Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Waaagh Plane! Part 2

Continuing on where I left off (and no, I won't explain the time gap), the pic above is of the pilot that I finished...oh, back in June or July. Whenever this kit was released! LOL, it's now mid-September (see, there is a gap) and this pic was taken that far back. Anyway, this part of the model isn't assembled beyond this stage yet, as it makes sense to me to put the cockpit in absolutely last after the model has been sealed or fixed or glazed or whatever so as not to screw up the clear canopy. I know, I could mask it, but that's always more work than necessary. Personally, I don't understand why GW has the canopy added so early in the instructions, I can't imagine how many kids must screw up their kits trying to paint past and around the bloody thing!

So Sunday evening I got the bug to just tackle this thing. I went an applied another mostly thinned layer of Scorched Brown to the fuselage. Then I added a thinned down layer of Scab Red

I then added a a thicker layer of Scab Red.

Her is the underside, when I remembered to added the landing...skid? Ski? and grab hook. Seeing these things land has GOT to be entertaining by the way... I wonder if the Kult of Speed comprehend slowing down to land or do they not stop until the jet has been hooked by something?

Here is where I stopped Sunday night. As you might be able to tell, I was adding bits to it as I painted it. Seems to be the best way to do this kit, and so I'm pleased...

After reading the stats and options, it occurred to me that only a fool would pass up the option to by additional Super-Shoota's and since there's another set in the kit for the Blitz Bomba, I figured, what the heck! Go for broke man! This next pic shows that extension as well as the 1st wing.

Here's both wings with the scorched brown base coat. For that 'rusted through' look. Should make more sense when it's finished.

...and here it is with the added scab red and all the super-shoota's added! That's a lot of Dakka for me Dakka Jet!

We're almost there, soon it'll be ripping apart the gitz that stand before us!

...next update in the Chinese New Year! :)


Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, looks like the pilot was coming up out of the table!

Its looking good though, I need to get one of those for myself!

neverness said...

Yeah, doing some basic math-hammer, I'm going to need a lot more! ;)