Monday, May 12, 2014

MK1 Land Raider for the Blood God! Part 2

I have made a lot of progress on this beast since the last post, so much so that I'm going to break this post into 2 parts.

Here it is from the top:

I spent a lot of time getting the tracks to look as real and weathered as I could. There seems to be quite a lot of construction projects in my area at this time and it has given me a lot of opportunities to observe the big machines in action. Dirty or not, you never see "silver" or "stainless steel" looking metallic bits on these machines, unless it's the hydraulics or a freshly chipped part. I usually weather up my tank's tracks in some way, but compared to this Land Raider, those models look practically showroom finish.

You'll also see in that pic an assortment of bits that were yet to me added. The skulls and severed heads required some specific attention while the spikes that they mount on were painted along with the tracks.
Skulls for the blood god!
The weathering theme continued again on the dozer parts. I am still torn as to whether or not I want to make the shovel part of the dozer blades removable or not. However the spikey part of this particular version of the dozer blades vehicle upgrade will do nicely as a representation of Destroyer Blades.

The other bitz in that pic are the twinlinked lascannons (which have been modified to fit the Leman Russ Battle Tank sprues), Dirge Caster, smoke launchers and more trophy spikes.

Next up is a close up of the rear track section where I am dirtying and muddying up the tracks. Gluing the grit directly to the models seems to be working out well. I am tempted to had another layer of dirt but with finer granules than the grit I have already used. But that might be over-doing it for a detail that only I will care about and which will probably Chip off in time.

And on late Saturday afternoon I had made a lot of progress, adding chips to the hull and tracks. I then worked on the rear spikes, one of which, the Tau head, has been painted as a representative of from Patrick's Tau army that stymied my Chaos army's latest battle and inspired me to do this project.

Smile for the camera!
....and here it is mostly assembled!

Ready to start gathering skulls!

The next post in this series with feature pics of the finished models and showcase some of the final touches.


rogue.trader.voril said...

Is that Tau head Fem Fa Tau color? Should be. :)

neverness said...

Tempting though that was, my Chaos have never encountered that army before, but they were whipped soundly by Patrick's fishmen so I painted it to match his scheme.

Da Masta Cheef said...

This tank wouldn't last long enough to acquire any Fem Fa'Tau

neverness said...

Ah, the propaganda machine of the "Greater Good" never ceases 'ey? I think it will do fine so long as their Eldar friends are nowhere to be found ;)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Considering my inability to kill AV10 vehicles this past weekend, this thing has NOTHING to fear from my Eldar.


neverness said...

...yeah, have you seen MY luck in action lately? LOL, if not then stay tuned to the next game highlight that I will be writing up soon...