Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Repairing the casualties

Casualties have occurred during my move. You might've seen the state of my Dakkajet at the end of the last post. That's one of the casualties.

The other major (that I am aware of) damaging event occurred when I dropped a block of battle foam and Skippy the Bloodthirster attempted to use his pewter wings to fly. The resulting impact saw him quickly disassemble all over the hard floor!

Silly Daemon, gravity is not your friend!

Luckily he separated at the joins and was rather easy to reassemble. And thankfully, his paint job wasn't damaged either.

"Thank you! Thank you! Yes, I'm happy to be here!"

"Now if I can just convince Neverness to use me in a game..."
 As you can see in the background, I fixed the Dakkajet as well...

However, after re-cutting the case I ran into a similar problem with those tail wings wanting to snap off, so I decided to just lower them, and I decided this configuration looked more sleek to me, which is what a rip-roaring fighta jet ought to look like, yes?

I am determined now to simply finish this model, so look for future updates on this.


Hive Angel said...

Moving doesn't cause casualties.
My kitten causes casualties.

Glad to see the jet wasn't too badly damaged though.

neverness said...

Thanks. And yes, my cats are an omnipresent threat to my models, but thankfully I have been fortunate enough to avoid that potential disaster each time it almost happened!