Monday, April 28, 2014

Feeling Khorney Part 3

Bloody progress!

I moved since the last post in this series, and I am now without a dedicated space for modeling or painting, but I am able to get by and have done some more work on these raving blood-thirsting madmen with the weird helmets.

The banner/icon bearer has been completely kit-bashed.

I think the MK5 armor (correct me if I'm wrong) from the 3rd ed starter set made for better World Eater models than the dancing/skipping versions we have now. As luck would have it I have some to spare, and was able to assemble a body. The 'X' pattern on the straps go well with the classic plastic World Eaters from the mid-'90s which you can see in the background (sorta). *sigh* I miss my hobby table....

Next I found a banner arm from a massive bitz bag that I've had since the Great Baltimore Bitz Warehouse Disaster of '01 (I think that was the year) where I managed to get all sorts of random and weird bitz which GW sold by the pound (yeah, weight!). Ah, the good old days when GW offered real deals. I have like 6 or 8 of these chaos warrior banner arms alone with like 12 daemon prince legs. Next I scoured ebay and located a bitz seller that was selling Warhammer Fantasy Battle Khorne Warriors on Juggernaut bitz. I loved that banner and got it. I also got a few of the heads which are totally compatible with the Space Marine torsos and they also have the added bonus of being better sculpts and designs than the heads in the Worldeater Khorne Berserker boxed sets. Sorry, this pic to the right is a bit, chaotic and it's hard to make out the body, but you can see how the banner mounts to the pole and arm. I think it works out great! It was a bit long however, and I used my Foam cutter (which gets wicked hot!) to cut away the surplus banner length. His chainsword is the standard 2nd ed Space Marine version, but it still gets the job done!

And here he is base coated to the level of the rest of his team. Not done yet, but I think he's coming along quite nicely. Note that his banner arm is just propped up, and is not yet attached. I thought the black would stand out nicely against the rest of the unit. Of all of these models this guy is the one I am most enthusiastic about as he has been enjoyable to work on and I'm satisfied so far with how he's turning out.

"Cheese! ...Wait, I'm not a Tau?"
And just as a follow-up from the last post, here is the current status of the squad's Aspiring Champion. Hopefully the rest of these stages will go fairly quick, however I do have a habit of getting lost in the detailing... we'll see what time allows me to do!

If axes are unwieldy, how come so many GW models can carry them aloft with one hand?


Da Masta Cheef said...

"Cheese! ...Wait, I'm not a Tau?"

Um, I believe the word you're looking for there is: 'Whine'


neverness said...

Or 'Eldar'. I don't hear many Tau players whining a whole lot, they seem to have it pretty good in this edition.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Speaking of, at some point my Exodites are going to get the new Wood Elf Treeman to use as an avatar!

neverness said...

I saw someone else say that on another blog and I thought that was a great idea! If plastic hawk riders/bird surfers had come out you could have used them as jetbikes too!