Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Dwarf

As the title suggests, I painted a dwarf.
A single,
plain 'ol dwarf.

The finished dwarf.
This is odd since I had no true desire to paint any other dwarves, just had the urge to do this one. And more for a reference guide for myself I took pics of every stage of the painting. In case I actually do get the urge to do the whole army, I can look back on this post in case I forget what color-scheme I used.

Stage one. Base Coat. Dark Brown, Dark Angels Green, Tin Bitz, Delta Creamcoat Metallic Pewter ( I love this color!)

Stage two: Dwarf flesh, a dark green from the original Epic paint set, Hammered Copper from Game Color, and Calthan Brown Citadel Foundation (beard).

Stage three: Original Citadel Woodland Green, Ral Partha Copper Metallic (amazing that this is still good), and bronzed flesh. 

Stage four: Burnished Gold highlights, bleached bone and white for the eyes, and brown ink to pick out the beard ,

Final stage: Bolt gun metal on axe edge, Khemri brown foundation paint on the beard, a bit more burnished gold.,

Any to not keep out fella from feeling totally purposeless while I take the next while here contemplating whether or not I want to paint any more dwaves, I decided to give him a piece of the King's Wall (It should've been called the King's Rope Fence or something as it is hardly a wall).

Tin bitz on the metals, the darkest grey I could find in my collection for the stone.

A lighter gray. And a thinned Patina by Folk Art on the metal.

Tin Bitz mixed with shining gold for highlights on the helms,

Add flock, and done with both miniatures.

Honestly, I must confess to you, I really only painted these two models as a study for these guys!:

I didn't want to just randomly paint all that dwarf debris, now did I?
...Stay tuned!


Da Masta Cheef said...

Can I have him? He'll go with the 2-3 dwarves that I already have for my skaven slaves regiment!

neverness said...

Ha! You'll have to take him in battle!

Da Masta Cheef said...

So...considering the odds of him ever seeing battle, I'm taking that as a 'No'.