Sunday, July 06, 2014

Waaarghgasm in Johnson City

Last night I have the opportunity to head over to Hobbytown in Johnson City, and although I didn't have time to play I did get to see some old friends and meet a few new ones. I got there after the usual pre-game discussions, and when I arrived most of the tables were already full and gaming was well underway.

The Pleasurebrute lives!
There were two Ork armies being played in separate games, as Rob and Da Masta Cheef were each coming to terms with the new codex. This was my first opportunity to even hold the book in my hand, in addition to seeing the 7th edition in action, so I was fascinated to hear their feedback. One of our players, Scott, gave me his feedback: after his first game with the new codex he sold off his Ork Army! Well, I will leave it to the Cheef to tell his tale, and how he dealt with the "Pleasurebrute" above, so wander over to his blog to see that discussion.

Da Long Wayz Desert Group vs. Skylar's Chaos force
 Necron Bob stopped by to see the action and give some gifts to Da Cheef (hint: his marines are going to be happy for the reinforcements!). We watched this game mostly and talked about maybe hooking up for a a game of WHFB. Which would be a cool a refreshing change of pace, especially since I spent a lot of time last year painting and building up my Orc army for it. We'll have to see. We also talked about why a guy called Necron Bob doesn't play 40K anymore.

Line up and WAAARGH!
 Rob and Amy were duking it out in an Ork vs. Tau battle. Personally I think this is a very challenging match-up for the Orks (as Eldar would be as well) due to those armies superior firepower, and in the case of the Eldar superior Movement options. I think when it comes to figuring out this new edition and codex, I would like to face Space Marines, as to me they are better gauge to determining the strengths and weaknesses of a given army. But, around here it is rare that someone shows up on game night with an "average" marine army anymore. Indeed, 7th edition's "take anything" mantra, I think we'll see less and less of "average". I haven't decided if this is a bad thing or not. Anyway, it was a charge into "no man's land" as reenacted by Orks and Tau, and blood would flow.
Although I didn't stick around long enough to see the outcome, Rob was looking fairly vexed when I last saw him. Probably the same look I typically have when I fight the Fem Fa'Tau regardless of the army I use.

I was trying to convince Amy to blog about this battle as I don't think she's ever written a post before about a game, but she has written introductions (preambles?) before. If she does, I will link back to here. 
The final showdown!
Screech was in town for the weekend back from his training in the military on a weekend pass. And he was putting together his first 7th edition Tyranid army list against a formidable looking Eldar army. It appeared to me that Screech was about to have an uphill battle! I enjoyed watching this match up as it allowed me to witness the new psychic phase for the first time. I think I like it!

 On another table I witnessed a Space Wolf Wolflord get gunned down in an overwatch charge by a Tau army. It was an example in Strength in numbers, especially against that situation.

There were at least 3 other games taking place this night that I neglected to snap any pics of, but I am happy to say that the Saturday night gaming event at Hobbytown is alive and well! Hopefully I will be back at it again soon, and next time as a player!


Da Masta Cheef said...

In the end, VPs were 10-8 in my favor, was a moot point though as I tabled him, even killing 'Bad-mitten the despoiler' in HTH combat. Casualties were horrific on my end though and it took mt almost 3 turns for my ARMY to kill 1 line termie with an autocannon!

Despite my win, i still don't like the codex. Also been sorting thru Bob's presents, will save that for a later post.

Rob beat Amy due to objectives. By the time I wandered over there, he'd given up on fighting and was spending his turns on his belly in cover just trying to weather the storm of Tau fire (apparently successfully).

Screech also threw in the towel, though He did put a bit of a hurting on the Eldar.

neverness said...

So, the Orks were victorious in both matchups and the Codex sucks. Um, congrats? :)

Anonymous said...

I had issues with the boys getting to combat...well, making a charge range roll high enough to get into the woods anyway. That -2 movement when charging a unit in cover is a pita.

I thought my list worked ok...the nobs were a waste of pts...shoulda just taken more boyz...


Necron Bob said...

It was nice to finally meet you! Although I have grown an aversion to round bases, I have to admit that seeing you all play stirred some interest. With my new home being closer than my old one, I should be able to arrange some time to make it down. I'll be looking forward to playing your high elves or your orcs.

neverness said...

Likewise Bob! I have 3 ...maybe 4... WHFB armies I could field: orcs/gobos, HE, Daemons, and Empire. Give me ar least a week's notice to prep a list, and more importany, re-read the rules.