me my 1st 3 points. The Warphead, down to 1 wound,  hid denying me a bonus 1vp.

The game ended at the bottom of turn 5 with my Wolf Guard and Rune Priest trudging into the ork lines raining fire into the other Grot squad in a desperate bid to clear the orks of their objectives, but it was not to be.
Space Wolves 3VP

Some questions that came up that are basically due to the edition change. In fact, these are sort of subtle changes and they really threw more for a loop.

  • Charging a skimmer: Is the chance to hit no longer modified by how fast it moved in previous turns?
  • Attacking a moving vehicle. This gives a vehicle a WS1. Non-moving a WS0. If by having a WS1, does this allow the vehicle to "attack back" (i.e. those hobos who kill themselves or self-amputate themselves by trying to jump onto moving trains)?
  • Where the hell is the main rulebook FAQ!? C'mon GW!
  • There may have been other questions that I don't recall, if so I'll edit them in here later.
All in all, a fun game, We're hoping we again do it can on Friday.



Da Masta Cheef said...

Who's the Dr.?

neverness said...

Dr...who? :)

It's my best friend of 24 years up here in Cinci. We haven't been revealing his name for professional reasons.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Ah I see, his psychiatrist won't allow it.


neverness said...

...more like he's rather not have his students know that this is what he does with his spare time. He's like Batman: University Professor by day, Gaming Obsessed maniac by night.

Da Masta Cheef said...

eh, at my job, they're used to seeing pics of minis on my desktop It doesn't even phase them anymore...